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Wonder Woman is a classic American television series that aired on CBS from 1975 to 1979. The show is based on the DC Comics character of the same name, created by William Moulton Marston. Wonder Woman is known for its lasting impact on popular culture and is remembered for the iconic portrayal of the title character by Lynda Carter.

Set during the time period of World War II and later the 1970s, the series follows Diana Prince (Wonder Woman), an Amazon princess from Paradise Island who possesses superhuman powers and peak-level human skills. Trained to be an unstoppable warrior, Diana Prince, portrayed with grace and power by Lynda Carter, is a symbol of courage, compassion, and justice.

Throughout the show, Diana leaves her home to join the fight against evil in the outside world. Lynda Carter effortlessly channels the inner strength, understanding, and compassion of Wonder Woman, making her a symbol of female empowerment. Steve Trevor, a U.S. pilot who crash lands on her island, helps Diana navigate the complex societal structures of America after she rescues him and decides to return with him to the United States. Lyle Waggoner impeccably delivers the character of Steve Trevor, providing a perfect complement to the unstoppable force of nature that is Wonder Woman.

A vast and talented ensemble cast supports Carter and Waggoner. Norman Burton, Richard Eastham, David Hedison, Stella Stevens, Robert Alda, Barry Van Dyke, and Patrick Cranshaw, to name a few, add depth and variety to the series' storytelling. In the later seasons, Debra Winger adds intrigue to the show as Diana’s younger sister Drusilla, known as Wonder Girl when she takes on the mantle to assist in fighting crime.

The show’s storylines and characters are compelling and engaging, as the series dives into Wonder Woman's adventures and encounters with various villains and situations. The series showcases fantastic elements such as Diana's iconic transformation into Wonder Woman by spinning around, and her magical accessories like the invisible plane, the lasso of truth, and her bulletproof bracelets.

Nevertheless, it's not all about action and fighting crime. The series also touches on social issues, reflecting the changing societal norms of the time. It uses the characters and their interactions to explore nuanced themes like gender equality, the abuse of power, and the importance of peace and understanding among all people.

Wonder Woman also stands out for its distinctive aesthetics. Lynda Carter's iconic Wonder Woman costume, the colorful comic-book inspired sets, and the 70s-era fashion create a nostalgic atmosphere that adds to the charm of the series.

The series truly elevated the superhero genre on television and made a lasting impact on pop culture, being one of the first shows to successfully capture the essence of a comic book character on the small screen. With its perfect blend of action, adventure, drama, humor, and social relevance, Wonder Woman maintains its timeless appeal, captivating new generations of viewers and inspiring many future interpretations of the heroine.

Even as the series concluded, the spirit of Wonder Woman continues to remain a significant part of media. Lynda Carter's incarnation of the Amazon Queen remains etched in the hearts of fans, setting a high-water mark for future portrayals of the iconic superheroine.

In conclusion, Wonder Woman is a historic television series that leveraged the superhero genre while giving primetime audiences a strong female protagonist. It is an intriguing blend of action, humor, drama, and social commentary that, despite its period setting, remains relevant and impactful to this day. This classic series is a tribute to the power of compassion, justice, and female empowerment, embodied by one of the world's most enduring superheroes.

Wonder Woman is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 4 seasons with a total of 64 episodes, the show debuted on 1975. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.0.

Lyle Waggoner, Lynda Carter, Beatrice Colen, Norman Burton, Richard Eastham
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