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As Simone preps for the Exhibition Match, she is presented with unexpected obstacles that help her decide between Damon and Lando. JR stands up for Cam in an unusual way.

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Stand Up for Something
Simone and the Bringston tennis team work together to make the biggest decision of their season. Meanwhile, the Lions face off against their biggest rival for the conference championship as Damon realizes he has competition for Simone's heart.

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Lose to Win
As Simone and the Bringston tennis team travel to their tournament, prepared to dominate, an unexpected encounter puts them in danger. Simone, being a leader for her team, provides strength in a time of serious trouble.

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Behind the Mask
With the Masquerade Dance around the corner, the students are feverishly working on their dance, sending and receiving invitations. Keisha works hard on choreographing the Masquerade Dance but takes out her frustrations on Cam.

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I Can Tell
As midterms loom at Bringston, Simone has a lot on her mind and ends up having a heart-to-heart with her line sisters. Damon is confused by his midterm grades and finds a creative solution to his situation.

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Dance with My Father
With Simone and Thea both ready to reclaim their spot on the court, their coach and teammates force them to deal with the lingering tension in unique ways. Damon helps JR celebrate a major milestone, but a surprise guest gives them both a different view on the family dynamic.

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Hard Place
Simone struggles with trying to balance her new "duties" and her loyalty to Nate, leaving her to question if she made the right decision. Marcus sees that Thea is struggling on the court and offers her help in an unexpected way.

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Rock the Boat
Once again, Simone's world has been rocked leaving her no choice but to stand up for herself with her support system fighting right by her side. Damon is at a personal low, but things get worse when a salacious rumor circulates about him and the baseball team.

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Simone is trying to break her long running tennis curse by acing her presentation and dealing with boy drama, but a blast from her past brings its own drama. Damon and Thea are all set for a weekend away until the pressure of the high stakes game and interview messes with their plans.

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Free Your Mind
Still not getting the sisterhood bond she craves from the tennis team, Simone's interest in joining a sorority grows, but she runs into some roadblocks. Marcus tasks Damon and JR with hosting a potential top baseball recruit, but unexpected tension between the two messes up everything.

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No More Drama
When Amara realizes that the student body is still reeling from recent events on campus, she gives everyone a mental health day. While everyone seems to be enjoying the activities on the quad, Simone struggles with relaxing and finding a connection that doesn't involve tennis.

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We Shall Not Be Moved
When Cam receives a disturbing call for Amara, Amara immediately jumps into action which requires Bringston to shelter in place. Simone struggles with being able to participate in Baby Shay's first day of daycare only virtually, but when chaos ensues on campus, she finds comfort from someone unexpected.

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Me, Myself & I
Simone shows a different side of herself that does not go unnoticed as she reclaims her power on and off the court, but she must decide if that is the best strategy. Damon's determination to ignore his unresolved relationship with Jessie leads to conflict and an uncertainty within the team.

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No Love
With the Spring semester gearing up, Simone finds herself once again at odds with her teammates, leaving her to decide how she wants to be moving forward. Damon is stressed about how his decision will affect those around him, but there is one person he may not have considered.

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We Need a Resolution
After the holiday break, Simone returns to Bringston ready to focus solely on tennis and learns what it's really like to be top six. Damon is faced with a decision he's been putting off since before the holidays.

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All American: Homecoming is a captivating and inspirational drama series set against the backdrop of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) from The CW in 2022. The show enjoys its lineage as a spin-off of The CW’s popular high-school football drama show 'All American'. It leans into the nostalgic essence of the college life tenure we all know and love, while also delving into modern concerns and real-world issues experienced by students in the 21st century. The story orbits around the lives of Simone Hicks, a tennis star, and Damon Sims, an elite baseball player from Chicago, navigating the contrasting worlds of sports, academics and the rich cultural tapestry of HBCU life. They both attend the fabled Bringston University, an iconic and esteemed educational institution aiming to foster the next generation of black leaders. The character Simone, played by Geffri Maya, is no stranger to fans of the original All American show. Having shown her potential in All American, Simone sets off to Bringston University on a tennis scholarship, representing her unyielding spirit and passion for the sport. She must now explore a new environment, establish her identity, and manage her aspiration for tennis stardom, all while taking on the challenges that come with young adulthood. On the other hand, Damon Sims, portrayed by Peyton Alex Smith, is a top-tier baseball player from Chicago who attends the same university. He enters this new chapter of his life carrying the weight of expectations placed on him by his family and townsfolk. Damon must balance sports, education, and his personal life, which engrosses audiences even as they cheer him on in his journey. As the drama unfolds with each episode, viewers learn the brave yet convoluted paths of these ambitious students, their struggles, achievements, and journey of self-discovery, painted forth against the vibrant quilt of the HBCU experience. From the pulse-quickening sports competitions to navigating the complexities of academic life and personal relationships, the show delves into it all. Underpinning the drama's sporting and academic dimensions, All American: Homecoming also offers commentary on the cultural landscape of African-American heritage and history. The show is an earnest echo of the profound legacy and ongoing relevance of HBCUs in shaping future leaders and bringing forward social change. The show is created by Nkechi Okoro Carroll, who has also worked on the original All American, and produced by Berlanti Productions in association with Warner Bros. Television. It moves seamlessly between drama, social issues and college life while demonstrating the power of resilience, ambition and community. Notably, the series also explores themes of contrast- big city versus small town, privilege versus lack of privilege and the life of an athlete versus the life of a regular student. These stark contrasts seen through the lens of the characters generate thought-provoking dialogues about society, equity and opportunities. The supporting cast of characters, consisting of other student-athletes, professors, coaches, and family members further enriches the complexity of the narrative. These characters contribute to the story's layered fabric, each with dedicated storylines showcasing their own triumphs, tribulations, and transformations. With a pulsing soundtrack, stellar acting, and a compelling storyline, All American: Homecoming does not shy away from tackling intricate topics related to race, education, and society. Its realistic representation of HBCU life imbues it with a sense of authenticity and relatability that resonates with viewers, drawing them closer to the characters and their journeys. The show walks the tightrope exceptionally well, managing to explore serious themes with depth and sensitivity while maintaining the vibrant and energetic essence of college life. All American: Homecoming is concise evidence of the power of inclusive storytelling that transcends boundaries and provokes thought. It's an engaging narrative, filled with heart, drive, and a slice of life that is at once entertaining, relatable and uplifting. Whether you're a fan of the original All American show, a lover of sports dramas or interested in stories exploring issues of race, culture, and identity, this show is sure to captivate your attention and heart. Add a dash of college nostalgia, and you have a television show that definitely warrants a watch.

All American: Homecoming is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 28 episodes, the show debuted on 2022. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.5.

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