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Dead Man's Trigger
On Glenn and Petra's wedding day, Harry and Fergus head to the Garda station to collect Charlie, Orla, and Lola. Then an ex-soldier with a bomb walks in and demands that they solve the murder of his daughter, on the anniversary of her death.

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Cleanliness Is Next to Deadliness
The Vibrant Villages competition is fierce, with dirty tricks and sabotage galore. So when Harry's friend Evelyn Summers finds dead fish in her pond, she assumes it's more of the same-until she finds the corpse of her estranged husband there, too.

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The Man Who Murdered Himself
Harry and Fergus must figure out how a mystery writer could have shot himself in a locked panic room without a gun. Fellow P.

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Lights, Camera, Murder
The despotic director of a cheap, daytime Irish soap opera has his throat cut in the middle of a scene. Its under-pressure producer is desperate for Harry and Fergus to quickly find the culprit so filming can resume.

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Too Many Harrys Spoil the Murder
When a renowned chef's girlfriend is brutally murdered, Harry and Fergus have to contend with a rival private detective, a gangster's henchman, and an utterly baffling mystery. Meanwhile, Paula makes a life-changing announcement.

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Killing Me Softly with His Bad Pop Song
After Jamie D, lead singer of Hot Boy 4, plummets to his death, Harry's granddaughter Lola feels certain it was murder and not suicide. She convinces Harry and Fergus to investigate for the sake of Jamie's pregnant widow, the fans, and the music.

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Harry Wild is a thrilling action-drama series that premiered on Acorn TV in 2022. The show is an Irish crime drama and features the spectacular Jane Seymour in the titular role of Harriet, also known as 'Harry' Wild. As an iconic English actress known for her mesmerizing performances, Seymour brings her A-game, rendering a character that is as charming as she is unpredictable.

The series, set in the heart of Dublin, Ireland, explores an intriguing narrative that intertwines mystery, mayhem, and manhunts in a riveting combination. Harry is a retired English Literature professor, who, after becoming a victim of a violent robbery, finds herself plunged into an unexpected journey filled with crime and investigation.

Due to an injury sustained during the incident, Harry is forced to take time out from her academic pursuits to recover. Boredom and tedium soon set in during her period of convalescence, but unforeseen circumstances lead her down a path she never envisaged. This temporary disruption in her routine life turns into a riveting adventure as she finds herself being drawn into the world of criminal mystery-solving.

Her son, Charlie, is a Detective Inspector and investigating the crime that happened to her. However, Harry's innate curiosity and sharp intellect lead her to uncover crucial leads even before her professional detective son can. Impressed by her knack for clues and deduction, Charlie reluctantly starts involving his mother in his cases.

Throughout the series, viewers witness Harry's evolution from a literature professor to an amateur detective. Harry's instinctive ability for connecting the dots and her fearless quest for the truth makes her an intuitive crime investigator. However, she's not your typical sleuth. Harry Wild is depicted as a bold, witty and sometimes irreverent lady with an irresistible charm. She's not afraid to bend the rules, and she often uses her age and appearance to outwit criminals, much to the surprise of her son and his colleagues.

Harry also grapples with a challenging personal life, dealing with her evolving relationships with her son Charlie, her friends, and her ex-husband. Often, she finds herself treading a complicated path, with her detective work intruding into her personal spaces, leading to friction and tension with her near and dear ones. Each episode delivers a unique crime narrative while meticulously weaving the threads of Harry's personal life, making audiences invested in both her detective and domestic dilemmas.

Harry's pragmatic approach to crime-solving entails questionable decisions, unconventionality, and an extraordinary knack for danger, presenting herself as a distinctive protagonist amongst conventional crime drama characters. The show manages to balance suspense and humor effectively, with Harry's dry wit injecting a refreshing dose of hilarity into the otherwise high-stake crime investigations.

A key highlight of Harry Wild is its outstanding ensemble of supporting actors who bring their various characters to life, creating a vibrant world around the titular heroines' adventures. Many of these characters, such as Charlie or crime boss Rory Fallon, add drama, tension, and loyalty to the narrative, making it a well-rounded and deeply engaging series.

The backdrop of Dublin is spectacularly showcased throughout the series, ensnaring viewers with its charm, from cobbled streets and historic architecture to the modern, bustling city vistas. The vibrant aura of the city complements the rhythm of the narrative, making it an integral part of the storyline.

Harry's detective journey is underlined with a treatment of realism, making it relatable. Whether it's the exciting hustle of police stations or the tranquil solitude of Harry's home, the show creates a rich, visual tapestry that enhances the viewing experience.

Overall, Harry Wild is a compelling crime drama series that blends suspense, humor, and touching sentiments in a stimulating narrative. Its exceptional performances, led by Seymour, a well-structured plot line, and a dose of Irish charm make it a must-watch for any crime genre enthusiasts and fans of Jane Seymour alike.

Harry Wild is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 3 seasons with a total of 20 episodes, the show debuted on 2022. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.2.

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How can I watch Harry Wild online? Harry Wild is available on Acorn TV with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch Harry Wild on demand at Amazon Prime, Apple TV Channels, Philo online.

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