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Danger Close
SEALs hold their ground as their enemies close in.

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The Reckoning
The team finds themselves surrounded by the enemy as they go deeper into hiding.

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Scorpions in a Bottle
Graves embraces his dark side; Michael must prove his loyalty; Gina faces judgement.

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The situation turns deadly when a firefight breaks out in the isolated village where the Navy SEALs are hiding; out of options, Gina makes a decision that will change the course of the mission.

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Indian Country
The SEALs are put to the test when they are ordered to orchestrate a prisoner exchange in Chechnya.

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SEALs are sent to retrieve hostages. The Prince makes Gina and Michael an offer they can't refuse. Caulder starts rehabilitation for a combat injury and meets a kindred spirit.

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Gina gives Michael one last shot to give up information on his connection with the Prince; Jackie goes to desperate measures to protect her family; a high-powered ambassador is taken hostage.

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With new intel from Gina, the SEALs head out to Bosnia in the next step on their mission to capture or kill the Prince, the mastermind behind the attack on Rip.

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In Rip's absence, Graves and Ortiz clash over the direction of the team; Gina's interrogation of Michael turns personal; the SEALs get to know their extreme new team member, Trevor.

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In the wake of Rip's shooting, Graves and the SEALs plan their payback; Michael lands in CIA custody at a black site; CIA agent Gina Cline pools her resources to find the mastermind behind the attack.

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Mission Debrief
In a recap special looking back on season 1 of SIX, Bear and Chase discuss Rip's time as Team Leader, telling us everything there is to know about the man Seal Team Six risked their lives to save.

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Six is an American military drama series developed by William and David Broyles. It aired on the History Channel from 2017 up to 2018 and was inspired by real-life operations conducted by the U.S. Navy's special operations force, the SEAL Team Six, whose mission goes beyond classified military activity and expands into a complicated nexus of loyalty, trust, and brotherhood.

Six takes its viewers into the heart of a covert brotherhood of an elite group of Navy SEALs who live their professional lives on the edge, always prepared to engage in dangerous missions and operations to maintain peace and security. The ensemble cast presents a diverse group of actors who masterfully convey the image of hardened military professionals dedicated to their mission. The intricate relationships between these team members serve as a compelling backdrop to the main plot.

The first season unravels the narrative of former SEAL Team Six leader Richard "Rip" Taggart portrayed by Walton Goggins, who, two years post his service, has been captured by the Islamist extremist group, Boko Haram, in Nigeria while subcontracting for a private security firm. Upon the knowledge of his capture, the SEAL Team Six, his former brothers, spring into action to save one of their own.

As the story progresses through its two-season run, the series explores contemporary military action as well as a layered, character-driven study of the soldiers' personal lives where each member is shown dealing with private issues mirroring the high-stress scenarios they encounter on the field. Six gives us comprehensive characters initiating philosophical deliberations about valor, service, and morality against a backdrop of relentless violence. We see them face dilemmas that question their deeply ingrained beliefs, making the show a cautionary tale about the real costs of war and the havoc it can wreak on the human soul.

The series effectively represents the psyche of the men under the hardened military exterior by offering a revealing look at the tolls taken on the elite warriors and the pressures endured by their families back home. Dual narrative tracks present both the suspenseful, high-stakes mission overseas and heartrending householder events, offering viewers a full spectrum of the lives of these men.

'Six' also notably doesn't shy away from social and political issues, skillfully embedding political discussions and social critiques into its narrative, contemplating themes of patriotism, terrorism, ethics in modern warfare, PTSD, and the soldier-civilian divide. Despite its tactical action sequences, it’s not just a war show, but it prompts thoughts, opens discussions, and challenges preconceptions.

Additionally, the series offers a wealth of technical detail about the strategies and equipment used in modern warfare. The military jargon, mission planning against the clock, and intense tactical operations feel hyper-realistic, immersing the viewer in the world of military operations. Yet, alongside tactical precision, it also explores the moral ambiguity that cloaks each mission.

Though 'Six' is intense and often grim, the performances and the authentic ruthless and raw portrayal of contemporary warfare make it gripping, ensuring audiences are drawn in from the first episode. Coupled with excellent writing, the series offers a genuine narrative about the warrior’s life on the battlefield and beyond. It is a dramatic journey that tests limits, explores resilience, and examines the high price of heroism.

In conclusion, 'Six' comprehensively portrays not just the SEAL team members' bravely patriotic side, but also the effects of a high-stakes military lifestyle on their personal lives and relationships. With its unflinching realism, action, intensity, and deeply personal storytelling, the TV show becomes an intriguing watch for fans of military dramas and character-driven narratives alike.

Six is a series categorized as a canceled/ended. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 21 episodes, the show debuted on 2017. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.2.

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