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In the season finale, Julia is incidentally taken hostage by Mexican cartel leader Carlos Mora. Jake and LHL are desperate to ensure her safe return.

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Jake is intent on working all angles of the murder case against Maya Hartman, daughter of disgraced news anchor Dana Hartman. He believes Dana could assist in pleading her daughter's case on LHL, even though Louise hijacked a previous interview and featured a sex tape of Dana with Maya's boyfriend.

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The Burn Book
Former TV news host Dana Hartman seeks help from Julia and Jake after her rebellious daughter becomes a suspect in the murder of her aspiring filmmaker boyfriend.

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After Jake's dramatic arrest on LHL for Sarah's murder, he finds refuge from the paparazzi at Julia's home while Bradley and Ella work to clear his name. Later, Jake discovers a terrible truth and is determined to find the person he now suspects is the real killer.

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Kept and Broken
After his affair with Sarah becomes public, Jake makes a shocking discovery about his former lover and is blindsided by new allegations. Meanwhile, news of a wealthy missing girl influences Julia to undertake a personal search for a lesser-known victim whose life is threatened.

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Jake and Julia search for the biological parents of an unborn baby. Meanwhile, Julia is concerned that a searing LHL interview triggered a horrific incident; and Oscar learns the details of Sarah and Jake's affair.

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Tell Me a Secret
After Megan provides Julia with breaking news about a murdered college football player, a young man is accused of killing the student via an app which allows users to broadcast anonymous messages. Jake decides to take on the case once he learns the suspect is the son of a high school friend.

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Friends And Other Strangers
When a beloved rock star/humanitarian falls into a coma, Julia sacrifices her job to air footage of him taking advantage of a woman backstage at one of his concerts.

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The Perp Walk
With Sarah's funeral looming, Jake's feelings may interfere with his ability to defend and protect an out-of-control Oscar from the press. Julia wants to locate Sarah's brother and only living family, to give Sarah a voice as well as to get an exclusive scoop on an alleged family argument.

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In the series premiere, a TV producer discovers that a billionaire playboy and Internet mogul may be responsible for a hit-and-run, and she presses the tycoon's high-powered attorney to divulge details.

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Notorious is a gripping and dramatic American television series that aired on the ABC network in 2016. This groundbreaking series combined elements of crime, court drama, media influence and personal relationships, creating a compelling and complex narrative. It's not just a crime drama or a legal thriller, Notorious pushes the boundaries to give viewers a unique experience that stands on its own. The show is based on the real-life criminal defense attorney Mark Geragos and Larry King Live news producer Wendy Walker, revealing the interplay of criminal law and the media.

The main characters of the series are Julia George, a powerful TV news producer of the popular show "Louise Herrick Live" (LHL), embodied by Piper Perabo and Jake Gregorian, a charismatic and top-notch defense attorney, played by Daniel Sunjata. Their characters represent Walker and Geragos’s professional personas, creating an authentic depiction of their significant roles.

The narrative revolves around the fast-paced, high-stakes world of these two professionals, showing how they attempt to control the narrative in their respective fields. Julia manipulates and manages headlines to develop gripping television, while Jake uses media to sway public opinion and aid his cases. The personal bond between Julia and Jake creates an undercurrent of friendship and mutual respect, seamlessly blended with underlying sexual tension that adds another layer of intrigue.

Notorious uniquely delves into each case and its media spin, exploring how a news story is created, affected by, and doesn't always reflect the reality of the court case behind it. The series provides a captivating and thought-provoking look at the way media shapes public perception and the impact it has on criminal justice, moving away from typical courtroom drama to focus on the relationship between media and the judicial system.

The show also includes multifaceted supporting characters who add to the realism and depth of the narrative. There's Louise Herrick, the show hostess and TV star, played by Kate Jennings Grant, who is addicted to limelight and fame. Ella Benjamin, a bright and ambitious law associate, portrayed by Aimee Teegarden, and Bradley Gregorian portrayed by J. August Richards, Jake's brother and law firm co-owner, amongst others. Each contributing their own elements to the show, whether it is comic relief, additional drama or heartfelt moments.

The series is designed for viewers who appreciate intense court mysteries and suspicions but also with a unique slant on how they're presented to the world. The storylines are intricate and engaging, each leading the viewer through a series of twists and turns. Cleverly woven plotlines reveal how information is manipulated, how much show business is involved in reporting, and how the court system has its intrigues too.

The showrunner, Josh Berman, and Allie Hagan, the creator, impressively blend glamour, conspiracy, and scandal into each episode, delivering high-stakes drama from multiple angles. Notorious intertwines the realms of law and journalism in a symbiotic relationship that's rarely explored in such detail on television. It hooks viewers with its suspenseful plot twists while also giving them a thrilling exploration into the power dynamics between the courtroom and the newsroom.

The presentation of the series is slick and polished, with high-quality production values evident in every episode. Notorious manages to offer a realistic, albeit dramatized backdrop of the bustling rhythm of the newsroom, as well as the tense atmosphere of the courtroom. The sets, including the newsroom and law office, are convincingly authentic, replete with minute details.

With stellar performances by the entire cast, Notorious is a riveting exploration of how media and law intertwine to shape and structure the narratives we consume from day to day. It's an enthralling drama that blends behind-the-scenes media manipulation with courtroom theatrics, offering viewers a dynamic, thought-provoking, and exciting television experience. The characters are captivating, the scripts smart and the narrative engaging, making it a must-watch for fans of drama series with a novel twist. Although only one season of Notorious was aired, it has packed a powerful punch in the world of television dramas.

Notorious is a series categorized as a canceled/ended. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 10 episodes, the show debuted on 2016. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.6.

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