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The Kids Are Alright
The second part of the series finale brings big changes to the family. Van catches the new house on fire and once again he and Cheyenne are faced with moving back into Reba's house.

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The Housewarming
Part one of the series finale finds Reba faced with the fact that she is butting into the lives of Cheyenne and Van in the same way that Barbra Jean butts into her life and house. Brock sees some hope for their marriage after Barbra Jean breaks down during a weather report.

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She's With the Band
Reba puts her foot down when Kyra announces that she is postponing college to go on tour with her band. Meanwhile, Van and Cheyenne have different ideas about home decor.

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Cheyenne's Rival
Reba finds a perfect house for Cheyenne and Van to buy, but Cheyenne sours on it when she learns it's being sold by her former high-school rival.

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Bullets Over Brock
Brock hides out in Reba's garage to get a break from Barbra Jean, but when Reba finds out she makes him go home to work things out; Van tries coaching Jake's soccer team, but his tantrums alienate the players.

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As We Forgive Those...
Barbra Jean worries that a recently hired woman at the station is out to take her job as the weathercaster, so she asks Reba to spy on the newbie; Brock asks Cheyenne to name her baby after him, but Van doesn't want to do it.

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Locked and Loaded
Brock asks Reba for advice on how to spice up his marriage to Barbra Jean, but Reba's reluctant to help; Van gets upset when Kyra secretly videotapes him acting goofy and then puts the tape on the Internet.

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Sweet Child O' Mine
As Cheyenne and Van eagerly await their new arrival, Cheyenne fears that the baby will grow up to be like Kyra. Meanwhile, Van is overwhelmed by a lengthy to-do list.

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The Break-Up
Barbara Jean wants to become a weather girl. Meanwhile, Van finally accepts the job offer from Steve Norris.

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Roll With It
Happy that Kyra has returned home Reba realizes Kyra had too much freedom at Barbara Jean and Brock's house. Originally thinking he was trying out for the basketball team, Jake soon realizes it's the wheelchair basketball team and pretends to be handicap.

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Trading Spaces
Van builds his office in the garage so that he and Reba can work after rejecting the offer from Norris. Reba doubts the decision and finds out from Van that Cheyenne is pregnant.

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Just Business
A huge real estate company has called. Reba asks Van to go with her to meet them. Unfortunately for Reba their intentions are only for Van and they want nothing to do with her. <br> <br> Meanwhile, Barbara Jean gets a new look that worries Brock because he thinks it will make her go in a new direction in life; so Brock decides to change his look.

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Let's Get Physical
Reba starts to worry that she will become Barbara Jean's fat friend after Barbara Jean loses weight. Meanwhile, Brock suspects Barbara Jean of having an affair with her trainer.

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Reba is considered one of the most endearing and long-standing sitcoms that aired on The CW from 2001 to 2007. The involute storylines revolve around the character Reba Hart, played by the charismatic country-singer-turned-actor, Reba McEntire. The sitcom strikingly blends humor, family values, and life lessons and does an incredible job in creating a realistic interpretation of the crossbred family setup. Reba Hart is a middle-aged, tenacious Texas mother who endures a life-altering gust when her dentist husband, Brock, played by Christopher Rich, divorces her to marry his much-younger, and pregnant, dental hygienist Barbra Jean (played by the hilarious Melissa Peterman). This hardly seems a setup for sitcom hilarity, yet Reba tactfully craft humor and heart, making it far more nuanced than the basic surface level. As the show progresses, we are introduced to Reba's family. The character of Cheyenne, her oldest daughter, is portrayed by JoAnna Garcia Swisher. Cheyenne deals with the trials of teenage pregnancy, building a career, and raising a daughter, all while gradually molding herself into a responsible adult over the course of six seasons. Her high school boyfriend and now husband, Van Montgomery, is played by Steve Howey, whose character transforms from a self-absorbed football star into an understanding, loving father and husband who later becomes an active part of Reba’s household. Kyra, played by Scarlett Pomers, is Reba's sarcastically funny middle child who deals with her parent's divorce and its aftermath, conventional teenage issues, and the adjustments of becoming an elder sister. Rounding out the cast is the youngest, intelligent, and often-overlooked son, Jake, portrayed by Mitch Holleman. The character of Reba definitely resonates with numerous women who have had to grapple with unforeseen divorce, teenage pregnancy, or simply growing older. Her fiery charm, tenacity, and quick, sharp wit keep viewers entertained while earning her the distinction of being a beloved TV matriarch. Despite her unusual circumstances, one of her most defining traits is her unwavering devotion to her family, making family cohesion a major theme throughout the series. The sitcom does not shy away from addressing serious issues such as teenage pregnancy, alcoholism, divorce, infidelity, and co-parenting with grace, delicacy, and its signature brand of humor. It delicately weaves between offering comic relief and providing incredibly relatable emotional moments that hit close to home, managing to keep the tone lively and heartfelt. Reba's success mostly lies in its comic timing, brilliantly written dialogues, and the undeniable chemistry among the cast members. The constant exchange of wit and sarcasm keeps the audience engaged, and every episode offers a blend of laughter and life lessons. Reba McEntire's engaging performance is matched by a stellar ensemble cast, all contributing to the show's success. The friendship between Reba and the naive Barbra Jean, despite their strained relationship because of Barbra Jean’s involvement with Brock, is depicted with humor and sensitivity, often leading to hilarious situations. What sets Reba apart is the prominence of strong female characters navigating life's challenges. All the women, regardless of their ages, effectively portray different dimensions through their characters and provide different perspectives on each situation. To conclude, Reba distinctively captures the essence of a non-traditional, complicated family living under one roof. In a world of formulaic laugh-track sitcoms, the authenticity and relatability of this show are refreshing and endearing. This mixture of engaging plotlines, coupled with moments of heartfelt emotion and sharp, hilarious one-liners, ensures that the show remains a memorable one many years post its finale.

Reba is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 6 seasons with a total of 125 episodes, the show debuted on 2001. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.7.

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