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The Miracle of Christmas Part II
Chasing the Mothership to Korea in the winter of 1950, our team helps a stranded, pregnant refugee attempt to escape a tragic fate. Stuck with no way out, our team faces its toughest challenge yet, and in the process, come to terms with their feelings for each other.

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The Miracle of Christmas Part I
As Christmas arrives in the Bunker, the Time Team is inspired by a visit from their future selves to find a way to try to save Rufus. But when the Mothership jumps to 1848 California, they're forced to put those plans on hold and chase Rittenhouse back to the Gold Rush, where they encounter one of the era's most dangerous villains.

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When Jiya makes a daring escape from Rittenhouse that strands her in San Francisco's Chinatown in 1888 with no way home, the fractured Time Team goes back to save her in this emotional and action-packed finale that leaves the team questioning everything.

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The General
When the Mothership jumps to South Carolina in 1863, the Time Team partners up with a courageous Union spy and military leader, Harriet Tubman - AKA "The General" - to thwart Rittenhouse's plan to alter the outcome of the Civil War. Back in the present, Rittenhouse hits the team where it hurts the most.

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The Day Reagan Was Shot
The Time Team travels back to 1981 Washington D.C. on the day President Reagan was shot, only to discover that the Sleeper's target isn't the President

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Mrs. Sherlock Holmes
In the bustle of 1919 New York City, suffragette Alice Paul is framed for murder and the Time Team partners up with legendary female crime solver Grace Humiston

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The King of the Delta Blues
When Rufus and Jiya add a fourth seat to the Lifeboat, for the first time ever, Connor Mason joins the team as they travel back to the dusty backroads and smoky juke joints of the Depression-era South to rescue the life and legacy of Robert Johnson

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The Kennedy Curse
When a mission goes awry, Wyatt and Rufus are forced to bring a 17-year-old John F. Kennedy with them to the present.

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The Salem Witch Hunt
While Wyatt sneaks away from the bunker to face an unbelievable truth, Lucy, Rufus and their former enemy-turned- teammate, Garcia Flynn, chase the Mothership to the Salem Witch Trials.

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When a Rittenhouse sleeper agent in 1941 Hollywood steals the only copy of Citizen Kane, Lucy, Wyatt and Rufus team up with Hedy Lamarr to get it back. Hedy Lamarr turns out to be not only a glamorous movie star but also a scientific wizard whose discoveries led to the invention of Wi-Fi.

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The Darlington 500
The Time Team chases Rittenhouse to a stock car race in the 1950s where Wyatt learns that his favorite race car driver is actually a Rittenhouse sleeper agent on a mission to destroy the American car industry. To stop the Rittenhouse plan, Wyatt, Lucy and Rufus team up with Wendell Scott, the first African-American NASCAR driver.

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The War to End All Wars
After barely escaping an explosion at Mason Industries, Wyatt and Rufus chase the Mothership back to a French battlefront during World War 1 to rescue Lucy from Rittenhouse. There, they discover that Lucy has recruited Marie Curie, the famous French scientist and the only person ever to win two Nobel Prizes, to help save the life of a wounded American soldier, only to learn that the soldier is Lucy's own great-grandfather who Rittenhouse is bringing to the present to be their leader.

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Timeless is an intriguing science-fiction television series that aired on NBC from 2016 to 2018. Designed to captivate audiences with a blend of history, action, suspense, and drama, Timeless successfully combines different genres to create a unique viewing experience for the audience.

The premise of Timeless revolves around the daunting mission to protect the past while still safeguarding the future. Central to this mission is a mysteriously constructed time machine invented by Connor Mason, a brilliant scientist and the proprietor of Mason Industries. However, when this highly sophisticated time machine is stolen by a former NSA asset turned rogue, Garcia Flynn, a fascinating series of events is set into motion.

In order to recover the stolen machine and prevent potentially devastating alterations to history, Mason Industries and the government are compelled to form a disparate team which includes three unlikely individuals; Lucy Preston, a history professor, Wyatt Logan, a Delta Force operative, and Rufus Carlin, an ingenious engineer and programmer who initially aided in the construction of the time machine. This implausible but finely blended trio is then thrown into a relentless race through different eras of history, facing the ominous task of thwarting Flynn's malicious intentions without disrupting the timeline themselves.

What makes Timeless an especially interesting watch is the manner in which it exposes its characters and the audience to various historical eras and events throughout the series. The show's narrative is quite innovative in its approach; every episode sees the heroes diving into diverse time periods, each time with an intriguing story to explore, ranging from World War II and the Wild West, to the Hindenburg disaster, the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, and beyond. With this structure, it provides a refreshing mix of thrill and learning, capturing history with an engaging twist.

Lucy Preston, portrayed by Abigail Spencer, leads the series as a strong and intelligent character. Spencer's portrayal of Lucy, a devoted historian grappling with the complicated dynamics of time travel, is one that adds depth to the plot and drives the story forward. Wyatt Logan, played by Matt Lanter, is a dutiful soldier with a troubled past, who injects an element of action and volatility into the series, while Malcolm Barrett’s Rufus adds comic relief and technical expertise to the mix. The dynamic among the three main characters truly aids in creating an engaging narrative as they navigate their way through history.

The series also brings in the concept of Rittenhouse, a sinister secret society that looms large as the puppet master controlling numerous events of history. The involvement of Rittenhouse adds a new dimension to the story and introduces a cerebral aspect to the series, adding layers to the plot and building anticipation for the audience.

While the team travels in their own prototype time machine called the Lifeboat, the narrative grapples with the ethical and philanthropic issues that come with changing history. Meanwhile, each character is allowed to evolve, as journeying through time forces personal growth and reveals inner conflicts.

The visual effects, costumes, and set designs play a pivotal role in creating the authentic atmosphere of the different eras represented in Timeless. This commitment to believability, combined with a strong script and solid performances, has resulted in a rating of 7.7 on IMDb and a dedicated fanbase that still thirsts for more adventures.

With Timeless, viewers witness a cocktail of action, adventure, history, drama, and even a hint of romance all wrapped up in an intense time-travel plot. It's a journey that rescues history from monotony and makes it thrilling, while simultaneously exploring the personal and universal consequences of playing with time. Ultimately, Timeless, with its original concept, is a television series that challenges its viewers, leaving them pondering the importance of time, history, and their own place within it.

Timeless is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 28 episodes, the show debuted on 2016. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.6.

Abigail Spencer, Matt Lanter, Malcolm Barrett
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