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Fall Out
Contnuing from ONCE UPON A TIME, the Prisoner is presented to the President of the Assembly. He watches the trials of Number Forty Eight and the resuscitated Number Two.

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Once Upon A Time
After all previous attempts to break Number Six have failed, Number Two decides the only way to obtain the information wanted is by using a system known as 'Degree Absolute'. A battle that will leave one of them dead.

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The Girl Who Was Death
The Prisoner is back in his old job as he tries to track down the murderer of Colonel Hawke-Englishe, who was looking for a crazy scientist called Schnipps. The scientist's daughter Sonia, who calls herself Death, protects her father and sets many deadly traps for Number Six.

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Hammer Into Anvil
When a young woman is driven to her death by Number Two, Number Six swears his revenge. Number Two tells Number Six that he is going to hammer him (using a quote from Goethe about hammers and anvils) so Number Six decides to turn the tables.

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A Change Of Mind
After becoming involved in a fight with two thugs, Number Six is declared 'unmutual' by the Village committee which recommends that he undergoes 'instant social treatment' - a pre=frontal lobotomy. However, Number Six realises that due to his due to his importance he is not administered the treatment, only tricked into thinking he has received it.

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Living In Harmony
The Prisoner finds himself a stranger in a Western town called 'Harmony'. He reluctantly takes on the job of the Sheriff in order to release a young saloon woman.

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It's Your Funeral
The Prisoner (Number Six) is tricked into discovering an assassination plot - but who is going to be killed? Number Two knows that Number Six is the only man in the Village capable of stopping a murder so he attempts to discredit him.

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Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling
Number Six is not himself. The Prisoner's mind is transformed in another man's body (the Colonel's) by the Village authorities in an attempt to track down a scientist, Professor Seltzman.

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Dance Of The Dead
Number Six discovers a dead man washed up on the Village beach. He finds a wallet and a radio set in the dead man's jacket.

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Many Happy Returns
Number Six awakes to a deserted Village. He realises that he has the perfect opportunity to escape his captors.

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Six's time runs out when the order is handed down for his execution. Two suffers a personal loss and all is revealed.

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Six discovers he has a twin...who attempts murder. Two. 313 battles with her inner demons and 11-12 seeks the answers to his dilemma.

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Six meets a woman from his past, while the Village prepares to weather a disaster and 147 weathers personal tragedy.

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Six chooses to spy for Two, while 11-12's darkest secret revealed and 313 learns more of her own gift.

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Two attempts to deal with questions within his own household, while Six meets a man claiming to be his brother... a man Six has never seen.

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An unidentified man awakes in an unknown desert community referred to only as "the Village." The city's administrator, Two, designates the man as "Six" and begins the process of destroying his will to resist.

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The Prisoner is a unique blend of science fiction, allegory, and psychological drama television series produced by Everyman Films Ltd for distribution by Lew Grade's ITC Entertainment. Striking and symbolic, it aired on AMC from 1967 to 1968. The visionary series starred the charismatic and brooding Patrick McGoohan who, apart from leading the project, also contributed as a writer and director, thus leaving an indelible mark on the distinctive ethos of the show.

At the center of The Prisoner's plot is a British secret agent, portrayed by Patrick McGoohan, who abruptly resigns from his vocation. This anonymous protagonist, who shortly becomes known only as Number Six, is promptly kidnapped and transported to a curious and picturesque seaside village. This idyllic landscape, known to inhabitants as ‘The Village’, belies a totalitarian system under which retired spies and people with valuable knowledge are held captive. The Village, strikingly and intentionally beautiful with its vibrant color patterns, manicured gardens, and distinct architecture, is essentially a comfortable prison, hence the title of the show.

Number Six's identity is stripped down, with the residents of The Village known only by numbers. Yet, our hero vehemently refuses to conform to the system's demands for obedience and tranquility, instead continuously seeking to retain his individuality and freedom. His rebellious spirit underpins the continuous tension in the series as Number Six feeds his unconquerable desire to escape The Village, find out who operates it, and return to his former life.

Patrick McGoohan's intense portrayal of Number Six is a key element of the series. The character, always in a sharp suit and armed with fiery eyes full of defiance, becomes a symbol of the individual's struggle against collectivism, a theme intertwined throughout the series. The leaders of The Village, particularly Number Two (a role filled by a rotating roster of actors), are determined not just to suppress any challenge to their control, but also to shatter Number Six's individual spirit.

The ambitions of The Prisoner, however, extend beyond its vivid depiction of one man's fight for freedom against an oppressive regime. Mysterious and philosophical, the series often plunges into the realms of the fantastical and existential. While the series falls within the spy thriller genre, it swiftly transcends those boundaries, evolving into a multi-layered psychological puzzle box filled with symbolic imagery and enigmatic characters. The Village itself seems to function almost beyond the realms of reality. The nature of The Village, its true purpose, and its controllers, remains an enduring enigma contributing to the mystique of the series.

Despite its brief lifespan of a mere seventeen episodes, The Prisoner left an immense cultural footprint. The series disputed conventional narrative formats, managing to be both a sweeping sci-fi adventure tale as well as a deep and philosophical exploration of individualism, freedom, and identity. It was celebrated for its avant-garde approach to television storytelling, its experimental and surreal visual style, and its unflinching willingness to address philosophical and psychological themes.

It's also worth noting the remarkable production design of the series. The Village was primarily filmed in the scenic and architecturally peculiar resort of Portmeirion in North Wales. This peculiar and appealing backdrop, full of colorful Italianate buildings and whimsical statues, becomes a character itself within the show, adding another layer of charm and mystery.

The Prisoner is a series that ulimately raises more questions than it answers, leaving viewers to ponder its meanings and interpretations. Its rich combination of espionage, psychological drama, and science fiction make it a unique experience, a classic of television history that continues to captivate new viewers and inspire countless debate and analysis over 50 years since it first aired. Whether interpreted as a metaphorical commentary on an intrusive government, an existential journey into the self, or simply a stirring psychological thriller, The Prisoner remains one of the most inventive and compelling television series created.

The Prisoner is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 16 episodes, the show debuted on 2009. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.5.

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