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Passion Lends Them Power
Emery goes to a friend for help when Roman gets hurt.

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This Trick May Chance to Scathe You
Roman and Drake find out the Trags are constructing a bomb, and they ask Grayson to help them.

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Give Me a Torch
Rumors spread that Taylor may be pregnant. A misinformed Vartan kidnaps Emery. MVega seeks help from Teri to find the Iksen's key.

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What Storm Is This That Blows So
Everyone is stuck inside the school when a hurricane hits the town. Roman is very upset with Teri for drugging him.

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Some Consequences Yet Hanging In The Stars
Roman disagrees with Emery about trusting his uncle Castor. Roman is surprised by his uncle's reaction when he asks him about the day their spaceship crashed.

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An Old Accustom'd Feast
Roman invites Emery inside the sector during an Atrian holiday that celebrates the family. Emery seeks advice from Sophia.

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To Seek a Foe
Still upset in the aftermath of the incident with his mother, Grayson seeks comfort from Emery. Feeling guilty for her part in everything, Emery decides to offer support to Grayson, setting aside her relationship with Roman.

Watch Star-Crossed Season 1 Episode 7 Now

Stabbed with a White Wench's Black Eye
When Emery is confronted by a tabloid photographer with blackmail footage of her talking about Cyper, she seeks help from Julia. Meanwhile, Drake tells Roman that Grayson's parents are the leaders of the Red Hawks.

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Dreamers Often Lie
When Gloria gives the green light to the Atrian Seven to spend some time outside their sector, Roman takes advantage of the opportunity to further investigate his father's mysterious past and makes a stunning discovery.

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And Left No Friendly Drop
After Roman's home is broken into, he discovers more about his father's life. Wanting more information, he goes to the Atrian-obsessed Julia for help, leading to Emery's jealousy to flare up.

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Our Toil Shall Strive to Mend
Emery is asked to enter the sector with a group of teens and film their interactions with Atrians, upsetting Roman. Unlike Sophia, Teri and Drake resent the intrusion and plot to ruin the humans' visit, but things don't go as planned.

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These Violent Delights Have Violent Ends
Emery tries to talk to Roman, but he continues to avoid her. Upset, she turns to Grayson. During the school carnival that the Atrian Seven are invited, Drake is kidnapped and Roman discovers the Trags are preparing a hit on Emery and her family at the carnival.

Watch Star-Crossed Season 1 Episode 2 Now

In the series premiere, human Emery Whitehall and Atrian Roman meet again after 10 years during a social experiment that will determine if humans and Atrians can coexist in peace.

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Star-Crossed is an American science fiction romantic drama television series created by Meredith Averill and premiered on The CW on February 17, 2014. A meander through the complex world of love, alienation, and high school drama, it is a series that weaves romance and conflict with social commentary. The show stars Aimee Teegarden, known for her role in Friday Night Lights, who brings her characteristic charismatic performance, offering viewers an emotional journey into humanity, extraterrestrial existence, and the intricate web of adolescence.

The premise of Star-Crossed is built around a society where humans and an alien species known as the Atrians coexist on Earth. The Atrians, who crash-landed on Earth ten years before the show's timeline, live in a heavily-guarded community called the Sector. The human authorities have allowed a group of Atrian teenagers to join a human high school as part of a integration program, and among them is Roman, an Atrian boy who harbors a secret past with a human girl - Emery, portrayed by Teegarden.

The series' title, Star-Crossed, is a nod towards Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, with Teegarden's Emery and Matt Lanter's Roman being star-crossed lovers from two different worlds. Emery and Roman share an extraordinary bond which began when they were children, a secret friendship that was cut short when the human forces found Roman. Now in high school together, their bond rekindles, challenging the existing societal norms, prejudices and the politics around human and Atrian co-existence.

The show delves into many themes such as prejudice, integration, and secrecy, unraveled in a high school setting. It explores the contrast between the humans' fear of the unknown and the Atrians' struggle for acceptance. Emery and Roman's developing relationship is the crux of the storyline, accompanied by the secondary characters each adding depth, progress and different perspectives to the narrative. This high school environment, dotted with both human and extraterrestrial teenagers, offers a unique platform to highlight teen issues on a backdrop of larger socio-cultural concerns, establishing Star-Crossed as a distinct entry in the realm of science fiction drama.

While the show is based around a science fiction premise, it does not shy away from depicting poignant, real-world issues. The series showcases a spectrum of perspectives, exploring how diverse groups of people respond to change, difference, and acceptance. It invites the audience to question - what does it mean to be different? How far is society willing to go to accept those who are different from them? And, most critically, at what cost does this acceptance come?

Aimee Teegarden's performance as Emery is both compelling and emotionally charged. She is a compassionate, level-headed, and resilient protagonist who is unafraid of standing up for what she believes in. Her dynamic relationship with Roman, portrayed with depth and complexity by Matt Lanter, forms the emotional heart of the show. The chemistry between Teegarden and Lanter drives the narrative forward, capturing the complications that come with forbidden love and providing a compelling hook for the viewers.

The high school backdrop provides a vibrant canvas for the narrative to play out, with its chaotic cocktail of friendships, rivalries, love triangles, and extracurricular activities playing a pivotal role in the plot development. Not to forget, the underlying continuous tension between humans and the Atrians that is cleverly infused throughout the show.

The production quality of Star-Crossed is notable, with its unique vision of a near-future world where alien and human societies coexist. The design language for the Atrians is intriguing, as is the visualization of their technology and culture. The series employs a melancholic color palette, sophisticated visual effects and a memorable soundtrack to create an atmospheric ambiance, making the viewing experience immersive.

Star-Crossed utilized its 13-episode season to craft a captivating show that balanced romantic drama with the thrill of science fiction. It encapsulated the charm of adolescence, the bitterness of prejudice, and the mystery of alien existence. Viewers of this show undoubtedly find themselves entwined in the high stakes drama that is Emery and Roman’s star-crossed love, deeply invested in their journey and the trails of school, societal and extraterrestrial tribulations they navigate, offering them not just entertainment but reflections on acceptance, individuality and belonging.

Star-Crossed is a series categorized as a canceled/ended. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 13 episodes, the show debuted on 2014. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.1.

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