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The Junkyard of Space
The Jupiter must land, to repair a fuel tank that is causing fires. But first, someone must explore a cosmic cloud with the space pod to verify the Jupiter can pass through it.

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The Great Vegetable Rebellion
Doctor Smith realizes he may one day need the Robot's good will. So he commandeers the space pod and descends to a planet home to vegetation, but no animals.

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The Flaming Planet
Violating orders, Doctor Smith has grown an alien plant in his cabin. Space radiation turns it into a monstrous mutant that thinks he's its "mother!

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Space Beauty
Farnum B, galactic showman, has a new client. He's looking for women to enter a beauty contest. At first, afraid of his client, he refuses to enroll Judy. But the client sees her and wants her in the contest - and he has a way of ensuring that Farnum does as asked. But when Farnum cannot sign her, and forgery does not work, he turns to Doctor Smith, whose subtle chicanery soon has Judy on the runway. But when Judy sees just what's inside the mysterious sponsor's armor, her desire to win the contest evaporates...

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Fugitives in Space
Creech, a hard case inmate of Prison Planet Destructon, flees custody and makes it to the icy world on which the Robinson's have landed. There, he forces Smith to trade his warm jacket for a prisoner's shirt.

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The Promised Planet
When The Robot announces that he has detected Alpha Centauri, the Robinsons are overjoyed! They have finally reached their real destination, and they prepare to land.

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The Time Merchant
Will performs an experiment designed to capture subatomic particles during a cosmic storm, but he nets something quite different: Dr. Chronos!

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Princess of Space
Captain Kraspo, his steward Fedor and his crew of robots have been in space for five long years, searching for the missing princess of Beta. She, and only she, can wield the scepter that keeps the rebellions robots and computers of Beta under control.

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Target: Earth
Doctor Smith detaches the robot's tracks from his torso, and accidentally launches them and the space pod towards a nearby planet. The aliens there invite the Robinsons to retrieve their missing pod.

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The Anti-Matter Man
Duplicates of John and Don, prisoners of a shadow world, plot their escape. As John uses an atomizing unit to investigate engine repairs, they sense their chance.

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Castles in Space
Dr. Smith, bungling yet again, manages to open a frozen cave and reveal its occupant - a creature sealed inside frozen fluid.

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Two Weeks in Space
A spaceship claiming to be from Earth requests a landing beam, but John doesn't trust them and uses a shield to keep them away. A good thing, too, because the crew is four criminals who robbed a deuterium bank and are now fleeing the Space Patrol.

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A Day at the Zoo
Don, Judy and Penny venture out to collect rock and plant specimens. Penny, on her own, stumbles into a net trap!

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Deadliest of the Species
The Robinsons must land to repair their ship. As the pass, space capsule Alpha-784 latches onto the Jupiter 2 magnetically and follows them in.

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The Space Creature
Locked in orbit around a planet whose inhospitable atmosphere is partially composed of an unknown element, the Robinsons find themselves picked off, one by one, by a malevolent force. An errant wish from young Will brought this force into being - it is a part of him given form and evil power by the strange mist.

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Collision of the Planets
An alien civilization dispatches four "social burdens" to a planet whose eccentric orbit threatens their world. These four people can become productive citizens by destroying this world.

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Flight into the Future
Will and the Robot are checking the pod for readiness when Dr. Smith enters, determined to get a back massage from the Robot.

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The Haunted Lighthouse
Chased from their planet by a space storm, the Robinsons take an alien boy named J-5 with them. They encounter a ship that serves as a kind of space lighthouse.

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The Space Destructors
While exploring, Will and Doctor Smith chance across a cave containing a control panel. Smith, unable to leave anything dangerous alone, operates several controls and actives an android creating machine.

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The Space Primevals
Don and Dr. Smith try to cap a volcano that threatens the Jupiter 2: if it stays, lava will overrun it, and if it takes off, the explosive and corrosive gases from the fuming stack will damage it, perhaps severely!

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Hunter's Moon
The Jupiter 2 must find a landing spot so John and Don can repair her engines. Scouting an inhospitable world, the space pod encounters a force field and must land.

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Kidnapped in Space
Smith answers an alien distress call requesting the help of a doctor. He almost ignores it, but the alien voice promises great wealth...

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Visit to a Hostile Planet
Travelling in space, the Jupiter 2 encounters a warp that returns them to Earth. When they cannot contact Alpha Control, they elect to land, and then discover the warp sent them back in time as well as through space!

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Condemned of Space
Launching into space to avoid a rogue comet, the Robinsons encounter the Vera Castle, a floating prison full of frozen criminals. On a whim, Doctor Smith frees Phanzig, because how dangerous could a man playing Cat's Cradle with a bit of twine be?

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Lost in Space is an intriguing sci-fi family drama that aired on FOX between 1965 and 1968. Conceived and produced by Irwin Allen, a well-known scribe for his riveting retelling of classic adventure tales, the story is rooted in the future, A.D. 1997 to be precise, and draws inspiration from The Space Family Robinson, a comic book series by Gold Key Comics which itself was a vagrant counterpart of the Swiss Family Robinson saga.

The series constitutes action, adventure, and elements of whimsical science fiction. It depicts the adventures and perilous encounters of the Robinson family, recounting their attempt to colonize space that goes astray due to an act of sabotage. The innovative setup, intriguing narrative, and family dynamics established Lost in Space as a uniquely appealing and memorable show during its time.

The Robinson family is an interesting blend of character archetypes with diverse characteristics - from the driven and rational father figure, John Robinson (played by Guy Williams), who is the expedition commander, to the nurturing and insightful Maureen Robinson (June Lockhart), who is a biochemist, to the adventurous and enthusiastic young Will Robinson (Bill Mumy). The other Robinson children, comprising of the resourceful and brave Judy (Marta Kristen) and smart and sassy Penny (Angela Cartwright), add more intriguing dynamics to the family.

Accompanying them on their journey is the gallant pilot Major Don West (Mark Goddard), and the enigmatic, ethically dubious Dr. Zachary Smith (Jonathan Harris), who is responsible for their plight. Rounding out the crew is ‘Robot’, an invaluable piece of autonomous equipment adept in planetary excavation and defense that becomes instrumental in aiding the beached spacefarers numerous times.

The series' concept orbits around the United States' endeavor to colonize the depths of the cosmos owing to Earth's overpopulation. The Robinsons are selected for a five-and-a-half-year journey to reach a planet of the star Alpha Centauri. However, their expedition goes off the rails when the ship's course is altered by the intervention of foreign agent Smith. Switches from its interstellar course to unknown territory, the ship gets…lost in space.

The premise had an engaging mix of human drama coupled with the unpredictability of hard vacuum of space and alien planets. The series incorporated themes of survival, resilience, and familial bonding, which are beautifully juxtaposed against the backdrop of hostile landscapes and whimsical alien encounters.

While Lost in Space is primarily family-centric, it doesn’t ignore the individual character arcs, each substantial and contributing to the progress of the show. From Dr. Zachary Smith's destructive operations and narcissistic personality to the evolving relationship between the Robinson children and the Robot, the show gives ample space for characters to develop meaningfully, further enhancing the suspense and emotional resonance of their respective journeys.

Despite grandiose undertones, the series never shies away from delicately handling the abrasions of inter-human interactions, emotional dilemmas, and character development, packaging them tastefully within its sci-fi overcoat. In doing so, Lost in Space never loses track of its core theme – a tale of human perseverance and survival against all odds in unchartered territories.

The series offers a potent blend of strange, colorful alien species and intriguing technologies. They allow drift to interesting side plots, satirical social commentary, and bizarre situations that are thoroughly entertaining. From floating space zoos to celestial knights, from yogi-talking carrots to a galactic shopping center, Lost in Space takes it all in stride quite memorably.

The contributions of veteran composer John Williams, then known as Johnny, are noteworthy. His visionary scoring adds a critical layer of emotion and suspense to the series' visual storytelling.

Lost in Space thrives symbiotically on its eccentric narrative, enriching characters, and adventurous tone, which are all intricately woven into the fabric of its fascinating universe. As each episode unfolds, the spectators keep up with the compelling ride filled with suspense, camaraderie, and countless plot twists, continually keeping them on their toes.

Despite its premature termination after completing three seasons, Lost in Space has left a lasting footprint in the genre of sci-fi television. It continues to inspire new generations of filmmakers and has been rebooted into a successful Netflix series, thus underscoring its timeless appeal and iconic narrative framework. The magic of Lost in Space truly lies in its winning blend of familial warmth, cutting-edge science fiction elements, and timeless adventure.

Lost in Space is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 3 seasons with a total of 84 episodes, the show debuted on 1965. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.2.

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