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Episode 16
George and Fiona confront Big Mac about his plan to change Weld. With Shay going back to school and staying with her father, Katie rents a tiny house-truck, and Poppy's mom comes to visit Woody and Tracey.

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Episode 15
Still upset after her confrontation with Katie, Shay avoids the Turner household. Poppy faces bullying on social media before the school ball, and the election for president of the New Republic of Weld heats up.

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Episode 14
George's in-laws urge him to get involved with the sentencing of the driver who killed Laura, which puts strain on his relationship with Katie. Shay and Siouxsie pick up a handsome Australian hitchhiker.

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Episode 13
George just wants to be left alone, however his plan to get rid of his unwanted guests backfires. Meanwhile, Woody's relationship with Tracey is on the rocks.

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Episode 12
George's concerns about Operation Quickie Divorce are finally realized. Tracy discovers the truth.

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Episode 11
George and Katie plan their first vacation together, but instead of a romantic getaway, they end up on a crowded camping trip in winter. As George competes with Katie's ex, Zac, Shay unexpectedly runs into Ike's new girlfriend.

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Episode 10
George and Katie worry that their new relationship will hurt Fiona's feelings, but Fiona is upset for other reasons. Shay and Siouxsie join the fire-brigade boot camp, and Hannah helps an unwilling Tom with his police physical assessment.

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Episode 9
George becomes invloved with a secret mission regarding Woody's past.

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Episode 8
Monty seeks out George for help writing his best-man speech, prompting George to reminisce about his own wedding day. Ollie's attentions towards Shay take a dangerous turn, while Lindsay grows increasingly jealous about Arlo and Poppy's friendship.

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Episode 7
George relishes his time alone in the house but is dragged out to attend Woody's bachelor party, known by locals as Groom-spiel. Woody is less than enthusiastic about this notorious Weld tradition and asks George to watch out for him, but Monty is eager to take over the best-man duties.

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Episode 6
The Turner home is exploding with houseguests, and George is desperate for solitude, but his plan to evict some of the extra bodies backfires. Woody and Tracey struggle to come to terms, leaving Woody's daughter, Poppy, in a very awkward position.

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Episode 5
George and his cohorts head into the outback to meet with Woody's ex, but Woody ends up getting the shock of his lifetime. Back in Weld, Tracey stumbles upon the truth about Woody's solar conference, while Shay receives unwelcome attention from Ollie.

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Episode 4
George feels a welter of emotions when Ike confesses that Laura appeared to him in a vision when he was lost at sea. As his former love weighs heavily on his mind, George is in no mood to help Woody with his plan to fly to Australia and secretly obtain a divorce.

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Episode 3
George is recruited as a reluctant accomplice in the secret search for Woody's ex-wife. Shay has a very public meltdown after being dumped by Ike, and Katie takes a teaching job at the high school.

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Episode 2
As Jan recuperates at George's house following the birth, George is surprised by how much he enjoys having the babies around. He and the other two prospective fathers take paternity tests and anxiously await the results.

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Episode 1
In the Season 3 premiere, Weld mounts search for Ike, Zac and Steve.

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800 Words is a heartwarming, dramedy television show produced by South Pacific Pictures and Seven Productions and screened on Acorn TV from 2015 until 2018. This Australian-New Zealand co-production, created by James Griffin and Maxine Fleming, dives into the life of newly widowed George Turner, a popular columnist for a top-selling Sydney newspaper, who makes a life-altering decision to shift his life's gears after the death of his beloved wife.

Turner, portrayed by the captivating Erik Thomson, shocks his readers and his almost grown-up children by impulsively buying a house on the Internet without having ever seen it in person. The house is in Weld, a small coastal town in New Zealand, a location filled with quirky characters, stunning landscapes, and a slower pace of life. This spontaneous decision leads to him quitting his job and relocating with his reluctant teenage children, Shay and Arlo, played by the talented Melina Vidler and Benson Jack Anthony, respectively.

As the title suggests, each episode is centered around George Turner struggling to complete his weekly newspaper column of exactly 800 words. However, these are not just any 800 words; each column unfurls the Turner family's ongoing adventures and misadventures as newcomers, providing them with new perspectives on loss, love, and the importance of community - all with a dosing of good-natured humor.

Early in the series, the family quickly realizes that the home they bought online is nothing more than a ramshackle property - a humorous reality check that accurately represents the premise of the show: plans don't always work out, but you can always figure it out somehow. As the Turners clumsily try to fit into their new environment, they have a series of amusing encounters with the townsfolk, which includes surfers, hippies, and healthcare providers who all live in this tight-knit community.

George's journey from a high-paced city journalist to a small-town newspaper columnist provides many of the series' comedic and dramatic moments. The new lifestyle sometimes feels like it's too much for George and his children, who both miss their former city life filled with friends, school, and familiar places. Yet, they persist and gradually get to know their new neighbors and town. The show explores the dynamics of welding together the very different city and small-town ways of living and values.

Through relationships and encounters with the town's colorful inhabitants, the Turners learn to navigate their new life while dealing with their personal loss. Every character they meet is unique and contributes something valuable to the family's experience. However, the show is not just about the Turners. The people of Weld also play a substantial role, and as the series progresses, various storylines involving the local residents begin to develop, demonstrating that every person in the tiny settlement has a story to tell.

Robyn Malcolm, as the town's no-nonsense cafe owner Fiona, Bridie Carter as Jan, the local real estate agent, and Rick Donald as Woody, a local worker turn out to be great supporting characters, adding depth to the storyline.

Despite the humorous undertone throughout, 800 Words is also sometimes a tear-jerker, exploring the theme of grief and how people navigate through it - the challenges faced by George and his children after his wife's sudden passing is a recurring theme. Simultaneously, it folds in romance, family drama, and the occasional surf scene to keep the series light-hearted and engaging.

The cinematography of the series is noteworthy, showcasing New Zealand's beautiful landscape - the serene coastline, picturesque beaches, and lush green environment are a visual treat, making the show more aesthetically appealing. The beautiful soundtracks accompanying the episodes further heighten the emotional ardor.

In summary, 800 Words is a show about adjusting to a new life in a new town, about community bonding, about finding joy in the ordinary, and navigating through grief. It is a celebration of the simple life, emphasizing that sometimes, the best life plan is to have no plan at all.

800 Words is a series categorized as a returning series. Spanning 3 seasons with a total of 40 episodes, the show debuted on 2015. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.0.

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