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Inside Fear the Walking Dead Season 8B
Join cast and show creators, including Colman Domingo, Jenna Elfman, Kim Dickens, Andrew Chambliss, Ian Goldberg and more, as they give a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Fear the Walking Dead's final season (Part 2).

Watch Fear The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 72 Now

Inside Fear the Walking Dead Season 8A
Join host Clarke Wolfe for the ultimate backstage pass to Fear the Walking Dead's final season (Part 1), with special access to your favorite cast and crew.

Watch Fear The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 71 Now

The Road Ahead
The survivors and their allies get tied up in a mission.

Watch Fear The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 12 Now

Fighting Like You
Enemies become temporary allies as the desire for revenge gives way to survival in the fight for the future of PADRE.

Watch Fear The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 11 Now

Keeping Her Alive
A survivor is at odds with the rest of the island and is forced to turn to another for help.

Watch Fear The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 10 Now

Dwight and Sherry confront the demons of their past to secure a better future for themselves.

Watch Fear The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 9 Now

Iron Tiger
The search for fuel to replenish PADRE's dwindling supply leads the survivors to a reunion that gives Madison an unexpected opportunity for revenge and reconciliation.

Watch Fear The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 8 Now

Strand fights to maintain the peace of his new life after the sudden arrival of an old friend threatens it with ghosts of the past.

Watch Fear The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 7 Now

All I See Is Red
Morgan fights his past as he is on a chase through the swamps.

Watch Fear The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 6 Now

More Time Than You Know
The heroes fight the clock and PADRE's forces.

Watch Fear The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 5 Now

King County
Morgan returns to King County but things quickly get complicated.

Watch Fear The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 4 Now

Mo's hunt to prove PADRE's true intentions has her in over her head as she's drawn into the larger web of secrets.

Watch Fear The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 3 Now

Blue Jay
After fleeing PADRE, June's safety and solitude is threatened by an unwelcomed reunion and a desparate father's search for his missing daughter.

Watch Fear The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 2 Now

Remember What They Took From You
After going undercover at PADRE, Morgan and Madison find themselves back at odds trying to do what's best for Mo while struggling to accept their new lives under the watchful eye of PADRE.

Watch Fear The Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 1 Now

"Fear the Walking Dead" is an engrossing apocalyptic horror series from AMC that premiered in 2015. Focusing on the inception of the zombie apocalypse, this series takes place in the same universe as the cult favorite "The Walking Dead," but instead of beholding the chaotic aftermath, the audience witness its calamitous beginning. The series initially divides its time between two families based in Los Angeles – the Clark family led by high-school guidance counselor Madison Clark and English teacher Travis Manawa and his family. Embodying the essence of a modern, blended family, the dynamics of these characters paint a vivid picture of life before 'The End.' "Fear the Walking Dead" uniquely intertwines elements of a family drama with mind-bending horror, focusing on the personal struggles and family conflicts that arise as relationships are tested and reality breaks down. As the series progresses, the serene suburban landscape rapidly descends into a frenzied post-apocalyptic nightmare where moral norms disintegrate and building relationships of trust become of utmost importance. What sets "Fear The Walking Dead" apart is its commitment to making the extraordinary feel real. The characters are not armed to the teeth or trained in survival tactics, they are everyday people swept up something unbelievably horrifying, fighting to keep themselves and their families alive. Scrutinizing human nature and the instinctual struggle between self-preservation and community survival is a pivotal theme in the show, with its back to basics perspective, underpinning layers of deep human emotions. The viewers' journey through this enthralling narrative is always high stakes as they experience the unravelling of civilization through the eyes of the characters, beautifully navigating the complexities of their lives while the world crumbles in the background. As society collapses, it becomes alarmingly evident that it is not just the walkers they should fear but also the fellow survivors. The series carries the audience on a captivating exploration of the thin veneer of civilization and what happens when it is violently ripped away, raising poignant questions about the brutal lengths humans will go to protect their own lives and those of their loved ones. The showrunners and writers' thoughtful approach to the power dynamics that evolve as the apocalypse takes hold makes every decision consequential, imbuing the narrative with layers of tension. Throughout its multi-season run from 2015 to 2023, "Fear the Walking Dead" continually raises the bar with its daring in-depth character exploration, breathtaking direction, and visceral storytelling. The evolving ensemble casts imbue their roles with a palpable humanity, bringing depth and nuance to characters forced to confront the worst aspects of humanity and themselves. "Fear the Walking Dead" boasts a unique aesthetic language. The atmospheric Californian scenery from the early seasons and the subsequent stark landscapes of Texas offer a distinct departure from the original series' Georgia backdrop. These varied locations serve to emphasize the widespread impact of the apocalypse and anchor the narrative in unpredictable and visually striking environments. Additionally, the series garners kudos for its smart use of special effects and makeup that make the fantastical terrifyingly real. The attention to detail in the show's production design is truly remarkable. From the disquieting depiction of the walkers to the decaying remnants of civilization, every element is expertly crafted to heighten the sense of dread and chaos that permeates the world of "Fear the Walking Dead." Replete with gripping performances, high-intensity sequences, and a refreshingly intimate exploration of survival in a world gone mad, "Fear the Walking Dead" successfully carves out its niche in the increasingly crowded zombie drama genre. Despite being a companion series, it maintains its unique identity, offering a compelling, sophisticated narrative that continually surprises and challenges its audience. In conclusion, "Fear the Walking Dead" is an unflinching look into humanity's darkest hour. More than just a gripping horror series, it is a relentless exploration of survival, the resilience of the human spirit, and the lengths we go to protect the ones we love. As it traverses the universe of "The Walking Dead," the series takes its viewers on an unforgettable, chilling journey into the heart of darkness.

Fear The Walking Dead is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 8 seasons with a total of 116 episodes, the show debuted on 2015. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.8.

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