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Bonus: The Making of Series 2
The cast and crew of Dalgliesh share their experience filming the new season while highlighting the importance of set design, costumes, and a great script.

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The Murder Room, Part 2
The grisly discovery in the trunk provides a new line of inquiry that leads to a hidden room, ties to intelligence agents, and a scandalous society at the heart of the museum. The team race to crack the case as the killer prepares to strike again.

Watch Dalgliesh Season 2 Episode 6 Now

A Certain Justice, Part 1
Not long after securing an acquittal for Garry Ashe in his aunt's murder, controversial defense barrister Venetia Aldridge is fatally stabbed.

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Death of an Expert Witness, Part 1
When a senior forensic biologist is found dead in his lab, Dalgliesh is called to East Anglia, where the murderer is lying in wait to strike again.

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Dalgliesh is a rebooted series featured on Acorn TV from 2021, which is based on the iconic crime novels written by P.D. James. This British detective mystery captivates with its carefully woven narratives, making it a must-watch for fans of crime, mystery, and detective genres.

The eponymous protagonist, Adam Dalgliesh, is portrayed by Bertie Carvel, known for his roles in Doctor Foster and Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell. Carvel expertly brings to life one of the most celebrated detectives in British literature, Detective Chief Inspector Adam Dalgliesh. The series explores Dalgliesh’s character - a complex man who, besides being a gifted detective, is also a published poet with a strong moral compass and sensitivity towards human nature. His career in the police force, juxtaposed with his introspective and intuitive nature, drives the plot in interesting and unexpected directions.

Dalgliesh is set in the mid-1970s, which is evident in the production design, costumes, and the broader societal issues that are subtly touched upon throughout the series. The show perfectly captures the spirit and atmosphere of the era, reminiscent of a time when detective work relied not on modern technology but rather on intuition, legwork, and keen observation.

Across the series, Dalgliesh takes the audience to different sites around England, effectively using the locations to add depth to the narratives. From secluded islands to private nursing homes and stately country homes, the settings are as diverse as they are intriguing, each one encapsulating a unique feel that intensifies the suspense and mystery.

The series stands out for its carefully crafted narratives that skillfully merge the stories from P.D. James' novels - "Shroud for a Nightingale," "The Black Tower," and "A Taste for Death." As each case unfolds, viewers are drawn into Dalgliesh’s investigative process. The show isn’t just about solving crimes, though, but delves into the intricate, multifaceted characters involved and the circumstances that led to the crime. This keen focus on human complexity gives the series a psychological depth that separates it from typical formulaic detective dramas.

Other than Carvel, the series also features a stellar supporting cast that propels the storyline. This includes Jeremy Irvine, known for his roles in War Horse and Great Expectations, Carlyss Peer, recognized from her parts in shows like The White Queen, and Hugh Dancy, the Hannibal fame actor, among others. The chemistry between the leads, combined with talented performances from the supporting actors, adds another layer of authenticity and intrigue to each episode.

Moreover, the series sets itself apart with the perfect blend of dramatic tension, plot twists, and thorough character development. It triumphs in its pacing, which complements the unfolding dramas and maintains the viewer's interest as the plotline progressively unfolds. The writing is exquisite, with dialogue that resonates with each character while also giving valuable insight into Dalgliesh’s own thoughts and perspectives.

At its heart, Dalgliesh may seem to be a detective drama but it balances crime-solving aspects with a myriad of other elements - psychological, emotional, and societal. This makes it suitable for a broad audience, appealing to anyone who loves character-driven stories with gripping plots and rich, detailed atmospheres. The episodes hint at Dalgliesh’s past pain and the complexities of his personality, intriguing viewers to look forward to the unraveling of his character in future seasons.

Dalgliesh promises a highly authentic recreation of P.D. James's acclaimed detective novels. The brilliant adaptation combined with the outstanding acting delivers a gripping drama that leaves the viewers on the edge throughout. A binge-worthy series, Dalgliesh is an exquisite piece of storytelling that pays homage to James's intricate narratives of human frailty, morality, and justice. This, mixed with the allure of a captivating lead character like Dalgliesh, makes it a remarkable addition to the world of detective dramas.

Successfully, this detective series has found the right balance between literature and television that will not disappoint fans of P.D. James's works and the genre in general. It does a commendable job of bringing the spirit of the beloved British detective to the small screen, striking a chord with both, avid readers and series followers alike.

Dalgliesh is a series categorized as a returning series. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 9 episodes, the show debuted on 2021. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.6.

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How can I watch Dalgliesh online? Dalgliesh is available on Acorn TV with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch Dalgliesh on demand at Amazon Prime, Amazon, Apple TV Channels, Apple TV, Vudu online.

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