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As You Make Your Bed, So You Must Lie On It
The mood darkens at the station house as two Internal Affairs officers start snooping around, trying to investigate Candice. But the team unites behind her, and she and Antoine grow closer than ever.

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As You Sow, So You Shall Reap
The unit are called to an aviation school when one of the instructors turns up dead inside a mock-up of a Boeing 747. Antoine's memory begins to return, but Candice continues to deal with the trauma of her abduction.

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Birds of a Feather Flock Together: Part 2
While Candice is being held hostage along with a kidnapped 10-year-old, the team works day and night to get to the bottom of her strange disappearance and find her.

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Birds of a Feather Flock Together: Part 1
As the entire unit attends a day of training on "procedural portfolio management," Candice has to leave after she gets a text message from her daughter asking for her help. Concern for their boss mounts when she fails to return.

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Let the Chips Fall Where They May
When a video-games fanatic is killed in his bedroom while his mother is home, she becomes the prime suspect. Antoine gets himself into a mess and needs Candice to get him out of it.

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Good Things Come to Those Who Wait
The team seeks answers among the local immigrant community after a young man is strangled to death. As Candice makes an effort to move on from Antoine, she finds things heating up with a charming fireman.

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What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger
A paraplegic man is found dead in bed, his legs covered in puncture marks. Was he killed by his wife, her lover, or his sex aide?

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Plenty Is No Plague
Candice finds out Antoine has been investigating the disappearance of a childhood friend who has not been seen for three days. As the team looks into the trafficking of electronic waste, they end up face-to-face with the missing man's "patients.

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Fire Often Slumbers Beneath the Ashes
A body is spotted beneath a bridge, sparking a tense investigation involving victims of a nightclub fire. Meanwhile, Candice and Antoine deal with the fallout of his memory loss on their romantic relationships, and new member Ismael joins the team.

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Don't Let the Cat Out of the Bag
A woman's body is found in her home with her head bashed in, her purse gone, and other signs of a break-in. After learning there had been a dispute over the house, Candice realizes the victim may not be who she thought.

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Candice Renoir is a captivating French television series that centers on the life of the titular character, a woman who must juggle her demanding professional role while simultaneously managing a chaotic personal life. Premiering in 2013, this production, available on Acorn TV, enjoys rampant popularity, hooking viewers with its unique combination of crime-solving and family drama, placed against the breezy backdrop of seaside France. The charismatic and compelling Candice Renoir, played by Cecile Bois, is a commandant in the South of France's criminal investigation department. After taking a ten-year hiatus to raise her four children and support her husband's career, Candice returns to Selene, her old job, where she must quickly adjust to the changing dynamics of working in a predominantly male environment and familiarize herself with evolving criminal investigation techniques. Her superior, Commandant Canovas, played by Raphael Lenglet, is initially skeptical but grows to respect her work. Candice Renoir is a show that excels in presenting a balance between Candice’s professional and private life, drawing watchers into her world as the story unfolds. Despite her bubbly, seemingly naive exterior, Candice is a skilled investigator, applying common sense and a woman's intuition to her caseload. Each episode introduces a new case for Candice and her team to crack, ranging from murder and kidnapping to white-collar crimes, fueling the suspense and intrigue. The show also explores themes of teamwork, respect, sexism, and the struggle to balance personal life with work commitments. In terms of her personal life, Candice has more than her fair share of challenges. She has recently separated from her unfaithful husband, with whom she shares the custody of their four children, who each have their unique personalities and individual issues. Candice's life doesn't slow down outside the office – she is continually dealing with the trials and tribulations that come with parenthood and co-parenting, and at times, it seems her role as a mother is just as challenging as her role as a police officer. Striking a balance between crime episodes and domestic tales, Candice Renoir nicely illustrates how personal experiences can aid in professional scenarios. Candice employs her observations of human nature, her knowledge gained through raising children, and even household tricks in solving the complex cases that cross her desk, confounding her sceptical colleagues. Despite the occasional brickbats from her team, Candice doesn’t step back - and her fresh perspective on various cases indeed pays off, wrong-footing her doubters with her surprisingly successful results. Overall, this television series is a refreshing change from the stereotypically grim detective shows, providing light-hearted facets to sustain the attention of its audience. Candice Renoir is a delightful concoction of subtle humor, charming scenery, interesting casework, and rich character development. The series highlights the beautiful coastal town of Sete in the South of France, the breezy seaside scenery providing an oddly calming backdrop to the often intense police work featured in the show. Making the sequences more interesting are the historical and literary quotes that Candice often uses to explain her theories during investigations, incorporating a sense of intellectual appeal to the show. This attribute, coupled with her unique yet effective analytical skills, creates a distinct charisma for Candice that resonates with the audience. They can't help but root for this underdog heroine, who consistently manages to prove her doubters wrong with her persistent ingenuity. In conclusion, Candice Renoir is not just a detective drama about solving crimes. It is an exploration of the challenges faced by a woman who is caught between managing her career and meeting the demands of her personal life. Candice is incredibly real and relatable - her experiences resonate with viewers, making the series a must-watch. From its scenic backdrop to the well-rounded characters, engrossing plotlines, and clever twists, Candice Renoir attracts a broad range of audience, promising a delightful viewing experience.

Candice Renoir is a series categorized as a . Spanning 8 seasons with a total of 78 episodes, the show debuted on 2013. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.6.

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