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Episode 7
With Dieter€™s wedding just around the corner, the entire hotel is involved in preparations for the event. Callum confronts Rachel to understand her true feelings for him, and Victor remains haunted by the effects of the war.

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Episode 6
Callum and Rachel take advantage of Alex€™s upcoming business trip, while Victor tries to expose the criminal activities of Callum€™s team. Dieter finally opens up about his past in Germany.

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Episode 5
While Dieter is helping the British achieve their jet engine goals, Victor provides information to Callum showing that Dieter may not be as innocent as he seems. Then, Callum works to regain favor with Kathy by helping her get access to a useful German prisoner.

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Episode 4
Callum struggles to keep up with his work responsibilities and the demands of the hotel€™s newest guest, Frau Bellinghausen, while his relationship with Rachel becomes more compromising. Callum gets to know Harold, an ex-Foreign Office bureaucrat, who reveals some startling truths about the outbreak of the war.

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Episode 3
Everyone must put aside their differences to search for Lotte, and Callum is forced to make a choice between his brother and following orders from his superiors. Callum€™s best friend, Alex, encourages his American wife, Rachel, to seek Callum€™s help in becoming a patron of the arts.

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Episode 2
Callum employs unorthodox methods to convince Dieter to work with the British, while also juggling the demands of War Crimes officer Kathy-who believes the British government is harboring war criminals-and his troubled younger brother, Victor.

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Episode 1
At the end of WWII, British intelligence officer Callum Ferguson is assigned to persuade captured German scientist Dieter Koehler to work with the British RAF to develop an urgently needed jet engine.

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Close to the Enemy is a compelling post-war drama that aired on Acorn TV in 2016. This seven-part miniseries, written and directed by the esteemed Stephen Poliakoff, takes its audience back to the post-World War II era's political and social landscape, presenting a rich tableau of human tales that bind history with a well-crafted narrative.

The narrative of Close to the Enemy primarily revolves around an intelligence officer named Captain Callum Ferguson, played by Jim Sturgess. He is assigned a critical task by his superiors. His mission is to convince a captured German scientist, Dieter Koehler, played by August Diehl, to work with the British government. The scientist specializes in jet propulsion technology, which is seen as crucial for national security and Britain's status in the global superpower race that was gradually accelerating during this period.

Set over a background of adversity, change, and evocative memories of the bygone conflict, the series portrays the characters’ journey to cope with the post-war reality. The show extensively uses the historical backdrop of London and its dilapidated structures as a metaphor for broken lives and societal rifts in the aftermath of the Great War.

The supporting cast of Close to the Enemy comprises a range of characters, each carrying their complex webs of secrets and predicaments. Alfred Molina plays Harold Lindsay-Jones, a foreign office official who becomes embroiled in a bureaucratic battle. Charlotte Riley as Rachel Lombard, a war crimes investigator, adds her unique subplot to the story. Phoebe Fox features as Callum's fragile younger sister, Kathy, who suffers from trauma from her wartime experiences. These characters enrich the narrative, providing various angles and insights into the broader historical context and the different sociopolitical pressures of the time.

The show focuses strongly on the characters' moral dilemmas, individual pursuits of redemption, and the fragile balance between personal choices and national interests. It does not shy away from exploring the grim realities of the period, including disturbing facts about war crimes, concealed secrets, conspiracy, and the struggle for peace and healing amidst unhealed wounds from the past.

Stephen Poliakoff uses his unique storytelling style to weave these subplots into the central narrative, creating a riveting panorama of post-war Britain. Poliakoff's screenwriting prowess shines throughout the series, particularly in his ability to delve into complex human emotions and social issues while maintaining an engaging and layered narrative.

At the heart of it all, Close to the Enemy portrays the interactions between Ferguson and Koehler as an intriguing battle of wits and ideologies. This dynamic relationship paints not only the individual characters' struggles but also reflects the greater tensions between nations during this era on the brink of the cold war.

The series effectively captures the oppressive atmosphere of the post-war period, an era full of contradiction and transformation. The exquisite costume and set designs speak volumes about life in London during the late 1940s. From the damaged buildings to the glamour of post-war fashion, Close to the Enemy takes viewers on a visual journey through time.

Aside from the drama and intense narrative, the series also showcases impressive performances from the ensemble cast. Sturgess brilliantly shoulders the lead role while the supporting cast delivers equally compelling performances, adding depth to their characters. Their stellar performances coupled with the well-informed script, lend credibility to the series, making it an immersive experience for the viewers.

Close to the Enemy may primarily be a historical drama, but its universal themes of loyalty, duty, and moral dilemma make it a compelling watch for audiences from all generations. Its exploration of a tense and evolving social landscape is not only a fascinating historical study but also a riveting human drama.

In conclusion, Close to the Enemy skillfully combines captivating storytelling, strong performances, and historical authenticity, providing a nuanced portrayal of one of the most transformative periods in human history. This engaging miniseries from Acorn TV deserves its place in the annals of sophisticated television dramas.

Close to the Enemy is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 7 episodes, the show debuted on 2016. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.0.

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