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Elegy Part: 2
Kyle, Tommy and Rebecca must rescue Frank when he goes on a rogue mission to Mexico to locate intel linked to the murder of Kyle's father.

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Elegy Part: 1
Kyle's trust in Frank is shattered when he learns that Frank has been lying to him about the circumstances surrounding his father's death.

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Tunnel Vision
The hunt for a suspected terrorist takes an emotional toll on Kyle who is convinced that he encountered the suspect during his service in Afghanistan.

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Frank and Holly's worlds crash together when a bunch of her call girls disappear, prompting the SIS to examine an eccentric, reclusive Hollywood producer.

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Bad Day At Aqua Mesa
Frank and Kyle pursue justice for a community organizer who is unintentionally killed in a gang-related shooting.

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Blurred Lines
The search for a father-and-son crime pair gets personal for Frank, who must confront the parallels between the pair and his own experiences as the child of an outlaw.

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Quid Pro Quo
Kyle's morals are tried when Frank involves him in a plot to pull down a criminal defense attorney who has been helping his clients get rid of witnesses.

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An investigation into weapons trafficking hits too close to home for Tommy when an old friend becomes connected to the case. Also, Lockhart demands to see results from Kyle's investigation into Frank's actions, leading Frank to make a stunning revelation.

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Wages Of Sin
Deputy Chief Lockhart opens an internal investigation into a past shooting, which would have major consequences for Frank.

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Code Of Honor
When Frank's longtime friend and informant is murdered by Yakuza assassins, his thirst for revenge places him and Kyle in conflict with an FBI agent whose operation against the Yakuza is threatened by Frank's actions.

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Trigger Time
The feud between Kyle and Frank intensifies when Kyle refuses to adhere to one of Frank's morally ambivalent rules.

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Kyle grows concerned that Frank's rogue tactics will put a kidnapped girl's life at even greater risk after a former member of Muammar Gaddafi's Amazonian Guard becomes involved in the deal and ups the stakes for the girl's return.

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Apocalypse Now
In the series premiere, squeaky clean cop Kyle Craig poses as Detective Frank Rourke's trainee when the detective raises the suspicion of LAPD brass for his off-the-book methods.

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Training Day is an American crime-thriller television series, conceptualized as a reimagining of the original 2001 film sharing the same name. Inspired by the critically acclaimed film directed by Antoine Fuqua, this television series marks the film's transition onto the small screen - while continuing to provide viewers with an intense depiction of the lives of officers of the law. The series aired on CBS in 2017 and was produced by Jerry Bruckheimer Television, Fuqua Films, DC Entertainment, and Warner Bros. Television.

The series unfolds on the gritty Los Angeles streets that continue to be haunted by crime. It captures the dynamic between two police officers, where one is a seasoned, battle-hardened veteran while the other is a young, morally upright rookie. The intense exchanges, inevitable differences in opinions, and the power struggle within their partnership make up the core of the narrative.

One of the two primary characters is a brash, rebellious, but highly effective Detective Frank Rourke, played by the late Bill Paxton in his final TV role. Rourke embodies the old-school style of policing, firmly believing in his own brand of justice and not always sticking to conventional methods of the law enforcement system. He is the head of a specialized team - the Special Investigation Section, that battles the most dangerous crime elements of Los Angeles.

On the other side of the partnership, there’s Kyle Craig, portrayed by Justin Cornwell, a principled officer adeptly navigating through the complex city law system. Craig - an idealistic 'rookie' - gets assigned to Rourke's unit to act as a supervisor sent by the higher-ups wary of Rourke's unconventional methods, thus setting up an interesting dynamic in their interaction, which highlights the age-old debate of ends justifying the means.

Theirs is a complicated relationship, a blend of professional power struggle and personal bonding. Opposing viewpoints often lead to conflicts, but at the same time, the rookie’s keen observation skills and sense of justice challenge the seasoned officer to reassess his methods. As the story progresses, viewers are taken on a riveting journey that delves deep into these officers' lives, revealing their struggles, triumphs, and the heavy gray areas of enforcing the law.

Training Day features an ensemble cast comprising Katrine De Candole, Julie Benz, Christina Vidal, Drew Van Acker, and Marianne Jean-Baptiste, among others, creating a varied set of characters that add layers to the narrative and keep it diverse.

The series captures the teeming underbelly of the City of Angels, exposing viewers to the realities of life in law enforcement and the harsh brutalities that officers sometimes encounter. Its high-paced narrative combined with the twists and turns of Los Angeles crime stories can make viewers sit on the edge of their seats.

As Training Day progresses, it explores how these two cops begin influencing each other. As they confront the city's dangers and moral ambiguities, they take steps towards the middle from their separate ends, realizing that several truths lie somewhere in the nuanced gray areas.

Balanced between hard-hitting action and thoughtful analysis of law enforcement's shades of gray, Training Day offers something intriguing for hardcore action-enthusiasts and procedural drama fans alike. It’s almost like an exploration of police psychology, examining how their personal codes of justice can skew depending on their experiences.

Training Day is not just a series about the chase and capture of criminals. It is a show that underscores the cost of justice, humanizes the policemen, and unravels the city's grim reality. Although it only ran for one season, the show's unique perspective on law enforcement and its morally complex characters make it a notable entry in the crime-drama genre. As it grips viewers’ attention, it also subtly highlights lessons on justice, morality, and personal growth. It’s a series that asks its viewers to question, understand, and explore the many facets of law enforcement and human nature.

Training Day is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 13 episodes, the show debuted on 2017. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.1.

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