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Face Of Ice
Dr. Rhodes investigates the case of Anna Celek, a recent victim of amnesia, who in astral projection witnessed the fatal shooting of a motorcyclist.

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The Shadow In The Well
Michael Rhodes is asked to help Lisa Wolf, who is frightened by an image of her recently drowned husband whom she believes she accidentally killed. Rhodes is strongly opposed by Linchou, brother of deceased Daniel Wolf, when he goes to the Wolf mansion run by Lisa's dominating mother-in-law.

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Whisper of Evil
Michael Rhodes races against time to find Monique, the sister of Alice Bennington, whose life depends on a successful kidney transplant. Alice, who has been separated from her sister since early childhood, has been frightened by a vivid impression of Monique as the participant in a satanic ritual.

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Echo of a Distant Scream
Menaced by a rearing white ghost horse while riding near her ranch, Paula Norris calls he friend Michael Rhodes to investigate. Rhodes, opposed by Paula's boyfriend, Glen Tuttle, and her trainer, Anson Biege, succeeds in getting her to see a vision of a terrified young girl, a red ribbon in her dark hair, with the white horse.

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Eye of The Haunted
Michael Rhodes, in love with teacher Diana Parker, sees a huge shadow pursuing her in a psychic impression just before finding her dead. While Rhodes investigates such clues as a piece of magnetic tape and an aural impression of sitar music, guilty Wayne Bennett sees Terry Parker, Diana's look-alike sister, and believes she is a ghost.

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Witch, Witch, Burning Bright
Michael Rhodes is summoned to a New England Village by his uncle, Martin Fletcher, who is being threatened by a specter in Salem witch era garb. Rhodes arrives at Bayport, where his family has owned land for 300 years, and meets Martin's neighbors, Judith Eaton and her daughter Damaris - the girl in Rhodes' vision.

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With This Ring, I Thee Kill
A dying man, Henry Webster, describes for Michael Rhodes his visions of an iron mask and flashing sword and asks him to protect his daughter, Marguerite, who plans to marry Clayton Ross. Rhodes meets young Ross, who appears to be strangely attached to the old mansion of silent star Edmund Breakstone he seems to have bought recently.

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Can A Dead Man Strike From the Grave?
Elizabeth Danbury seeks Dr. Rhodes' help for her husband Edwin, who sees visions of a tryst killing and who plays piano masterfully when in a trance-like state.

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The Man Who Died At Three & Nine
Michael Rhodes' life is at stake when he interferes with a mysterious telepath taking over the psyche of diplomat Paul Crowley. Crowley, a key figure at an approaching diplomatic conference, is increasingly subjected to blank time lapses and visions of a woman begging his help in a flood.

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The House That Cried Murder
Gail Sumner's visions of a bathtub murder in her leased mansion and of herself in a '50s model car sinking in a lake bring her to psychic investigator Michael Rhodes. Dr.

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Lady, Lady, Take My Life
Psychic investigator Michael Rhodes conducts experiments to determine which member of a scientific group willed an abusive official's death. Psychic sensitive Annette Gordon and four scientists attempting telepathic communication with an astronaut in space are interrupted by Mr.

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The Heart That Wouldn't Stay Buried
Dr. Rhodes has a chilling vision while conducting an experiment in which he is attempting to receive psychic vibrations from items brought to his research laboratory by students.

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I Do Not Belong To The Human World
Psychic investigator Michael Rhodes, Ph. D., encounters danger while aiding Tina Norris, who has seen herself on a battlefield with her supposedly dead soldier-boyfriend, Randy Blake, calling for help. Rhodes is convinced that Randy's influence guided Tina's hand in writing in a foreign language known to Randy. While Tina's current boyfriend, Pete Martin, claims to have seen Randy mortally wounded in action, Rhodes experiences psychic contact with the soldier as a prisoner of war.

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They're Tearing Down Tim Riley's Bar and The Last Laurel
The gradual merging of past and present and the power of levitation figure in forty and ten minute segments.

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Pamela's Voice, Lone Survivor and The Doll
In three eerie vignettes a murderous husband is tormented by his dead wife, played by Phyllis Diller. The unforgiving sea offers up the story of a "Lone Survivor.

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Make Me Laugh/Clean Kills and Other Trophies
Two half hour segments are combined for one chilling hour. First, a desperate comic makes a deal with an inept miracle worker in a ploy to boost his sagging career in "Make Me Laugh".

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The House/Certain Shadows on the Wall
Two different types of haunted houses feature in two half hour segments combined to create a gripping hour of drama. In "The House", a former sanitarium patient discovers a house she has known all her life--but never dared enter--in a recurring dream.

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Room With A View, The Little Black Bag and The Nature of the Enemy
An invalid, a skid row bum, and an astronaut figure in this collection of gripping stories.

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The Dead Man/ The Housekeeper
Two half hour segments are combined for one chilling hour. First, "The Dead Man" features an experiment in hypnosis that leads to a terrifying conclusion when a physician attempts to revive his subject from death.

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Night Gallery, a captivating American anthology series, was broadcast on NBC from 1969 to 1973. It was created and hosted by Roald Dahl-inspired American writer, director, and producer Rod Serling, renowned for his other influential anthology series, “The Twilight Zone”. Night Gallery is considered to be the successor of "The Twilight Zone" by most fans. However, it's unique in its own way, showcasing a mix of mystery, horror, science fiction, and supernatural elements. Each episode of Night Gallery opens in an eerie art gallery, where Serling presents a macabre piece of art that unveils the theme of the upcoming story. This trademark opening sets the atmospheric stage for tales that traverse the twisted boundaries of imagination. The show, featuring a diverse array of intriguing stories, adapted multiple tales from iconic authors including H.P. Lovecraft and Fritz Leiber, and original content from Rod Serling himself. It could also boast about launching the career of the legendary Steven Spielberg, who directed one of the inaugural episodes introducing Joan Crawford. Unlike its predecessor, Night Gallery focused predominantly on horror and the supernatural rather than only science fiction and fantasy. It was darker, more gothic, and more visceral, delving into the themes of the occult, the demonic, and the undead. Each story unfolded on the backdrop of a thrilling soundscape that elevated suspense and a sense of impending doom. Night Gallery's format was also unique for the time. In its initial season, the show mixed several shorter stories with one longer tale. Later seasons followed a more familiar format, showcasing two or three stories of varied length. However, they all stayed true to the show's overall supernatural theme. The series is remembered for its unforgettable opening with a carnivalesque setting, with each exhibit coming to life to tell its own eerie tale, transporting viewers to a different dimension of time and space. The paintings themselves, created by artist Thomas J. Wright, held an element of eeriness, terror, and intense emotion. They served as a perfect companion to Serling's edgy and suspenseful introductions, as the colors, shapes, and subject matter illustrated his words vividly, breathing life into each of the story. No less laudable was the character development that incorporated into each short story despite their shorter screen times. It enabled viewers to form a personal connection with them, feeling their dread, their helplessness, their agony, their happiness, or their vindication. The show also had a parade of notable guest stars, including the likes of Leslie Nielsen, Burgess Meredith, John Astin, Diane Keaton, and Vincent Price. Their compelling performances, coupled with the show's electrifying plots, often left viewers on the edge of their seat, hooked to their television screens. Night Gallery didn't shy away from social commentary either. Through its well-crafted fables, several episodes quietly dealt with the issues of the time, such as war, racism, and class disparity, by representing them in symbolic forms. In retrospect, Night Gallery may not have been as impactful as “The Twilight Zone” was, but it still holds immense appreciate amongst hardcore fans of mystery and horror television. Its blend of noir and bloodcurdling storytelling, garnished with touches of gruesome fantasy, distinguishable visual style, and suspenseful score, constituted a mesmerizingly macabre universe. While Night Gallery has since been seen as innovative for its exploration of the horror genre, its main triumph rests in its ability to creep under your skin, to make you inspect every shadow, and dwell on every painting you come across long after you have watched the show. It has been an influence on more contemporary anthology series such as “American Horror Story”, “Black Mirror”, and the renewed version of “The Twilight Zone”. Night Gallery was truly groundbreaking in its audacious exploration of horror and the supernatural. Although it ran for only three seasons, its impact is indelible. The combination of Serling's compelling storytelling, star-studded cast, and eerie yet beautiful paintings made it a remarkable television series, a true classic in the world of anthology television, placing it into a league of its own within its genre. Every chilling, thrilling, and thought-provoking episode has ensured its lasting relevance even half a century later.

Night Gallery is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 3 seasons with a total of 60 episodes, the show debuted on 1970. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.9.

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