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The Queen Must Die, Part 2
As Jason and Ariadne prepare to return to power in Atlantis, they must decide who they can trust. Anxieties run high as our heroes form new alliances with old enemies, while questioning those they love.

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The Queen Must Die
Jason goes back to Atlantis to try and save fellow prisoners from the amphitheater.

Watch Atlantis Season 2 Episode 12 Now

Aeson heads off on a dangerous mission into Atlantis to save his son. But with traitors at every turn, will he succeed?

Watch Atlantis Season 2 Episode 11 Now

The Dying of the Light
The Oracle's prophecy has come true - the news that Pasiphae is his mother has blackened Jason's heart and he bears little resemblance to the man his friends know and love. His attitude is reckless and foolhardy and he no longer seems to care about anyone or anything - even Ariadne.

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The Gorgon's Gaze
Ariadne's life hangs in the balance, but any potential rescuers are unable to help because they are wanted men.

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The Madness of Hercules
Hercules tries to free Jason but is himself caught and imprisoned.

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A Fate Worse Than Death
When news reaches Pasiphae of Ariadne and Jason's impending marriage, she is terrified that Atlantis will be lost to her forever, and resolves to do all she can to stop the union, no matter the cost. But Pasiphae's pursuit of power has far-reaching and devastating consequences, and as the battle for Atlantis continues, it seems none is immune to her touch.

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The Grey Sisters
Jason's guilt is almost too much for him to deal with as Ariadne is on death's doorstep. He decides to do everything he can to save her and goes on a dangerous quest.

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The Day of the Dead
As the dust settles, the gang find themselves dispersed around the necropolis. They quickly find they aren't alone and that the space is crawling with a army of the undead.

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The Marriage of True Minds
The royal wedding plans continue, and Ariadnehas journeys to Telemon's homeland of Aegina.

Watch Atlantis Season 2 Episode 4 Now

Ariadne is formally crowned Queen but with Pasiphae still at large and the city struggling in the aftermath of battle, Atlantis remains vulnerable indeed. So when an enigmatic stranger arrives offering salvation, he proves hard to resist.

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A New Dawn, Part Two
Pasiphae lays siege to Atlantis and without the Palladium to protect it, the city looks set to fall. The last remaining hope rests with Jason, Hercules and Pythagoras but far from home they are fighting a desperate battle of their own...

Watch Atlantis Season 2 Episode 2 Now

A New Dawn: Part One
A year has passed and so much has changed. Ariadne becomes Queen, and finds herself at war with her adversary, Pasiphae.

Watch Atlantis Season 2 Episode 1 Now

"Atlantis" is an innovative fantasy saga from BBC America that aired from 2013-2015. The ambitious series sought to re-invigorate age-old tales, reimagining famous Greek myths and legends for a new generation. The show is a creative blend of action, adventure, and mythical storytelling, deftly working Atlantis and the classical Greek tropes into new epic tales.

The series is centered around the titular city and its fantastical inhabitants. Atlantis, a thriving metropolis, is bustling with a robust mix of human characters and fabled beasts. Swapping between the ordinary and extraordinary with ease, Atlantis paints a world where mythical beings live among humans, and magic is a part of everyday life.

The key protagonist is Jason, played by Jack Donnelly. He is an ordinary young man of the 21st century but gets mysteriously transported to the ancient city of Atlantis through a submarine anomaly. In the city, he embarks on an assortment of tasks, quests, and challenges, paralleling the many exploits of the Greek heroes like Hercules and Perseus.

Joining him are the legendary Hercules, played by Mark Addy, and Pythagoras, personated by Robert Emms. Mark Addy unveils a less-exalted Hercules who is more intent on having a good time than fulfilling any heroic aspirations. Robert Emms' Pythagoras is no less distinctive, placing the famed mathematician in a role that's far from arithmetical, yet emphasizing his intellectual skills and curiosity to learn.

The diversity of the cast is one of the show's defining features, representing a refreshing departure from typical classical antiquity portrayals. Many well-known classical figures make an appearance during the series, some in roles that deviate remarkably from their legendary counterparts.

Sarah Parish plays the feisty and power-thirsty queen Pasiphae, adding an edge to the narrative with her sinister machinations to secure the throne. The cast also includes Aiysha Hart as Ariadne, Juliet Stevenson as The Oracle, and Jemima Rooper as Medusa. The series presents a more human twist to Ariadne, contrary to her labyrinth-dwelling persona in Greek mythology, and a heartbreaking narrative to Medusa's story.

The visual splendor of "Atlantis" is another aspect that stands out, painting a vivid picture of an advanced civilization spectacularly constructed with an intriguing blend of Greek and Eastern architectural features. The series combines fantastic set pieces, lush landscapes, intricate costumes, and impressive CGI to create a unique and immersive world.

Despite its mythological themes, "Atlantis" has a relatable human element running through its core, allowing for the exploration of themes such as friendship, loyalty, betrayal, love, and power. The fresh take on familiar myths helps strike a balance between the spectacle and the story's emotional depth.

The script, originating from Howard Overman, creator of the acclaimed 'Misfits,' offers cleverly constructed dialogues that often brim with humor, offering warm-hearted comedic relief amidst the high-stakes plots. The storytelling has a commendable brisk pace with a hint of mystery that keeps audiences glued to the screen.

Further, the series boasts an exciting musical score composed by Rob Lane, which helps elevate the thrilling atmosphere of the narrative. Not to mention, the action-packed scenes are meticulously choreographed, and provide an engaging edge to the overall storytelling.

While "Atlantis" isn't afraid to play with established myth and legends, it also doesn't lose sight of its purpose to entertain. As a result, the show doesn't shy away from incorporating anachronistic elements, giving it a distinctive, stylized feel.

BBC America's "Atlantis," in short, offers a bewitching blend of Greek mythology with modern storytelling techniques. Not only does it revitalise these enduring mythic figures with new vibrancy, but it also uses them to touch on universal themes in an emotionally engaging manner. Its unique approach to storytelling and skills lies in blending age-old tales with contemporary structures, making "Atlantis" a unique addition to the pantheon of fantasy series. The enigmatic charm of the ancient city of Atlantis, the multifaceted characters, and the weave of fantasy and reality are sure to captivate and entertain audiences.

Atlantis is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 26 episodes, the show debuted on 2013. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.5.

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