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Second City
Harry and Murphy take on their stickiest case yet when a former mobster drowns on dry land. As Harry and Murphy get closer to the killer, more people try and come between the two of them, getting them both thrown off the case.

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Things That Go Bump
When Morgan and Ancient Mai come to Harry for protection after Mai is attacked, Harry, Mai, Morgan, and Murphy are all trapped inside a field of death and unable to escape. If that wasn't bad enough something very evil is trapped inside with them.

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What About Bob?
Bob's skull is stolen by someone thought to be dead for 5 years, Harry's uncle Justin Morningway. Bob is offered freedom from the 800 year curse that has bound him to the skull in return for his skills in Thaumaturgy.

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The Other Dick
When a detective is killed by an unexplained means his partner Liz Fontaine teams up with Harry to find his killer. What Harry finds is a trail that leads him to a fertility clinic and a strange ritual influenced by an Incubus.

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Storm Front
When both the Chicago Police Department and the High Council demand that Harry investigate the bizarre deaths of a crime boss and his girlfriend, two deaths lead to a string of them, all killed by black magic. Harry becomes the prime suspect and the target as he desperately hunts through the magical community of Chicago to find the man responsible before he ends up dead himself.

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When a young woman is killed right outside Harry's door, Harry is drawn into finding a mysterious thieving ring where the thieves are local college students... and using black magic to walk through walls.

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Soul Beneficiary
When a man with premonitions about his own death seeks Dresden's help, he promptly drops dead in Harry's office. This prompts Harry and Bob to research his strange death, only to discover the man he thought was dead is still alive.

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Bad Blood
A beautiful vampire named Bianca comes back into Harry's life to call in an old debt and she drags Harry into a tangled web of undead drugs and warring Vampire factions. Events escalate to the point where even the highest levels of the High Council take an interest and Harry may very well be forced to betray Bianca to save himself.

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Rules of Engagement
When Harry is hired to help a young woman find her lost boyfriend, Harry finds himself embroiled in a battle over a Hellion's soul. Will Harry make a deal with the devil to protect the girl, or will he defy the council and double cross the devil to help the girl reclaim the mortal soul of her boyfriend?

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Hair of the Dog
When Detective Murphy asks Dresden to help her with a series of ritualistic slayings, he discovers that werewolves are involved. Only the werewolves aren't the killers, they're the victims.

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The Boone Identity
A fine arts dealer hires Harry because he believes he is being haunted by his 17-year-old daughter. In the process Harry stumbles upon a psychopathic killer that has found a way to cheat death, using an ancient Egyptian tablet.

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Birds of a Feather
When a scared young boy comes to Harry Dresden, private detective and practicing wizard, begging him to investigate the monsters he is convinced are following him, Harry conscience won't let him just walk away, especially when the monsters prove to be very real. Meanwhile the Chicago Police Department needs his help to solve a grisly murder, and Dresden might very well find himself to be the next target of a homicidal monster.

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The Dresden Files is an exciting supernatural drama that aired on Syfy between 2007 and 2008. The show is inspired by the bestselling book series of the same name, authored by Jim Butcher. This one-season wonder brought a unique blend of detective storytelling with shades of fantasy and the paranormal.

The Dresden Files revolves around Harry Dresden, played by English actor Paul Blackthorne. Known for his distinct methods and ability to navigate the supernatural aspects of modern-day Chicago, Dresden is not your average private investigator. He stands out from the crowd with his unique blend of detective acumen and real, albeit unorthodox, wizardry skills - not to mention his charm and dry wit.

This makes Harry Dresden a dual threat in the world of private investigation, capable of handling cases both ordinary and extraordinary. As the series plot unfolds, viewers are introduced to Harry's semi-regular consulting job with the Chicago Police Department, handling cases that have stumped the non-magical minds in the force. But, walking the line between the mundane world of law enforcement and the dangerous underworld of dark magic is not an easy task. Navigating the layers of Chicago's supernatural factions, including vampires, werewolves, and other magical creatures, ensures that Harry’s job is never quite straightforward.

Terrence Mann, a well-known actor, and singer, portrays Bob, a spirit bound within a skull, who is Harry’s main source of magical knowledge. Bob, a former sorcerer who lived during the Elizabethan age, guides Harry through the treacherous cosmic chaos with his wisdom and knowledge. The interaction between Dresden and Bob is one of the standout elements of this show, creating comedic moments to lighten the show's generally dark and mysterious undertones.

The series effectively juggles detective noir with urban fantasy, offering viewers a unique viewing experience. Its presentation is reminiscent of classic hard-boiled detective narratives intermingled with potent supernatural fantasy elements, which drives the central narrative forward. This mixing of genres also ensures a colourful array of supporting characters and villains. Each episode offers exciting cases loaded with supernatural quirks, which further elaborates the series' narrative universe and expands Harry’s world.

In The Dresden Files, magic is depicted as a part of everyday life. Paul Blackthorne as Harry Dresden performs this to perfection with his lighthearted demeanor and approach towards magic, its use in the narrative, and its impact on his character and daily life. Scenes that show Dresden at work simultaneous as a P.I. and a wizard, are some of the most engaging segments of the show.

WhileThe Dresden Files' only ran for one season, the level of detail and depth exhibited in this short run makes a lasting impact. It portrays a rich world, filled with distinct characters, a lore that lends weight to the supernatural elements, and plots that weave fantasy and crime-solving effectively. The show doesn’t shy away from exploring complex themes such as second chances, sanity, and the struggles of navigating the world as an obvious outsider.

One of the strengths of The Dresden Files is how skilfully it handles the blend of magic realism with crime narrative. The episodes follow a distinct pattern, each story building on the last to reveal more about Harry, his guarded past, and his abilities while gradually expanding on the show's magical world.

The Dresden Files offers a compelling and unique viewing experience for audiences, merging elements of the detective genre with the supernatural and occult. Its fascinating take on magic realism, and captivating character development ensures every episode is filled with suspense, intrigue and a touch of humor. Whether you're a fan of detective dramas, supernatural shows, or both, The Dresden Files serves as a rich and enjoyable feast for fantasy and mystery lovers alike.

In conclusion, The Dresden Files is distinctly memorable despite its short run. The combination of charismatic characters, nuanced narratives and its unique blend of crime-solving and the supernatural, offered audiences something that stood out in the landscape of TV series during its time. It continues to entertain new audiences who stumble upon it, leaving a far-reaching cultural legacy.

The Dresden Files is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 12 episodes, the show debuted on 2007. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.6.

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