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Lift Me Up
In the series finale, Angie tries to target her mother's illness using radical nanobot technology, but she seeks Scott's help when her mother requests traditional methods. When a graffiti artist with a clotting disorder falls from a bridge, Walter, Malik and Zoe attempt to use suspended animation to stop his internal bleeding.

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I Got This
Talaikha and Malik treat Georgia Ray, James' friend who happens to be a famous pop star, for laryngeal cancer. During explorative surgery, they discover more cancer than expected.

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Touch and Go
James and Zoe treat a teenage girl with a rare skin blistering disorder. Also, as Louis Keating’s GSS condition worsens, James considers using his experimental cure to save him.

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Hero Worship
When a woman arrives at Bunker Hill with a peculiar lung ailment, James feels torn when he makes a connection with other respiratory cases in her area to possible contamination from a microchip factory owned by his hero, tech guru Douglas Prescott (David Paymer).

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When a young man arrives at Bunker Hill damaged by a drug-resistant strain of HIV, James tries a radical anti-viral treatment. Also, Walter has to work fast when his daughter’s best friend develops a deadly flesh-eating bacteria, and James makes an affiliation with Louis Keating’s nurse.

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Around the World in Eight Kidneys
James and the Bunker Hill surgeons attempt to make medical history with the largest chain of internationally paired kidney donations ever, comprised of eight simultaneous organ transplants and 16 surgeries. Also, Zoe and Malik agree to go on a real date.

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A Bunker Hill Christmas
The perspective of a young leukemia patient inspires James to do good; James reveals his feelings for Zoe; the cracks in their long-distance marriage begin to surface when Julianna visits Walter for Christmas.

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Bunker Hill, We Have a Problem
Walter and the Bunker Hill surgeons attempt a revolutionary remote surgery during an emergency on the International Space Station. Also, the team turns to social media to locate the source of an E.

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Fire And Ice
James persuades a hockey player to undergo a risky surgery that could correct his spinal injury and enable him to walk again. Also, James invites Walter’s wife, FDA executive Julianna Wallace, to Bunker Hill in hopes of gaining her approval for a new skin bio-printing trial.

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Not Your Grandmother's Robotic Surgery
When James' beloved elementary school teacher is diagnosed with an aggressive cancer, he is determined to save her with a risky robotic surgery.

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You Must Remember This
When a police officer suffers a brain injury in an automobile accident and loses his ability to remember who he is, James suggests a cutting-edge method to re-code the man's brain to restore the lost memories from his past and of his wife.

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It's Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider Silk Surgery
When a young boy’s legs are crushed after being pinned by a car, Malik insists on using a revolutionary procedure using spider silk to save his limbs, while Zoe is in favor of the safer route of amputation.

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Silicon Valley tech titan James Bell enlists Dr. Walter Wallace, an exceptional veteran surgeon with a controversial past, to run his state-of-the-art hospital with an ultramodern approach to medicine.

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Pure Genius is a riveting and innovative medical drama series that aired on CBS in 2016. It narrates the particularly compelling story of the high-stakes, cutting-edge world of modern medicine by immersing viewers into the lives of talented surgeons, physicians, and medical professionals, who are using technology to transform healthcare. This unique conception of advanced medicinal technologies blends seamlessly with the intensely human stories of patients and their doctors, resulting in a deeply resonating view into the future of healthcare that entertains as much as it inspires.

The story unfolds around the interaction of two primary protagonists - James Bell and Dr. Walter Wallace. Bell, a young and dynamic tech billionaire, is the brain behind Bunker Hill, a state-of-art hospital in Silicon Valley, where the most pioneering innovations in medicine are tested and implemented. James aspires to revolutionize health care, fervently believing that with the right resources, technology, and intellect, medical miracles can be within reach. The character of James Bell showcases a futuristic vision, radical optimism, and undeniable charisma that keeps the audience invested in him.

However, as someone with an internet and tech industry background, Bell understands the transformative power that technology holds, but lacks the depth of medical knowledge and expertise needed to put his ambition into action. To achieve his visionary goals, he convinces Dr. Walter Wallace, a disgraced but brilliant surgeon to join his venture. Wallace, facing career uncertainty following an unsuccessful surgery, is presented with an alluring chance to practice medicine in ways that seemed inconceivable just a few years prior.

Together, they create a team of trailblazing physicians who become the backbone of Bunker Hill. This ensemble includes Zoe (a digital pathologist), Talaikha (a neurosurgeon), Malik (a health optimization specialist), and Angie (a 3D printer technician). Each character brings a certain level of expertise and their unique story, adding more color and depth to the plot.

Throughout the course of the show, it becomes evident that brilliance and innovation often come with complex moral implications. Pure Genius captures the ethical conundrums derived from leveraging technology within the realm of healthcare. Each episode is brimming with emotional highs and lows, intense medical cases, and ethical questions about patient care, privacy and consent, and the limits of medical technology. The medical cases highlighted in the series range from common health disorders to rarest of the maladies, simultaneously managing to keep a harmonic balance between medical drama and character-driven narrative.

What sets Pure Genius apart from traditional medical dramas is its focus on technology. The series explores the application of game-changing biotechnological advancements inside the realm of medicine such as telediagnostics, nanotechnology, robotic surgery, synthetic biology, diagnostic apps, health sensors, and more. While the show gets its fair share of medical drama, it never loses sight of the global implications of implementing these scientifically advanced, innovative solutions to health issues.

This drama is interspersed with personal relationships and dynamics among the Bunker Hill team, exploring the intricacies of their interactions and the pressing tests their friendship and professionalism are subjected to due to the nature of their work. The series does not shy away from highlighting the humanity behind science, revealing the physicians' vulnerable side and their ongoing struggle of handling the weight of the life-or-death decisions they are often pressed with.

The medical drama strikes an ideal balance between thought-provoking intellect and emotional depth. CBS's series takes its audience on a roller-coaster ride of emotions, delighting them with the joy of medical victories, urging them to think with the heavy implications of playing God with technology, and wrenching their hearts with the poignant stories of patients and doctors alike.

In essence, Pure Genius is a fascinating confluence of medical progress and human spirit. It transports viewers into the not-so-distant future of medicine, not only engaging them with the immediate narrative threads of medical cases and personal stories of the characters but also weaving a broader narrative about the ethical challenges and potentiality that lie ahead in the field of medicine and technology.

Pure Genius is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 13 episodes, the show debuted on 2016. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.2.

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