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The Return
After the jury delivers their verdict in Billy's trial, Sadie learns he has a secret that might have impacted his case. Also, Billy uses a favor owed to his family by the governor and gets Carolyn released from prison, and Nick is charged with the murder and Isaiah and the firm rally around him to get him released.

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Running Out of Time
Sadie gives her closing argument in Billy's trial and the jury begins deliberating. Also, Sadie learns about Carolyn's cancer diagnosis, and Tiffany and Cameron defend a woman who murdered her best friend while allegedly sleepwalking.

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I'm In If You Are
Billy upends his case when he chooses to go against the advice of Sadie and Albert and decides to testify in his trial. Also, Cam must decide if she will forgive Peter, and Nick and Tiffany defend a former prison friend of Nick's.

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With opening statements looming in Billy's trial, Albert and Sadie struggle to rebuild broken trust and do their best for Billy as the prosecution lays out a devastating case. Also, Peter and Cam face the first crisis of their budding relationship when Peter considers a run for District Attorney.

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To See, to Tell
Albert discovers the truth about Sadie and Billy's relationship and fears Sadie's judgement has been compromised; Cam and Nick defend a client accused of conspiracy to commit kidnapping; Isaiah takes a break from the firm.

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Top Dog / Underdog
Sadie testifies at Carolyn's parole hearing on her fitness as a mother; a man from Carolyn's past resurfaces; Nick's first case is against the district attorney who put him in prison.

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Where Do We Go from Here?
The firm reviews Billy's sister's old therapy session tapes for clues in the murder case against him.

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Amidst prep for Billy's trial, Isaiah goes with Sadie to visit her mother in prison; Albert and Cameron defend a transwoman who was arrested for stabbing a famous baseball player; Cameron gives into her feelings for Peter.

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Not A Word
The DNA results in Billy's case come back; Albert is tormented by Rodney Hill, one of his clients; Cameron represents a woman who was issued a cease and desist order for publicly shaming her rapist.

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Clean Burn
Sadie interviews Billy's ex-classmates in hopes of finding a key piece of evidence and defends her childhood best friend in a probation violation case; Albert's unpredictable father visits; Isaiah faces off in court against his former law partner.

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Poison Prize
Sadie confronts Billy about new evidence in the case against him, and his explanation disappoints her. Meanwhile, a piece of evidence surfaces and it could expose a massive scandal, and Cameron and Tiffany defend a psychic accused of grand larceny.

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Then and Now
Sadie is determined to keep her relationship with Billy strictly professional while working a case involving one of Isaiah's oldest friends.

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In the series premiere, successful defense lawyer, Sadie Ellis, develops feelings for her charismatic client, Billy Brennan, who may or may not be guilty of a brutal crime.

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Doubt is a captivating television series that first premiered on CBS in 2017. Developed by Tony Phelan and Joan Rater, the show is a deft blend of legal drama and interpersonal dynamics, inviting audiences into a world of courtroom battles, client controversies, and the complex personal lives of a passionate group of lawyers. The drama's central premise is predicated on the exploration of moral and ethical conflicts that arise when duty to your job and personal feelings collide, building an engaging narrative filled with suspense, emotion, and of course, doubt.

Set against the backdrop of a successful law firm in New York City, Doubt introduces us to Sadie Ellis (Katherine Heigl), a brilliant and highly skilled defense lawyer whose life takes a turbulent turn when she becomes emotionally involved with one of her charismatic clients, Billy Brennan, played by Steven Pasquale. Billy is charged with a high-profile murder dating back 24 years. Sadie must balance her professional responsibilities and hidden affection as she strives to prove Billy's innocence.

Doubt offers a fresh perspective on the conventional law drama genre by providing a glimpse into the personal life of a defense attorney and the emotional struggles they face defending clients who may or may not be guilty. This approach showcases the toll such a career can take on personal relationships and decisions and draws audiences in using the multifaceted relationship between Sadie Ellis and Billy Brennan as fuel for tension and intrigue.

Dule Hill also stars in Doubt as Albert Cobb, Sadie's law partner and close friend. Hill's character provides a stabilizing element in the tumultuous life of Sadie, offering advice and oft-needed doses of reality. The chemistry between the characters is well-built and multi-layered, and their interactions frequently bring both warmth and intensity to the narrative.

In addition to the main story arc about Sadie and her potentially guilty client-turned-love interest, Doubt also provides ample attention to its supporting characters, each carrying their storylines and subplots that add greater depth to the series. Viewers are introduced to Cameron Wirth, a transgender lawyer at the firm played by Laverne Cox, whose presence in the series adds a unique and powerful perspective on diversity and representation within the legal profession. The series also delves into the personal lives of other attorneys at the firm, portraying their struggles to maintain the precarious balance between their personal lives and their passionate commitment to law and justice.

The legal cases featured in Doubt are equally as engrossing as its characters, examining a myriad of social issues and moral dilemmas. Each episode delivers a new case, with the firm's lawyers challenged to navigate conflicts involving everything from constitutional rights and domestic violence to corporate misconduct and racial prejudice. These cases are not only gripping in their complexity but also highlight how the seemingly careful application of law can blur lines, incite tension, and force its characters into morally gray areas.

Above all, Doubt stands out for the questions it raises about judgment, ethics, and the nature of the truth. It invites viewers to challenge their preconceptions about guilt, innocence, and the justice system, presenting its narrative through a prism of human fallibility and the uncertainty that comes with personal attachment.

Stunningly cast and well-executed, Doubt is packed with strong performances from its lead and supporting characters, infusing the series with authenticity and dramatic intensity. Heigl shines in her role as Sadie, giving the character depth and complexity while portraying the ensuing conflict between individual feelings and professional constraints convincingly.

Although the series lasted for only a single season, Doubt commands attention with its unique blend of compelling character dynamics, thought-provoking narratives, and multi-faceted exploration of the American legal system. This is a drama that genuinely understands its genre but is not afraid to tread new ground, making it a must-watch for fans of legal dramas and character-driven storytelling. With Doubt, CBS presents an intriguing exploration of the law's intersection with personal beliefs, morality, and the ever-present factor of human fallibility.

Doubt is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 13 episodes, the show debuted on 2017. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 5.9.

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