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Young Eli is forced into a life-changing decision in 1852. In 1916, Eli wages a final war with Standard Oil, forcing a confrontation with Pete.

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The Bear
Young Eli's tribe encounters soldiers that make an unexpected offer in 1852. In 1916, Pete makes a decision that could tear the family apart.

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All Their Guilty Stains
Young Eli's Comanche band are forced to survive on their own in 1852. In 1916, the McCulloughs search for Maria while Jeannie discovers a devastating secret.

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Somebody Get a Shovel
The Comanches go to war in 1852. In 1916, the McCulloughs' fight with Standard Oil reaches a breaking point.

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Episode 6
In 1852, Young Eli must protect Ingrid; in 1916, a new attack from Standard Oil forces the McCullough family to come together.

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Episode 5
In 1852, Young Eli is forced hide a deadly secret; in 1916, Maria's return brings devastating consequences for the McCullough's oil business.

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Episode 4
A new danger reveals old wounds in Young Eli's tribe in 1852; in 1916, Eli and Phineas try to fight off Standard Oil as Maria Garcia returns.

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Episode 3
Young Eli's Comanches must survive a dangerous journey in 1852; in 1915, Eli and Pete are forced to work together to deal with a new enemy.

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Ten Dollars and a Plucked Goose
After a devastating attack, Young Eli must help the Comanches regroup in 1852; in 1915, Pete's return causes fractures in the McCullough family.

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Young Eli leads a daring Comanche raid into Mexico in 1852. In 1915, the McCullough family confronts a threat to their growing oil business.

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The Son is an American Western drama television series that aired on AMC between 2017 and 2019. It's based on the critically acclaimed novel of the same name by noted author Philipp Meyer. It's a series that delves deep into the rise and fall of a ferocious Texas oil dynasty dealing with its own set of trials and tribulations while concurrently battling outsiders who pose a threat to their empire. The Son manages to capture the volatile tectonic shifts in American culture and skillfully balances Western and contemporary drama wrapped around by the inescapable web of history. The series unfolds around the multifaceted character Eli McCullough, portrayed by Pierce Brosnan. Eli is often referred to as the 'First Son of Texas,' a moniker that comes along with its own shadows of warfare, violence, and a struggle for survival. Presented in two timelines, the story traces Eli's journey from his early days in the wild frontiers of Texas in 1849 to his eventual establishment as a wealthy patriarchal figure amidst the jigsaw puzzle of the oil industry during 1915. Eli's journey begins with him as a young boy, when he is bestowed with the uncomfortable yet quintessential burden of being the only man in his family after a deadly Comanche raid hits his kin. This part of the timeline plays a significant role in shaping Eli's overall character and provides a raw, uncovering spectrum into the world of the indigenous Comanche tribe and their intense struggle against colonial powers. It gives viewers a front-row seat on the adversities of colonization, from the brutal conquests to the relentless force of assimilation. In the timeline of 1915, Eli's character emerges as a wealthy cattle baron making headway into the burgeoning oil industry. Despite the harshness and dread of his past, Eli is shown as a ruthless visionary who would stop at nothing to secure his family's unmatched legacy and iron-fisted reign over South Texas. This timeline does not just deal with Eli but also throws several significant challenges at his offsprings in the form of scandalous family secrets, conflicts, and simmering tensions due to the ever-changing economic landscape. While the series does lean on the audiences' fondness for historical and Western themes, it also embeds modern elements of business politics, intra-family drama, the evolution of the oil industry and racial tensions that resonate with contemporary viewers. Drawing sharp parallels from the novel, The Son manages to portray the erosion of the 'American dream,' with Texas as the symbolic epicenter of change and turbulence. Pierce Brosnan makes a resonating comeback to the TV screen with his commanding portrayal of Eli, exhibiting versatility in a character caught in the crossroads of his transformative life journey. Brosnan's performance, coupled with a strong supporting cast including Jacob Lofland, Henry Garrett, Paola Nunez, Carlos Bardem, David Wilson Barnes and others, adds a layer of authenticity and power to the narrative. The series is brilliantly shot, talking volumes of the vast American landscape, the untamed wilderness of the frontier era, and the cutthroat business world of Texas oil fields – a visual spectacle that enhances the storytelling. AMC does a commendable job of bringing Meyer's epic saga alive, thanks to its keen eye for casting, meticulous attention to the period detailing, and an engaging storyline that traverses through multiple timelines. On the whole, The Son, while living up to its genre of Western drama, adds an additional layer by incorporating elements of history, capitalism, cultural struggles, and personal relationships. It's a sprawling multi-generational tale of power, ambition, and family ties steeped in the rich historical canvas of America. From the arid open landscapes to the boardrooms of McCullough Oil, this compelling saga is a must-watch for those who enjoy an intricate weave of familial bonds, land feuds, and the tantalizing thirst for dominance and wealth.

The Son is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 20 episodes, the show debuted on 2017. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.5.

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