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Kolkata Chalo
Even as Eken Babu gets closer to solving the mystery, he still struggles to put an end. find the truth before he leaves Dhaka?

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Highly Suspicious
Eken Babu gets attacked by goons at a cafe in Dhaka! Will he be able to fight them off and find a cause for the un natural death?

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No one believes that Masud's death is an unnatural one. But how do Bapi and Pramatha gradually join Eken Babu's investigations?

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Mrityu Mystery
Bapi and Pramatha discourage Eken Babu to stop investigating Masud's sudden death. Will he listen to his friends - or will he continue his quest for truth?

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Destination Dhaka
Eken Babu is in Dhaka to attend a literary meet. Will he smell something fishy when a man dies of a heart attack at a party?

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Eken Babu is a Bengali web series streaming on the popular OTT platform Hoichoi, which showcases an array of unique regional content. The series premiered in 2017 and has enjoyed multiple seasons of successful run. The show is based on the popular detective fiction character of the same name, created by author Sujan Dasgupta. The title character, Eken Babu, dismisses traditional detective stereotypes with his unassuming and comically simplistic appearance. Portrayed by the talented actor Anirban Chakrabarti, Eken Babu doesn’t possess the suave and polished demeanor typical of fictional sleuths. Rather, he greets the viewers with a protruding belly, a receding hairline, and an ever-present charming smile that endears him to the audience. His look is completed with a pair of thick-framed glasses and his iconic tote bag, which seems to hold an assortment of unlikely detective tools. Eken Babu's detective style is unorthodox yet effective, and he firmly believes in the power of observation and deduction rather than the high-tech gadgetry or physical prowess associated with other famous detective figures. His quirky mannerisms and unshakeable confidence in his investigative abilities make him a fascinating character to watch. Despite being the source of comic relief, his keen detective mind is sharp and often catches the minute details others overlook, solving mysteries with a blend of humor and intellect. Each season of Eken Babu takes viewers to a different locale, with the detective inadvertently finding himself at the center of a mystery that needs his unique touch to be solved. From the locality of his residence in Bangalore to the winding lanes of Kolkata or the serene hills of North Bengal, Eken Babu's adventures offer a mix of intriguing plotlines and a glimpse into various cultural backdrops. It is not just the mysteries that captivate viewers; it is also the show's ability to weave cultural and social narratives into its storylines, making it relatable and offering a slice of life along with puzzling dilemmas for the detective to unravel. The series skillfully combines murder mysteries with the lighter sides of drama and comedy. This helps to maintain a balance that caters to audiences looking for intellectual stimulation as well as those who want to indulge in light-hearted entertainment. The engrossing storylines involve a motley crew of characters, each contributing to the plot's depth and further complicating the conflicts with their personal agendas and secrets. At its core, the show relishes in a human-centric approach to detective fiction. Unlike the sweeping epics of crime that dominate the genre, Eken Babu thrives on the simple connections between everyday people and the detective. Every character he encounters has a story, and their intersections with Eken Babu are portrayed with an almost familial warmth and connection. It is this intrinsic human element that makes each of Eken Babu's case-solving journeys deeply engaging. The supporting cast of Eken Babu adds to the richness of the show. The dynamic between Eken and the assortment of characters he meets adds layers to the storyline. These characters include his friends, unwitting accomplices, suspects, and at times individuals who are not what they seem. Their interactions with Eken and the ways in which they contribute to or complicate the plots are pivotal to the show's development. Eken Babu is a refreshing take on the detective genre that capitalizes on its lead character's unique charisma and intellect. In a climate saturated with dark, gritty crime stories, Eken Babu's charm lies in its ability to remain light-hearted and accessible while keeping viewers intrigued with its well-crafted mysteries. It is a palette cleanser that dazzles with its simplicity and charm while offering engaging detective stories. Behind the engaging stories and endearing protagonist, the show's production values hold strong. The cinematography captures the vibrancy of Bengali culture, using the locations as almost an additional character that adds ambiance to Eken's investigations. The soundtrack, though subtle, complements the mood of the series. It accents the cultural undertones and the narrative rhythm without ever overpowering the scene. In essence, Eken Babu is a show that challenges convention and proves that you don't need the trappings of a hard-boiled detective to engage an audience in a whirlwind of mystery and comedy. It is a series that has captured the heart of the Bengali audience and beyond, steadily growing its fanbase with every case Eken Babu jovially solves, solidifying its place in the pantheon of Indian web series as a uniquely delightful watch.

Eken Babu is a series categorized as a . Spanning 3 seasons with a total of 21 episodes, the show debuted on 2018. The series has earned a no reviews from both critics and viewers..

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