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The New Evidence
Examining the startling, never-before-seen video evidence of aquatic hominids that has come forward since the documentary MERMAIDS: THE BODY FOUND first aired in 2012, with the original whistleblower on the Mermaid Conspiracy, Dr. Paul Robertson.

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Additional clues are featured in an examination of the speculation that the mythical sea creatures may be real—and claims that authorities are keeping it a secret.

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Initially aired in 2013, Mermaids from Animal Planet, a two-part documentary series, has stirred curiosity and mythical wonderment amongst a wide audience. This shows brings viewers into the elusive, and yet captivating, world of mystical sea creatures that have sparked tales and folklore throughout history – the mermaids. Stunningly graphic and effectively narrated, Mermaids weaves an enchanting narrative that delves into perplexing theories, scientific possibilities, and appealing storytelling.

The Mermaids series, comprising of two episodes – Mermaids: The Body Found and Mermaids: The New Evidence, enthralls audiences with an original, unique blend of scientific theories, evolved anthropology, and captivating special effects. Though presented as a documentary, the series delves into the mythical world with a distinct approach that merges science fiction and reality, stirring a controversy related to its authenticity and content.

The first installment, Mermaids: The Body Found, unfolds a fictitious tale of the scientists from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) allegedly discovering traces of real-life mermaids. With meticulously illustrated CGI creations, the episode educates and enthralls viewers about these mythical creatures' hypothetical physiology and adaptation according to the 'Aquatic Ape' theory. The visual narrative is exaggerated by alleged recovered footage of mermaid sightings, creatured sound wave data, and intriguing interviews. The series paints a picture of a parallel underwater civilization that influences the view of the oceans' depth and mysteries.

The follow-up episode, Mermaids: The New Evidence, further strengthens the narrative introduced in the first segment. It appeals to viewer fascination by allegedly presenting new evidence supporting the existence of mermaids. The follow-up showcases intriguing never-before-seen-footage and interviews with eye-witnesses, engendering fresh interest and curiosity. Special mention goes to the truly intriguing use of computer-generated images, helping to create supreme special effects that challenge scepticism and blurs the lines between fiction and realities.

A focal point of Mermaids, arguably, is its unparalleled creativity and innovation in presentation style. It brilliantly treads the thin line between convincing reality-based documentary and fascinating as well compelling fiction. This unconventional approach elicits significant curiosity and creates a point of discussion amongst audiences, debaters, and critics alike.

Moreover, the fictional NOAA scientists' character sketches are impressively designed, making them convincingly real. Their narration about the mermaids' existence, their peculiar characteristics, and their supposed encounters invests viewers into their world, thereby making the plot more captivating. The folklore and legends revolving around these sea creatures are retold in an enlightening manner, bridging the world of myth and science in an entertaining way.

Despite its documentary format, Mermaids doesn't shy away from delving into the realm of dramatic storytelling. Its potent mix of mythology, evolutionary science, and anthropology, blended with beautifully constructed graphics, helps create a mesmerising connection with the audience, making them question what they know about these sea legend creatures. At its core, the series serves as an exciting and entertaining exploration of the boundaries between familiar scientific facts and the alluring world of mythical creatures.

However, it's essential to remember its speculative nature. While the series has generated a fair share of controversy regarding its content authenticity, Animal Planet maintains that while the show is largely speculative and ‘science fiction’, it is based on some evolutionary theories. The series does not affirm that mermaids exist but it prompts viewers to wonder about the myriad possibilities of the sea’s unexplored realms.

Mermaids is an enthralling mix of entertainment, science, and speculation that leaves viewers in awe of the potential wonders lurking beneath the sea’s surface. Whether taken as a work of imaginative fiction or considered an audacious exploration of mythical creatures, Mermaids from Animal Planet unquestionably succeeds in suspense filled storytelling that captures the mind and ignites a sense of wonder about the unexplored marine universe. In the end, whether you choose to believe in its narration or not, Mermaids guarantees an immersive and undeniably watch-worthy experience.

Mermaids is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 2 episodes, the show debuted on 2013. The series has earned a no reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at undefined.

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