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Episode 10
Two teams endured a 10 day road trip like no other, meeting their biological family across the country. Now, they've earned the right to compete for the grand prize of $50,000 in Prescott AZ at a culinary cooking ranch.

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Episode 9
The twins use their golden ticket to finish the quest to find their biological father. Stephen sees his paternal name on a mailbox and receives a warm welcome into a new family.

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Episode 8
The lineup for a Day 10 showdown begins to take shape. Team Red uses their golden ticket to meet one more relative.

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Episode 7
Team Black makes a critical navigation mistake that could cost them. The teams break out their artistic talents to paint their way out of a corner.

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Episode 6
The texting game between the teams ratchets up as the grand prize draws near. A sudoku type challenge has the teams counting and second guessing their math skills.

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Episode 5
The tide turns and the tensions heat up for Team Green on the road. A difficult challenge has the teams scooping and hooping their way against the clock.

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Episode 4
Team Green’s string of 1st place victories becomes a concerning pattern. The twins melt down in the car trying to get out of town.

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Episode 3
Team Black battles snow and altitude sickness on the road. Yet another penalty from Team Green stings the rest of field during their drive.

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Episode 2
A first place victory allows Team Green to dish out a costly penalty to another team. The teams stare each other down in a slingshot challenge that has them aiming and hitting each other!

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Episode 1
new teams set out from Music City USA- Nashville TN in search of family. A food theme has the teams smashing and slurping their way to victory in a smoothie contest.

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Relative Race is an original unscripted series launched by BYUtv in 2016. This intriguing real-life family history discovery based show meshes together the fun competition of reality television with the warm sentiment of personal ancestry exploration. The fascinating concept of the show revolves around four participatory teams. Each team of two, made up of married couples, siblings, or parent and child duos, embarks on a ten-day road-trip journey across the United States, aiming to discover unknown relatives they have never met before, aided by their DNA.

The unique format of this show is as engaging as it is heartwarming. The four teams are provided with an old-fashioned car, without GPS or internet, and a flip phone that has been stripped of its capabilities to access the internet or use map applications. This lends an added layer of adventure and novelty to the journey, as teams must navigate their ways to their designated cities using only paper maps and address lists. This also induces an element of suspense, with the added race against the clock.

With a firm set of rules and a towering stake, this show combines the thrill of competition with the joy of family discovery. Each morning, the teams receive a clue leading them to a city where they have to locate a relative identified by DNA matching. Once they’ve found that relative, they complete a local, city-specific challenge. The last team to finish and meet the relative faces a strike. After three strikes, the team is eliminated from the race. The final and surviving team stands to bag a grand prize of $50,000 at the end of ten days.

But the intrinsic value of the show lies not in the exciting competition or the grand prize. It is in the emotional stories it unravels day after day. The personal connections that are discovered, the concealed family histories that unfold, the raw emotions that surface, and the heartfelt stories that inevitably lead to emotional reunions make this television show stand out in the reality TV genre. It is not uncommon for viewers to tear up as they watch the contestants meet and embrace family members they didn't even know existed.

Each episode is a unique experience of deep emotions and a thrilling chase where contestants get to know themselves better while unfolding layers of their genealogical heritage. The contestants' journey traverses a spectrum of emotions - from excitement to anticipation, from anxiety to pure joy, stirring an array of emotions in viewers as well. The touching reunions, laced with stories of ancestry and heritage, often give contestants much-needed insight into themselves and their roots.

Relative Race exemplifies the concept of family in the truest sense. The show endeavors to emphasize that family is not just about blood relations or shared DNA but also about the connections, bonds, and memories that individuals build and cherish. It shows how millions of distinct stories can intertwine to shape a family tree and how these stories continue to impact succeeding generations.

The show's unique premise and gripping style have contributed to Relative Race becoming a fan favorite. With each passing season, it continues to grow, bringing feelings and narratives from all walks of life together. The show strikingly showcases the power of family ties and the significance of knowing one's roots.

To sum up, Relative Race is an emotionally charged journey that combines reality competition with personal discovery. With the perfect mix of high stakes race and beautiful human connection, the show keeps the audience constantly invested in the contestants' journey, their discoveries, their joys, and their trials. It’s a dramatic, emotional roller-coaster ride that makes the audience think about their own families and unravel lineage stories, celebrating their ancestry. It moves past the conventional confines of a reality television show and embraces a deeper exploration of humanity, connection, and identity.

Relative Race is a series categorized as a returning series. Spanning 11 seasons with a total of 111 episodes, the show debuted on 2016. The series has earned a outstanding reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 9.3.

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How can I watch Relative Race online? Relative Race is available on BYUtv with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch Relative Race on demand at BYUtv online.

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