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Episode 1245
The Collinses struggle to finally free themselves from the long-standing family curse.

Watch Dark Shadows (1991) Season 26 Episode 19 Now

Episode 1244
Bramwell and Catherine fight the ghost of Brutus inside the locked room.

Watch Dark Shadows (1991) Season 26 Episode 18 Now

Episode 1243
Morgan decides to also take revenge on Catherine for her unfaithfulness.

Watch Dark Shadows (1991) Season 26 Episode 17 Now

Episode 1242
Morgan lures Bramwell to the locked room at Collinwood and secures him inside.

Watch Dark Shadows (1991) Season 26 Episode 16 Now

Episode 1241
Morgan overhears Bramwell speak to Catherine about a very private secret they are sharing.

Watch Dark Shadows (1991) Season 26 Episode 15 Now

Episode 1240
Flora declares that the lottery must happen immediately and Kendrick insists on taking part.

Watch Dark Shadows (1991) Season 26 Episode 14 Now

Episode 1239
The ghost of Brutus Collins demands another lottery be held and Melanie becomes insane.

Watch Dark Shadows (1991) Season 26 Episode 13 Now

Episode 1238
Josette informs Melanie about her true parentage. Bramwell watches over the ill Daphne.

Watch Dark Shadows (1991) Season 26 Episode 12 Now

Episode 1237
Morgan and Gabriel engage in a bitter fight. Kendrick prepares to make a revelation to Melanie.

Watch Dark Shadows (1991) Season 26 Episode 11 Now

Episode 1236
The bodies of James Forsythe and Amanda Collins from 1680 are discovered.

Watch Dark Shadows (1991) Season 26 Episode 10 Now

Episode 1235
Morgan and Julia investigate the space behind the mysterious locked room at Collinwood.

Watch Dark Shadows (1991) Season 26 Episode 9 Now

Episode 1234
Julia tries to persuade Carrie to not tell the truth to Melanie. Gabriel Collins escapes.

Watch Dark Shadows (1991) Season 26 Episode 8 Now

Episode 1233
In a trance, Carrie Stokes discloses that Melanie's mother is alive and lives nearby.

Watch Dark Shadows (1991) Season 26 Episode 7 Now

Episode 1232
Bramwell, though learning his ship has arrived and that he is now wealthy, is distraught over Daphne.

Watch Dark Shadows (1991) Season 26 Episode 6 Now

Episode 1231
Morgan relates how Brutus Collins tormented and set a curse upon the Collins family.

Watch Dark Shadows (1991) Season 26 Episode 5 Now

Episode 1230
After a seance, Morgan informs Julia that he will reveal the truth about what happened in 1680.

Watch Dark Shadows (1991) Season 26 Episode 4 Now

Episode 1229
A possessed Morgan Collins attempts to strangle Julia Collins while calling her by the name of Constance.

Watch Dark Shadows (1991) Season 26 Episode 3 Now

Episode 1228
Dahne Harridge Collins spies her husband Bramwell passionately embracing his sister Catherine.

Watch Dark Shadows (1991) Season 26 Episode 2 Now

Episode 1227
Melanie Collins urges Flora Collins to tell Kendrick Young the truth about his sister Stella's death.

Watch Dark Shadows (1991) Season 26 Episode 1 Now

Dark Shadows (1991) is an American primetime television series, which ran on NBC from January to March 1991. A remake of the remarkable daytime gothic soap opera Dark Shadows, originally aired during the 1960s and 1970s on ABC, this iteration infused contemporary production values and an A-list cast to revitalize the beloved series for the modern viewer. The show has become a cult classic in its own right, and despite its short lifespan, it produced an influential impact on the genre of supernatural and horror drama. The Dark Shadows (1991) series is predominantly set in the fictional Maine town of Collinsport, largely revolving around the life, challenges, and eerie escapades of the wealthy, mysterious Collins family. The ancestral home, the ominous Collinwood Mansion, serves as the focus point around which most events unfold. This stately gothic structure is more than mere brick and mortar; it hides a maze of terrifying secrets and a multi-generational tale of love, betrayal, suspense, and the supernatural, acting as the perfect backdrop for this paranormal drama. The narrative kicks into action when Victoria Winters, an orphaned governess, receives an unsolicited offer to tutor a troubled young boy, David Collins, at the Collins family mansion. Upon her arrival, Victoria quickly realizes the peculiar nature of the household. It’s a splintered family with deep-rooted tension, discontentment, and a penchant for secrets. Victoria is the unwelcome guest who prompts buried mysteries and brings long-hidden truths to light. The series delves into the realm of the supernatural with profound alacrity. The intricate plot constantly spotlights characters grappling with dark spectral forces, ancestral curses, and tumultuous love affairs. The world of Dark Shadows is shadowed by vampires, ghosts, werewolves, warlocks, and other paranormal entities. Assuredly, the show’s signature character, the reluctant vampire Barnabas Collins, forms the epicenter of the series’ mystical elements. Barnabas is a 200-year-old immortal, cursed to live an eternal life as a vampire. Resurrected in the 20th century, he is in constant struggle with his beastly nature while yearning for his long-lost love and endeavoring to protect his family. The supernatural elements are presented convincingly – not so much as shock factors, but as woven intricately into the fabric of the protagonists’ lives, making them frightfully relatable. The 1991 reboot of Dark Shadows significantly stands out with its production values. The show's creators were mindful to retain the original's tone while incorporating high-quality aesthetics. The costumes, makeup, and set design are meticulously tailored to intensify the gothic ambience, generating an authentic visual presentation of the narrative. The cinematography masterfully paints the menacing atmosphere, setting the series apart from the daytime soap's look and feel. With their performances, the cast members of Dark Shadows (1991), including Ben Cross, Joanna Going, and Jean Simmons, among others, have done justice to their complex, intriguing characters. Be it human undercurrents of passion, fear, vengeance, or the uncanny portrayals of dark supernatural personas – the cast brings out the enigma and charm of this unique show. This Dark Shadows iteration, helmed by Dan Curtis, the mastermind behind the original series, is anything but trivial. It presents a highly engaging gothic tale of devotion, deceit, destiny, and the supernatural within the frame of an all-American melodrama, viewed through the prism of a well-constructed, eerie setting and intriguing characters. However, a vital mention must be made of the show's unfortunate short tenure, which could not extend beyond twelve episodes, despite earning a dedicated fan base. This truncation was due to exterior circumstances tied to the Gulf War, limiting its full potential. This NBC remake of Dark Shadows, though brief, has left an indelible image in viewers’ minds. It is filled with suspense, mystery, and a dynamic infusion of horror elements that continuously capture our attention. For fans of the supernatural genre, Dark Shadows (1991) offers an immersive, thrilling, and visually stunning experience that draws viewers into the eerie, extravagant world of the Collins family—one full of gothic appeal, uncanny mysteries, timeless love, and chilling supernatural occurrences.

Dark Shadows (1991) is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 26 seasons with a total of 1118 episodes, the show debuted on 1967. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.5.

Soaps Drama
Adrian Paul, Jean Simmons, Michael T. Weiss, Roy Thinnes, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Lysette Anthony, Joanna Going, Julianna McCarthy, Stefan Gierasch, Ben Cross, Barbara Steele, Eddie Jones, Ellen Wheeler, Michael Cavanaugh, Jim Fyfe, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Steve Fletcher
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