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...Must Come to an End (2)
[ Part II ] All the friends try to cope with the revealtion that one of them will pass away very soon. Jen rebuilds her bond between all of her friends, as well as gives her daughter some words of wisdom.

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All Good Things... (1)
[ Part I ] The series finale finds the gang 5 years older and everyone is meeting up in Capeside for a wedding. Dawson is a director for a tv show called "The Creek".

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Joey Potter and the Capeside Redemption
Joey tries everything she can to help Dawson make the movie even though all the money for it is gone. She recruits everyone to help.

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Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road
Pacey finally tells Dawson that the money is all gone. Dawson is totally crushed by the news and is not sure where to go from there.

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Pacey looses all of Dawson's money on the stock market.

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Lovelines (aka The Eddie)
Dr. Drew and Adam come from Lovelines to the college to help them with their love and sex problems.

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Love Bites
Gram's reveals that she has breast cancer and Jen is crushed by the news.

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Sex and Violence
Joey decides to be Pacey's secretary to make some extra money.

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That Was Then (aka Before and After)
Joey babysits for Harley and finds Patrick in her room.

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Pacey and Joey get locked in a K-mart after closing.

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Clean and Sober
In L.A. Dawson decides to see how Audrey is doing at rehab. Back in Boston Pacey decides to throw a party and very drunk Joey ends up telling her friend's old secrets to everyone at the party.

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Rock Bottom
Eddie, Joey and Audrey head for California to drop Audrey off at rehab.

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All the Right Moves
Emma lets Audrey sing in her band again but still gets trashed right before the show starts so she messes up.

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Day Out of Days
Joey is confused about not hearing from Eddie since Christmas.

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Merry Mayhem
The whole gang decides to go to Capeside to spend Christmas with Gail. Everyone's relationships fall apart.

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Everything Put Together Falls Apart
Joey decides to spend the night with Eddie and then misses her important exam. Dawson is getting really jealous of the new actor flirting with Natasha.

Watch Dawson's Creek Season 6 Episode 9 Now

The whole gang goes to a No Doubt concert. Joey AND Dawson spend their time with their new "close friends" while ignoring eachother.

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Ego Tripping at the Gates of Hell
Audrey's friends think she may have a drinking problem after she gets really wasted before performing with Emma's band.

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Living Dead Girl (aka Halloweenie)
Joey ends up "babysitting" Harley, Prof. Hetson's daughter. Dawson believes he is seeing a ghost while he is trying to put on a Halloween party for Todd.

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The Impostors
Joey wants nothing but the truth from Eddie. Meanwhile, Audrey gets to be lead singer in Emma's band but Pacey is so busy with his job he ends up ignoring Audrey, again.

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Instant Karma!
Dawson is confused when he finds himself wondering about Joey........and Natasha. Audrey gets herself attention from a new guy.

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The Importance of Not Being Too Earnest
Joey ignores good advice from Audrey and writes a letter to Dawson with her feelings. By the time she is done she was so tired she mailed it to the whole school in stead of Dawson.

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The Song Remains the Same (2)
Pacey and Jack become roomies. Dawson and Joey become closer then ever before untill she finds out that he has a girlfriend back in California.

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The Kids Are Alright (1)
After a short summer romance in Capeside, Joey returns to Boston for a new school year. In the hallway she runs into Professor Greg Hetson, she immediately receives homework.

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Dawson's Creek is an iconic American teen drama series, which aired on The WB from 1998 to 2003. The television series is designed to appeal especially to teen and young adult audiences, but also resonates with older populations due to its universal themes of friendship, love, and growing up. The show is centered around the lives of a close-knit group of four friends in the fictional seaside town of Capeside, Massachusetts. The leading character Dawson Leery, played by James Van Der Beek, is an ambitious and idealistic high school film buff, consumed by his love for Steven Spielberg films and his aspirations of becoming a filmmaker himself. In many ways, Dawson's Creek is a coming-of-age story that portrays Dawson's journey of growth, self-discovery, and self-realization. He studies life through the camera lens, trying to capture the essence of his changing relationships and evolving perspectives. Katie Holmes stars as Joey Potter, Dawson's tomboyish yet alluring best friend who lives by the water and rows across the creek to see Dawson daily. Emotionally scarred by her family's broken history, Joey is a complicated amalgamation of vulnerability and strength, wit and wisdom - a fact that slowly unfolds as the show progresses. Then there's Pacey Witter, performed by Joshua Jackson, who begins as the underachieving wisecrack, but reveals complex layers of sensitivity and depth underneath his cynical exterior. Michelle Williams features as Jen Lindley, the newcomer from New York City facing demons from her past and looking for a fresh start. The nuanced character developments of these main actors effectively portray the emotional turbulence and intricacies of adolescent life. Moreover, the cast is further bolstered by secondary characters such as Jack McPhee (Kerr Smith) — an athlete dealing with his sexuality, and Andie McPhee (Meredith Monroe) — a high-strung overachiever battling mental health issues. They bring a diverse array of perspectives and complications into the storyline, adding richness to the narrative canvas. Later, Audrey Liddell (Busy Philipps) brings a distinctive flavor from her Los Angeles lifestyle, as well as an independent spirit that challenges the group dynamics. Dawson's parents, Gail and Mitch Leery (Mary-Margaret Humes and John Wesley Shipp), along with Joey's grandmother, Grams (Mary Beth Peil), also play crucial roles in the lives of the teens. Nina Repeta as Bessie Potter, Joey's older sister and a single mom, as well as Doug Witter (Dylan Neal), Pacey's older brother and a local cop, bring additional dimensions and subplots to the series. Dawson's Creek was particularly lauded for its mature handling of issues such as sexuality, mental health, and the challenges of adolescence. It's not just about teen romance, but also about personal identity, morality, and the pursuit of dreams. The series manages to interweave thought-provoking conversations and sensitive situations with humor, commitment and courage. Moreover, the series broke several conventions of the time. Its frank discussions about sex and its characters' intellectual introspection were unusual for teen dramas of the 90s. The series also received attention for featuring one of the first primetime television kisses between two male characters. Set against the backdrop of an idyllic coastal town, Dawson's Creek employs picturesque visuals and a deeply resonant soundtrack. Each episode's narrative is complemented by carefully curated music, which became a trademark for the series, highlighting the emotional undercurrents of the scenes. The series possesses a unique blend of humor and emotional depth, communicated through its vivid characters and their experiences, making it a memorable teen drama. Its evocative exploration of friendships and relationships set against the poignant tapestry of adolescence makes it a truly defining show of its era. Its influence on the genre is still recognized, and it continues to enjoy a devoted fanbase, long after its final episode aired in 2003.

Dawson's Creek is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 6 seasons with a total of 128 episodes, the show debuted on 1998. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.8.

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James Van Der Beek, Katie Holmes, Michelle Williams, Joshua Jackson, Kerr Smith, Mary Beth Peil, Mary-Margaret Humes, John Wesley Shipp, Nina Repeta, Busy Philipps, Meredith Monroe, Monica Keena, Jensen Ackles
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