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In the season finale, when Gideon is accused of recent terrorist attacks, he and Captain Conrad race to find the real culprit.

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Pandora's Box
Gideon's life is jeopardized, so Conrad sends him home to get some distance from District 13. When the men after Gideon locate him, Murphy and Gideon hide in his unknown lab, where they get stuck.

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Strange Bedfellows
When a serial rapist is out there somewhere, Captain Conrad directs Gideon and Murphy to locate the criminal before there are any more victims.

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Last Train To Europa
An FBI agent requests Murphy's assistance when he find out his informant's life might be in danger. Gideon not only helps Murphy with the investigation, but makes a choice that could make or break his business.

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Fueling Fires
After another fire starts at one of the gang-run buildings, Murphy and Gideon learn that the cause is a lot worse than an act of gang revenge.

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Risky Business
When Murphy and Ada team up to help solve a murder, they discover that the killer's next target is Gideon. After learning his safety's at risk during his company's huge technology convention, they utilize a high-tech scanning system to try and track down the killer.

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Daddy's Home
After Gideon's dad gets into trouble, he looks to Gideon for help. Meanwhile, Brandt and Goss work to hunt down the leader behind a big grand theft auto case.

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Above and Beyond
After a guy goes to extremes to find justice for his daughter, Gideon and Martinez utilize new technology to examine the case. Meanwhile, the assistant state attorney continues to question Gideon and his plans for the 13th district.

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Signal Loss
After armor-piercing bullets are discovered on the black market, the squad decides to send Officer Brandt on an undercover assignment to seize the criminals selling them.

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Hate of Comrades
A group of robbers kill a security guard who was a former police officer and who, before his death, used the APB app.

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Personal Matters
When Gideon goes with Murphy on a ride-along to see the effect of his reforms, they come across a pharmacy robbery that results in a child getting hurt.

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Hard Reset
After tech tycoon Gideon Reeves witnesses his best friend being killed, he takes lead of Chicago's rattled 13th District and reorganizes it as a technically advanced police force, challenging the district to reconsider everything about their methods of fighting crime.

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APB is a provocative police drama that aired on Fox in 2017, boldly challenging traditional notions of law enforcement. It's an innovative exploration of what happens when cutting-edge technology is used to enhance police operations.

Inspired by real events, APB's story is centered around billionaire engineer Gideon Reeves. Reeves, played by actor Justin Kirk, widely recognized for his role on Showtime's Weeds, is a charismatic maverick whose best friend is killed in a robbery gone wrong. Frustrated with the perceived ineffectiveness of the Chicago Police Department, Reeves buys the troubled 13th District and revamps it, implementing a technologically advanced crime-fighting model.

Fueled by personal loss and powered by a brilliant mind, Gideon pours his resources to convert the 13th district into a private police force, which may be the model for the future of law enforcement. From using drones for surveillance to equipping officers with customized high-tech bulletproof suits and creating a real-time digital crime tracking app, Gideon is hell-bent on making his district the safest in the city.

The series deftly intersperses the drama and tensions of the police force, governed by traditional tactics, with this pioneering approach. The experienced, skeptical street-cop Theresa Murphy, portrayed by the talented Natalie Martinez, is brought into a narrative collision with a technologically empowered policing system. Despite their differences, Gideon and Theresa find common ground in their unwavering commitment to eradicate crime. Their dynamic partnership forms the backbone of the series.

Throughout the series, APB examines the fractures that can occur when advanced technology intersects with real people living their daily lives, balancing gadgetry and detective work, and the question of civil liberties. It delves into the impact of social media on crime-solving, issues with privacy rights, the clash between bureaucracy and innovation and the potential implications of relying heavily on technology. The show raises thought-provoking questions about the moral and ethical use of technology and its place in law enforcement.

What makes APB unique is its balance between high-stakes crime fighting and the personal lives of the characters. Amidst the high-octane police action and the society-altering experiment underway, the show finds space to deep-drive into the characters' interpersonal relationships, their fears, hopes, and dilemmas, grounding the show and making it relatable to viewers.

APB is able to push the narrative envelope through its strong ensemble cast, featuring Ernie Hudson of Ghostbusters fame as the 13th district's veteran captain Ned Conrad, along with other talented actors like Taylor Handley, and Caitlin Stasey.

For the viewer, APB offers a fortuitous mix of old and new. While it stays true to the timeless formula of the crime-drama genre, APB adds a fresh layer with its innovative police tactics. It's almost as if a tech start-up has found its way into a detective show, resulting in a uniquely engaging experience. It blends traditional crime-solving methods with advanced technology, giving a futuristic edge to an otherwise conventional genre.

Filtering crime through the prism of this technological overhaul, APB presents both the possibilities and limitations of such an approach. It offers a unique examination of finding a balance between embracing the cutting edge and honoring the time-tested.

With its big ideas, APB was an ambitious undertaking from Fox, pushing the boundaries of the traditional procedural drama into new, unexplored territories. The series is innovative, using a fresh perspective to dissect the crime-police dynamic, and it is brave enough to tackle real-life issues through its storytelling.

Watching APB is sure to trigger intriguing conversations about our evolving society. With its appealing characters, fast-paced action, and thought-provoking concept, APB is a noteworthy addition to the television landscape and offers an engaging viewing experience that captures the imagination of its audience.

APB is a series categorized as a cancelled/ended. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 12 episodes, the show debuted on 2017. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.8.

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