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Finale, Part 2
The story of Clark Kent culminates in this epic two-hour series finale as Clark takes the last step to becoming the Man of Steel.

Watch Smallville Season 10 Episode 22 Now

In the series finale, Clark Kent reaches his pinnacle when he takes the last step to becoming the Man of Steel.

Watch Smallville Season 10 Episode 21 Now

When Clark and Lois go to the Fortress to receive Jor-El's blessing for their marriage, Jor-El gives them a unique gift - Lois receives Clark's super powers so she can see what it's like to be him for a day.

Watch Smallville Season 10 Episode 20 Now

Tess discovers that General Slade was found unconscious on a street corner, proof that someone has infiltrated the Phantom Zone's escape portal and sent him back.

Watch Smallville Season 10 Episode 19 Now

Following the events with the VRA, Lois counsels Clark it's best to make 'Clark Kent' forgettable and awkward so people don't suspect he's The Blur.

Watch Smallville Season 10 Episode 18 Now

Clark Luthor surprises Clark Kent and and sends him to the alternative reality where Clark meets an angry Jonathan Kent. Meanwhile, back in our reality, Clark Luthor visits Tess and threatens her.

Watch Smallville Season 10 Episode 17 Now

Lionel and Tess compete for LuthorCorp. Tess gives Clark and Lois a shocking gift.

Watch Smallville Season 10 Episode 16 Now

A magical gift from Zatanna erases Lois and Clark's memories. Attempting to trace their steps, they both realize they may have committed crimes they don't remember.

Watch Smallville Season 10 Episode 15 Now

Desaad's minions kidnap Chloe and Oliver who are investigating a string of murders. Desaad tries to infect Chloe with the darkness.

Watch Smallville Season 10 Episode 14 Now

Clark sees Martha on the news speaking at a pro-vigilante rally and is shocked when a sniper takes her down.

Watch Smallville Season 10 Episode 13 Now

Clark, Oliver, Lois, and Dinah are released by the VRA after being captured at Hawkman's funeral but each of them have flashbacks of Chloe holding them against their will. When Chloe returns, Dinah warns the others that Chloe may now be a traitor.

Watch Smallville Season 10 Episode 12 Now

In the wake of the VRA's passage into law and the spread of the Omega Tattoo, civilians begin rioting against vigilantes, including Green Arrow. Meanwhile, Slade kidnaps Lois and Clark turns to his allies Hawkman and Stargirl for help.

Watch Smallville Season 10 Episode 11 Now

After unintentionally activating a Kryptonian box that Lionel Luthor once possessed, Clark is sent to a alternate universe where he was raised by Lionel. Meanwhile, the murderous Clark Luthor to take Clark's place.

Watch Smallville Season 10 Episode 10 Now

Oliver signs up for the Vigilante Registration Act to learn what's really involved, and discovers that it's a ruse so that a team lead by Colonel Slade can trap and test persons with superpowers.

Watch Smallville Season 10 Episode 9 Now

After seeing a video of her dead mother, Lois goes to the Fortress to make a fateful decision. Meanwhile, Clark and Tess investigate a mysterious orphanage tied to Tess' past, and confront the headmistress, Granny Goodness, and one of her wards, Harriet.

Watch Smallville Season 10 Episode 8 Now

General Lane and his daughter Lucy come to see Lois for Thanksgiving, and meet her new boyfriend. Meanwhile, Rick Flagg tries to stop the General from initiating the vigilante registration act by tricking Lucy into luring Clark away so he can kill her father.

Watch Smallville Season 10 Episode 7 Now

To protect his girlfriend, Clark tricks Lois into leaving town on a story. When she realizes what's going on, they argue but an accident strands them in the middle of nowhere.

Watch Smallville Season 10 Episode 6 Now

Thanks to an Egyptian relic, Lois gains superpowers and goes on a crimefighting spree... bringing her to the attention of Cat Grant, who assumes Lois is Blur.

Watch Smallville Season 10 Episode 5 Now

Lois takes Clark to their five-year reunion at Smallville High. His visit back home reminds him of Lana and Chloe.

Watch Smallville Season 10 Episode 4 Now

Kara returns after being sent by Jor-El to stop a dark force that he believes Clark cannot handle. Meanwhile, Lois confronts a shock jock who threatens Green Arrow, but is taken hostage when the man becomes possessed.

Watch Smallville Season 10 Episode 3 Now

Clark becomes involved in a deadly game of cat-and-mouse as he tries to protect Lois' replacement at the Daily Planet, who is being targeted by an assassin named Deadshot. Meanwhile, Hawkman introduces Lois, who currently resides in Egypt, to his wife, Shayera.

Watch Smallville Season 10 Episode 2 Now

In the season 10 premiere, Lois finds Clark lifeless on the ground and removes the blue kryptonite dagger, leaving before Clark wakes up. Chloe continues to try and find Oliver, and Tess wakes up, resurrected in a LuthorCorp lab.

Watch Smallville Season 10 Episode 1 Now

Smallville is an American television series which aired on The CW network from 2001 to 2011. The show stars Tom Welling as the iconic character of Clark Kent, a young Superman in the making who grows up in his eponymous hometown of Smallville, Kansas.

Smallville provides a unique perspective on the early years of Clark Kent before he becomes the legendary superhero, Superman. It chronicles his journey from his teenage years into adulthood, exploring his seemingly unexplainable abilities, secret origins and the path that ultimately leads him to embrace his true purpose in life.

The show's approach to the Superman narrative stands apart from other traditional portrayals. Rather than focusing primarily on Superman's life in Metropolis as the caped crusader, Smallville goes back in time to a period when Clark Kent is still grappling with his identity and the complexities of his powers, all while navigating the trials and tribulations of adolescence and young adulthood.

Co-starring in the series is Kristin Kreuk who plays the role of Lana Lang, Clark Kent's high school sweetheart and first love. Whereas traditional Superman narratives depict Lois Lane as Superman's primary love interest, Smallville introduces viewers to the deep and often tumultuous relationship between Clark and Lana in their younger years.

Other notable characters in the series include Allison Mack, who portrays Clark’s best friend, Chloe Sullivan, and Michael Rosenbaum who plays a young Lex Luthor, the key antagonist in the Superman universe. Erica Durance steps in later in the series to portray Lois Lane, while John Schneider and Annette O'Toole play Clark's adoptive parents, Martha and Jonathan Kent.

Over its ten-season run, Smallville delves into the various relationships that influence Clark's development as a person and a superhero, including his friendship with Chloe and his complex relationship with Lex Luthor. It also explores overarching themes of destiny, morality and sacrifice, highlighting Clark's internal battles with his dual identity and his extreme powers.

As the series progresses, Smallville introduces more characters from the DC Universe. Laura Vandervoort appears as Clark's Kryptonian cousin, Kara Zor-El also known as Supergirl. Justin Hartley portrays Oliver Queen, also known as the Green Arrow. Additional characters from the DC Universe, including Aquaman, The Flash, and Cyborg, also make appearances, duly played by Alan Ritchson, Kyle Gallner, and Lee Thompson Young, respectively.

Smallville's storyline is a story of growth and discovery. It delves into the formative years of a young man coming to terms with his destiny as a superhero and the challenges that stand in his way. The show elucidates how Clark Kent’s early experiences shape the man he eventually becomes – Superman, the world's greatest superhero.

The series' narrative offers a nuanced humanisation of characters that were previously viewed almost exclusively as comic book figures. Lex Luthor’s descent into villainy, for instance, is presented as a gradual corruption rather than inherent evilness, allowing for a much more empathetic portrayal of his character.

Throughout its duration, Smallville managed to incorporate iconic elements from the Superman mythos. The series broadcasted episodes that cleverly adapted certain eras and stories from the comics, while simultaneously forging its own unique path. Be it the red kryptonite’s influence on Clark’s behavior, the frequent nods to the Daily Planet, the symbolic representation of the Fortress of Solitude, or the dramatic revelation of the House of El symbol, Smallville has been critically acclaimed for its innovative approach to iconography and storytelling.

Enhancing the viewing experience, we also see canonic guest appearances by Christopher Reeve, who made his mark as Superman in the 1978 film, and James Marsters who plays Brainiac. These additions further enrich the show’s connection to the wider Superman franchise.

In the end, Smallville proved to be far more than just a precursor to Superman's tale. Through its lifelike portrayal of characters, wealth of emotion, and intricate storytelling, Smallville explored the pre-Superman era in a depth never-before-seen, offering an immersive journey of Clark Kent's maturation into the Man of Steel. For fans of superhero dramas or the Superman franchise, Smallville thus, represents an essential viewing experience, offering a fresh, complex take on the Superman narrative that goes beyond the realm of traditional superhero storytelling.

Smallville is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 10 seasons with a total of 218 episodes, the show debuted on 2001. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.5.

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