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Christmas Special 1990: Brotherly Love
It is Christmas 1953, and an outbreak of Foot and Mouth disease has hits the Dales.

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Promises to Keep
Tristan has to face the terrors of an enormous sow, Our Gracie, and her litter of piglets, who are due to be castrated. Mrs.

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Siegfried is laid up at Skeldale with his foot in plaster. His dreams of mouthwatering meals prepared by Mrs.

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Old Dogs,New Tricks
Siegfried takes a close friend to task for wasting his own talents as a veterinary surgeon. Ewan Ross -- "the best horse man north of the Humber" has let his career slide gently into the whisky bottle after the death of his wife.

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A Grand Memory For Forgetting
Siegfried is determined to discover who shot Korean War veteran Jacob Pearson's dog. The suspect is Captain Crawford's willful and surly 20-year-old son, Hugh.

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A Cat In Hull's Chance
There's unusual friction in the Herriot household when 12- year-old daughter Rosie announces that she wants to become a vet. James goes out of his way to show her the arduous, dirty and dangerous side of his work, while Helen thinks he ought to encourage her.

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Food For Thought
Buffoon, Stewie Brannen, an old friend of Siegfried's, has invited the distinguished Professor Norton to a black tie dinner, and prevails upon Siegfried to host it at Skeldale -- and lend him a dinner suit. But disaster looms when Siegfried and Stewie are called out for a calving, in full evening dress, and James has to hold the fort with an irritable Mrs.

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Out With the New
Queen Elizabeth II's Coronation is cause for Darrowby celebrations on a grand scale. James and Helen's 12-year-old daughter, Rosie, is due to be crowned too, as Darrowby's pageant princess.

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Spring Fever
The mysterious Mrs. Donovan poses problems for all three partners. Siegfried rashly dismisses her as "a warm-hearted woman who loves animals" -- until she starts interfering with his patients and there seems to be no limit to her homespun remedies. Lovely Rosemary Brocklehurst attracts the romantic attention of Tristan when she brings in Esmerelda, a tortoise, which won't come out of its shell.

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A Friend For Life
Tragedy strikes Bill Shadwell when his herd of dairy shorthorns contracts Johne's disease. As Shadwell nears retirement, his son wants to move into more profitable Friesian dairy cattle.

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If Music Be The Food of Love
Tristan is smitten over the lovely Jane Mercer. When he discovers that she sings in the choral society, Tristan develops a fresh interest in anything musical.

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Knowin' How To Do It
Planting a syringe full of anti-abortion vaccine into a farmer's backside creates a mini-crisis for Tristan. Farmer Nat Briggs is convinced that his chances of starting a family have been ruined by Tristan's clumsiness and waits for a chance to confront him.

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The Prodigal Returns
Tristan is must manage domestic challenges when James and Helen play a practical joke with a "Welcome Home" card from an old female admirer. A new housekeeper, Mrs.

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All Creatures Great and Small is a heartwarming and much-loved British television series that first aired on BBC in 1978, spanning over 12 years until its conclusion in 1990. This mesmerizing series is based on the autobiographical books penned by the legendary James Alfred Wight, better known by his pseudonym James Herriot, who practiced veterinary science. The series faithfully captures the enchanting charm and poignant stories of his diverse characters, both animal and human, across its seasons. The series features a talented ensemble cast, led by the distinguished actor Christopher Timothy, who impeccably portrays James Herriot. The young and inexperienced Herriot comes to the Yorkshire Dales, looking for his first pit-stop in his veterinary career, only to find that he has much to learn. Not just about animals, but also about people, life, and its unpredictable twists. Veteran actor Robert Hardy masterfully inhabits the character of Siegfried Farnon, a man of eccentric disposition and unpredictable temper but a kind heart. Siegfried owns the small veterinary practice in Darrowby where Herriot finds his employment. Peter Davison brings to life Siegfried’s younger and carefree brother, Tristan Farnon. Tristan's constant endeavors to evade studies and regular mischief provide a delightful touch of humor to the series. Mary Hignett plays the role of Mrs. Hall, the kind and motherly housekeeper. She capably runs the Skeldale House (the home and workplace of the Farnon brothers), continuously controlling the disorderly males of the house with her sensible and practical approach. Carol Drinkwater and later, Lynda Bellingham, each brilliantly portray Helen Alderson's character. Helen is a local farmer's daughter who later becomes a significant part of Herriot's life. Their love story weaves through the series with delicate subtlety. John McGlynn and Margaretta Scott add to this brilliant ensemble with their theatrical skills and strong character roles. McGlynn plays Calum Buchanan, a Scottish vet, while Scott does a remarkable job as Mrs. Pumphrey, an affluent woman with a pampered pooch. The series offers a diverse range of animal characters as central plots or charming cameo appearances. From cute pups and kittens to the large farm animals like sheep, cows, and horses – each holding a distinctive place in this engaging narrative. Numberless anecdotes revolve around these creatures across seasons, displaying Herriot's profound compassion, humility, and dedication towards his profession. Every episode of this charming period drama is teeming with the passionate spirit of the Yorkshire people, their simple lives, integral relationships, and the universal bond of compassion with animals. The beautifully portrayed rural landscapes add to the overall appeal of the show, infusing each frame with tranquility and rustic beauty. It is not just a show about veterinary science, but it is also about human relationships, love, compassion, and the simpler, softer moments of life. Throughout its runtime, All Creatures Great and Small beautifully bridges the gap between humans and animals, emphasizing the principle that every life is significant and deserving of respect and care. The series not only showcases an excellent array of both domesticated and wild animal life but also zebras and elephants, highlighting Herriot's gentle compassion towards all creatures, just as suggested in the title. In summary, All Creatures Great and Small is more than just a television show; it's a celebration of mutual existence, a harmonious interplay of diverse characters, strong bonds of friendship, and the pure, unadulterated love between human and animal. It's a nostalgic capture of an era, a place, and a way of living that leaves lasting impressions on the viewer's mind. Whether you are a Herriot fan, an animal lover, or someone who enjoys classic period dramas, this British marvel warrants a place in your to-watch list. The series welcomes you into its quaint world, intriguing you with its episodic stories, and rewarding you with its wholesome charm. It's an invitation to escape into a world that smiles with sheer joy, hope, and, of course, an abundance of cute, furry creatures.

All Creatures Great and Small is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 7 seasons with a total of 90 episodes, the show debuted on 1978. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.4.

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Lynda Bellingham, Peter Davison, Robert Hardy, Carol Drinkwater, Christopher Timothy, Mary Hignett, James Grout, Jean Heywood, John McGlynn, Margaretta Scott, Pamela Salem, Teddy Turner, Judy Wilson
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