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Dark premonitions overshadow Max's marriage proposal to Liz; the aliens and their friends make life-altering decisions and embark on new paths.

Watch Roswell Season 3 Episode 19 Now

Four Aliens and A Baby
As Graduation approaches the kids realize that the time to leave Roswell has finally come.

Watch Roswell Season 3 Episode 18 Now

Tess' arrival in Roswell creates chaos for everyone, with Liz wanting to hand her over to the FBI and Max demanding answers. Meanwhile, the parents discover the truth about their children.

Watch Roswell Season 3 Episode 17 Now

Who Died and Made You King?
Another UFO crashes in Roswell.

Watch Roswell Season 3 Episode 16 Now

Chant Down Babylon
Since Max died, Michael thinks that be is inheriting the crown.

Watch Roswell Season 3 Episode 15 Now

Jesse finds out the kid's secret.

Watch Roswell Season 3 Episode 14 Now

Maria has a disapointing experience at her first recording session, while Liz settles in at boarding school 2,000 miles away.

Watch Roswell Season 3 Episode 13 Now

I Married An Alien
Liz thinks that she is experiencing some side-effects from Max healing her. Maria gets a chance to pursue her dream of singing.

Watch Roswell Season 3 Episode 12 Now

A Tale of Two Parties
Isabelle thinks about how her life resembles a 60's tv sitcom from time to time.

Watch Roswell Season 3 Episode 11 Now

Samuel Rising
On New Year's eve everyone ends up with everyone else's significant other: Liz with Michael at the diner, Isabele and Kyle at a Fraternity Party, and Max and Maria in search of the Enigma.

Watch Roswell Season 3 Episode 10 Now

Behind the Music
Max believes that his son is trying to contract him through an autisitc child that runs up to him at the mall.

Watch Roswell Season 3 Episode 9 Now

A visit from an old friend makes Maria realize how much she is giving up to befriend the aliens.

Watch Roswell Season 3 Episode 8 Now

To Have and To Hold
A couple of surprise guests (Max and Michael) interrupt Isabelle's honeymoon.

Watch Roswell Season 3 Episode 7 Now

Control (2)
A visitor from their hometown arrives to attend Isabelle's wedding.

Watch Roswell Season 3 Episode 6 Now

Secrets and Lies (1)
The Shape-shifter takes Max to the spacecraft, where Max discovers a key that he can use to contact his son.

Watch Roswell Season 3 Episode 5 Now

Secrets & Lies
Max head to Los Angeles in search of a second shape-shifter.

Watch Roswell Season 3 Episode 4 Now

Significant Others
Isabel and Jesse take their relationship to the next level when they contemplate marriage.

Watch Roswell Season 3 Episode 3 Now

Michael, The Guys and The Great Snapple Caper
Liz and Max secretly meet up with each other despite her father's wishes; Meanwhile, Michael gets a job in security at a local pharmaceutical company.

Watch Roswell Season 3 Episode 2 Now

Max and Liz hold up a convenience store, which is directly above a secret underground facility which is housing the alien's ship.

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Set in the small town of Roswell, New Mexico, known for its infamous alien spaceship crash in 1947, the teen drama TV show, Roswell, ventures into blending the genres of science fiction and high school drama seamlessly. Aired on The WB from 1999 to 2002, the series stars an ensemble cast that includes Shiri Appleby, Jason Behr, Katherine Heigl, Brendan Fehr, Majandra Delfino, Colin Hanks, William Sadler, Nick Wechsler, Emilie de Ravin, and Adam Rodriguez. The show is an adaptation of the "Roswell High" book series written by Melinda Metz.

The narrative revolves around the life of young adults, who are living in Roswell, negotiating the perils of adolescence along with an undisclosed alien secret. Shiri Appleby leads the cast in the role of Liz Parker, a bright, inquisitive high school student working at her parents' local diner. Her life takes a dramatic turn when she gets shot during an incident at the diner, and it's her classmate, Max Evans, played by Jason Behr, who comes to her rescue.

However, Max is no ordinary teenager. He, along with Katherine Heigl’s Isabel Evans, and Brendan Fehr’s Michael Guerin, is an alien who survived the Roswell crash in 1947 and has been passing off as human since. Their humanoid appearance belies the existence of unique and powerful abilities that, if discovered, could make them subjects of ruthless testing and dissection by the government.

Max's act of healing Liz exposes his secret to her, leading to her becoming an ally and confidante for Max and his alien companions. What follows is a thrilling sequence of events involving romance, friendships, mysteries, heartbreaks, and a whole lot of cover-ups. The storyline strives to cover the teenage angst and the coming-of-age experience seen alongside the fight for survival from an extraterrestrial viewpoint.

The often complicated but sweet relationship between Liz and Max is the heart of the show, while the interactions and relationships of the other characters provide extra depth and complexity. The show is also adept at handling multiple narrative threads, balancing school life and alien conspiracy in a captivating manner.

Katherine Heigl plays Isabel Evans, Max's feisty sister who navigates her teenage life while concealing her alien nature. Together, they share a close sibling relationship marked by mutual trust. Brendan Fehr plays Michael Guerin, the rebellious friend and fellow alien who is like a brother to Max and Isabel. Majandra Delfino shines as Maria DeLuca, Liz's best friend who joins them in their encounter with the extraordinary.

Colin Hanks plays Alex Whitman, providing comic relief as the endearing friend in their close-knit group. William Sadler shines as Sheriff Valenti, whose initial antagonistic pursuit of the truth behind Max's secret evolves into a powerful alliance, adding a layer of intrigue and suspense to the narrative. Nick Wechsler's Kyle Valenti, Emilie de Ravin's Tess Harding, and Adam Rodriguez's Jesse Ramirez play significant roles, each adding unique perspectives to the story.

Set against the sparse, desert landscape of New Mexico, the show uses its geographical setting effectively, lending an air of isolation mirrored in the lives of the alien teenagers. The sci-fi elements in the show are not extreme but subtle, contributing to the overall mystery in every episode. Special attention is given to building complex relationships within the narrative, making Roswell equally a heartwarming tale of friendship, love, and loyalty.

Roswell successfully marries the supernatural with the mundane, exploring themes of identity, acceptance, and the human desire for connection. Although the story's background relies heavily on the assumed alien incident, the series does an excellent job grounding its story in the lives and emotions of its young characters, making it a definitive teen drama with a twist. High school life, young love, and alien mysteries never came together more intriguingly, and Roswell stands testament to a unique blend of these diverse themes, making it a memorable series from The WB's turn-of-the-century output.

Roswell is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 3 seasons with a total of 67 episodes, the show debuted on 1999. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.5.

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