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Town of Terror
From the Mahdist War of 1883 Doug and Tony hurtle to the seaside town of Cliffport, Maine in September 10, 1978 - a full ten years in the future. They appear in a basement packed with strange scientific gear.

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Raiders From Outer Space
No sooner are the travelers freed from the clutches of the Curator in the far future than they're in trouble again - they land in the middle of the Mahdist War near Khartoum, April 2, 1883. They no sooner evade skirmishing Sudanese Muslims and British troops than they encounter...

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The Kidnappers
Before Arthur can enlist them in the Knights of the Round Table the time travelers vanish back into the time stream - and a time traveler from the future appears at Project Tic Toc! This sinister silver clad figure stuns and kills his way through the guards, seizes Dr.

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Merlin the Magician
Doug and Tony vanish from ancient China into the time stream - and freeze there. The scientists of Project Tic Toc attempt to correct the problem but a commanding voice cries "No!

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Attack of the Barbarians
From the Barbary Pirates the pair hurtle backwards to Mongolian China in 1287. Genghis Khan has tried and failed to conquer the world but there are those inspired by his ideas.

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The Death Merchant
Having narrowly escaped death in one million AD and one million BC, Doug and Tony land in the middle of one of the bloodiest battles of the American Civil War: Gettysburg, Pennsylvania in July of 1863. Artillery fire knocks out Tony and robs him of his memory; Confederate forces find him and assume he belongs with them.

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Chase Through Time
Doug and Tony transit during a rare off-shift period. As the scientist on duty watches them, a man sneaks up behind him and murders him!

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Pirates of Deadman's Island
From Wild West New Mexico the chrononauts move backward to an island off the Barbary Coast in North Africa, April of 1805. There they run afoul of pirate captain Beal.

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Billy the Kid
The tunnel carries Doug and Tony forward over three centuries from Aztec Mexico to Lincoln, New Mexico early in 1881. There they meet William Bonney - the notorious outlaw Billy the Kid.

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Idol of Death
From ancient Jericho to Mexico, 1519. Doug and Tony find themselves caught between Hern'án Cortés and a golden mask he wants very much.

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The Walls Of Jericho
The temporal castaways hurtle from 1915 Italy to Old Testament Jericho, days before Joshua's attack. Joshua's men circle the city and he believes two spies will sneak into the city to learn whether the population is losing heart.

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The Ghost of Nero
From aliens to ghosts! Tony and Doug disappear from 1885 Arizona when the aliens leave, only to find themselves three decades later in 1915 Italy during The Great War.

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Visitors From Beyond the Stars
Doug and Tony hurtle from a Pacific Island in 1945 to a futuristic scene - a control complex at least three hundred years beyond their own technology. Then they discover they're on an alien ship whose crew intends to extract all the protein from a nearby primitive planet, leaving it a dead world.

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Kill Two by Two
From Medieval England the duo catapults forward to the early months of 1945, where they land in a tiny island near Iwo Jima, days before a United States Marine landing force will occupy the group of islands. From a Japanese soldier left behind they learn that the Japanese Air Force plans to spring a trap on the Marines!

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The Revenge of Robin Hood
Doug materializes outside King John's throne room in England, 1215. The Earl of Huntington tries to persuade John to sign the Magna Carta but the King will have none of it and orders the Earl seized.

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Once again catapulted into trouble, this adventure finds the pair in France's Cherbourg Peninsula a day before the massive Allied attack on D-Day. It is the beginning of the end for Germany's occupation of Europe, but there remain enough Nazis to capture Doug and Tony!

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Night of the Long Knives
Doug and Tony arrive near the Khyber Pass in the latter part of the nineteenth century. Doug is quickly overpowered and captured by a tribe that wishes to overthrow British colonial rule, while Tony is found by a young Rudyard Kipling and returned to a nearby British fort.

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The Alamo
From 1861 to 1836 near what would later be known as San Antonio, Texas. Doug and Tony find themselves attacked by Mexican soldiers.

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The Death Trap
From the Russia of 1956 the duo chronoports backward nearly a hundred years to the outskirts of Baltimore, 1861. There they chance across several abolitionists who plan to murder Lincoln, four years before Booth will do so!

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Secret Weapon
So close! The duo finds itself in 1956 Russia. Project Tic Toc tries to contact them by sending F5 probes back, but these prove dangerous. The last probe contains a note instructing Doug and Tony to meet a contact named Alexis and through him to learn whatever they can about project A-13. Project A-13 proves extremely familiar and yet dangerously wrong, and now the duo faces death. And in the future, Project A-13 mastermind Biracki offers his services to the Pentagon...

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Reign of Terror
In 1793 Paris agents of Robespierre's Committee for Public Safety capture Doug. Assigned quotas of people to bring in for execution, the agents are sometimes less than scrupulous in verifying their captives' guilt.

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Devil's Island
Only a short jaunt forward to 1895, but the destination is the hellishly unpleasant French penal colony called Devil's Island. Doug and Tony must deal with the sinister commander and his sadistic henchman Lescaux and with a plot by the inmates to help wrongly convicted French artillery officer Alfred Dreyfus.

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Nearly 3000 years forward this time, to the eastern Montana territory in late June of 1876. There Doug encounters General George Armstrong Custer, while Tony is captured by Lakota tribesmen.

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Revenge of the Gods
Far into the past: 1200BC and the siege of Troy! The Greeks seek the return of their princess, Helen, spirited off by Paris to be his wife.

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Crack of Doom
From 1815 New Orleans, Doug and Tony move forward nearly 70 years to the Indonesian Island of Krakatoa in 1883. Dr.

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The Last Patrol
From Pearl Harbor backwards 126 years to the outskirts of New Orleans before a final, fateful battle of the War of 1812. Doug and Tony encounter 'The Butcher' Southall, and the team in 1968 calls in his descendant, a general in the British Army for advice.

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The Day the Sky Fell In
From the West of 1910, the duo travel forward thirty one years, to December 6, 1941. They've landed near the Pearl Harbor Naval Base hours before a Japanese attack will sink most of the Pacific Fleet.

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End of the World
Snatched from the moon, Doug and Tony find themselves in the west of 1910. Halley's Comet is making a close approach and doomsayers are everywhere.

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One Way to the Moon
Doug and Tony materialize in a rocket bound for Mars, ten years in their future. Their extra weight almost scuttles the mission, but the commander figures a way to continue it by stopping at a fuel depot on the moon.

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Rendezvous with Yesterday
Congress has been pouring billions - seven of them, to be exact - into a hole in the desert and now Senator Clark wants to see what they've bought. He visits the massive complex of Project Tic Toc but is unimpressed when he learns their centerpiece, a "Time Tunnel" that can transfer matter and energy into the past or future, is not quite operational.

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The Time Tunnel, a classic science fiction television series from the 1960s, aired on the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) from 1966 to 1967. Created and produced by Irwin Allen, the Time Tunnel series presents a narrative anchored in time travel and historical exploration, where each episode offers a new adventure in a different era. Stars include James Darren, Robert Colbert, Whit Bissell, John Zaremba, and Lee Meriwether. The plot revolves around a top-secret experimental time machine, referred to as "The Time Tunnel," housed in an expansive, subterranean laboratory complex in Arizona. Despite its vast potential, the US government deems the project not yet ready for practical use. In an attempt to secure more funding and prevent a shutdown, two daring scientists and protagonists, Dr. Tony Newman (James Darren) and Dr. Doug Phillips (Robert Colbert), decide to test the tunnel themselves. This kickstarts an exciting and unpredictable adventure. Their mission to make a case for the monumental project quickly evolves into a predicament as the duo finds themselves thrust into various historical events and futuristic scenarios from which they cannot return. The Time Tunnel, though impressive, is fraught with technical limitations - it can send people and objects through space and time, but it cannot bring them back. Dr. Ann MacGregor (Lee Meriwether) plays a brilliant scientist specialized in atomic research, adding a touch of romance to the plot as she harbors feelings for Dr. Newman, not vice-versa, of course. General Kirk (Whit Bissell) adds a military angle to the show, while Dr. Raymond Swain (John Zaremba) brings expertise in technology and engineering. Newman and Phillips embark on an unplanned odyssey into the past and the future, dropping into significant events throughout history like the Titanic's sinking, the attack on Pearl Harbor, and the Siege of Troy. Additionally, they also encounter various famous figures such as Abraham Lincoln and Napoleon. In parallel, their colleagues back at the lab tirelessly strive to recall them, to no avail, establishing a narrative backdrop filled with tension, mystery, and the inexhaustible question - will Newman and Phillips ever make it back? The Time Tunnel's allure results from its seamless blend of science fiction, history, adventure, and character drama. Visually stunning for its period, it showcases extensive use of miniature effects, matte paintings, costume design, and set pieces that portray a dramatically persuasive version of different time periods and civilizations. The vintage charm adds retro appeal to its historic settings, making it an absolute visual delight. Notably, the uniqueness of the show stems from its blend of science fiction with historical accuracy. The narrative smartly intertwines fictional characters with real historical events, offering viewers an inventive view of history through a sci-fi lens. This compelling union between educational content and entertainment lends The Time Tunnel a nostalgic charm that is irresistible to both history enthusiasts and sci-fi fans. Moreover, the camaraderie between Darren and Colbert's characters is certainly engaging, backed by impressive performances from both actors. The dynamic cast also includes guest appearances from esteemed actors, contributing to the series' broad appeal. Across 30 one-hour episodes, The Time Tunnel takes viewers on a fascinating journey through time, introducing them to various historical plots with authentic details. Each episode stands alone, focusing on a different historical event, future scenario, or encounter with non-historic characters, offering an endless array of time-traveling adventures. Thereby, the show, without delving deeper into continuous arcs, still manages to engage the viewers with the variable intellectual thrills that each episodic story offers. In conclusion, The Time Tunnel, with its innovative concept, solid acting, visually stunning sets, and compelling blend of historical and futuristic narratives, offers unique, heady entertainment. Despite lasting just one season, the series retains a cult following, remembered with much fondness for its audacious take on time travel and history. Subaru+ and other platforms have made the series available for new generations to discover and appreciate.

The Time Tunnel is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 30 episodes, the show debuted on 1966. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.5.

Lee Meriwether, Whit Bissell, Robert Colbert, James Darren, John Zaremba, Sam Groom
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