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Reality is Twisty Turny
Season 3 finale. Claire and Deanna have to sort out the influences of multiverses. Do they go it alone or try to figure it out together or maybe Karen Carpenter has another option?

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Maybe I Was Wrong
Travis gets whipped, Deanna gets propositioned, Jackie channels Yoda, Susan explains the deadly Dan move, The Grinch visits the Greenroom. Deanna and Claire meet eye to eye or do they?

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Dangerous Women
Deanna & Travis contemplate dangerous women, lizard brains, jealous husbands, and the virtues of google glass.

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The Shadow Knows
"The Shadow Knows" Deanna confronts her shadow. She wants to know how Claire is doing. Deanna is lonely.

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Beginning to End
Claire and Deanna take Jackie's advice. Once again, Deanna and Claire don't seem to be on the same page.

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Great White Buffalo
"Great White Buffalo" has Deanna and Claire searching for their Great White Buffalo. Claire reveals that Karen Carpenter makes her turn to mush or does she?

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She's Not Here
This episode, "She's Not Here" has Deanna working a puzzle, Claire wondering about the future and Jackie is picking up the pieces.

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Who Are You?
Deanna has questions and Karen points to other problems. Eventually, Claire and Deanna get sweaty.

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Saw Someone I Knew
After Claire storms out of "Switzerland", she runs across something that makes her further question her future with Deanna.

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She'll Come Back Around
Deanna and Claire are on a quest to save the world only to be interrupted. The "Switzerland" of Durham holds answers and surprises.

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Frequency is a science fiction drama series that aired on The CW network from 2016 to 2017. Based on the 2000 movie of the same name by Toby Emmerich, this intriguing series offers a unique blend of suspense, mystery, and familial drama that pulls viewers into a captivating narrative webscape.

The story revolves around Raimy Sullivan, a young, ambitious detective in the New York City Police Department, played by Peyton List. Raimy is fundamentally dedicated to her job, primarily due to a deeply personal motive: her father, Frank Sullivan, was an undercover cop who was killed when she was only eight years old. Coloured by rumours and ill-repute that he was a corrupt cop, Raimy has spent her life struggling to reconcile with the tarnished image of her father and nursing a powerful urge to prove her worth by solving the crime by herself.

Raimy's life, however, takes an unexpected, surreal turn when she discovers an old, discarded ham radio in her garage, which mysteriously allows her to communicate with her father in the past. This occurrence is not a figment of her imagination. Frank Sullivan, played by Riley Smith, is very much alive in the year 1996, and though stunned by this strange occurrence, readily engages with Raimy. The main premise of 'Frequency' hence lies in this unique, paradoxical father-daughter relationship that breaches the traditional expectations of time.

Within this extraordinary context, 'Frequency' powerfully explores the concept of time and the potentials of its manipulation. Each conversation between Raimy and Frank significantly impacts the timeline of events, altering past occurrences and whipping up profound changes in the present. Events that once were set in stone are unfurled and re-woven, leading to the creation of entirely new storylines which Raimy must hastily adapt to.

This continuous, direct interaction between past and present gives the series a pulsating momentum. Notably, Raimy’s attempts to utilize the ham radio to save her father from his destined death in the past triggers a tragic "butterfly effect". This series of unforeseen consequences produces ripple effects that creates a chilling suspense and raises the stakes for Raimy, making her quest for truth a race against time.

The dual timeframe narrative of Frequency not only intensifies the suspense, but also adds depth to the characters. It allows for a more multifaceted exploration of dynamics between Frank and Raimy, as well as relationships and encounters with a whole host of diverse characters, such as Raimy's mother, Julie Sullivan, Raimy’s engaged fiance, Daniel Lawrence, and Frank’s former love, Maricella.

Apart from the supernatural communication element, the series is also anchored in solving mysterious murder cases. Raimy and Frank find themselves embroiled in investigating a dangerous serial killer, dubbed the "Nightingale Murderer", whose terrorizing series of killings stretch across decades. As they collate clues from their respective timelines, they get closer to unmasking the ruthless murderer, all while grappling with the perplexing twists and turns that time changes bring about.

Directed by Brad Anderson, 'Frequency' is a show that captivates its audience with an efficiently paced narrative, an absorbing investigation plot, and raw, emotional family dynamics. The supernatural concept is ingeniously woven into the storytelling, without overshadowing the tangible potential realities faced by the characters, making it an out-of-the-box series worth checking out.

Frequency is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 3 seasons with a total of 35 episodes, the show debuted on 2016. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.4.

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Peyton List, Riley Smith, Devin Kelley, Anthony Ruivivar, Mekhi Phifer, Daniel Bonjour, Lenny Jacobson
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