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Series 5 Episode 8
Tony comes up with a plan for revenge. Christelle decides to introduce an apprehensive Manu to her mother.

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Series 5 Episode 7
Terrified that she is becoming the very thing she hates the most, Carmen breaks down and makes a confession to Damiani. Orso risks everything when he hatches an escape plan to liberate Pierre-Marie.

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Series 5 Episode 6
Following a violent and bloody shootout, the Paoli clan are mourning one of their own. Aware that the nationalists are likely to strike again, Sandra, Tony and Manu decide they must go into hiding.

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Series 5 Episode 5
Tony suspects Orso of destroying his car and confides in Sandra. Quilichini installs a hidden surveillance camera at Sandra's property.

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Series 5 Episode 4
Dissent among the employees of the Paoli ferry business leads to a strike, but Sandra won't relinquish control over the operation. Ravanelli tries to persuade Livia to wear a wire to trap Sandra.

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Series 5 Episode 3
Unable to prove that Sandra, Tony, Manu and Orso were involved in a recent robbery, a frustrated Quilichini and Damiani decide to bring Orso's children, Pierre-Marie and Christelle, in for questioning

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Series 5 Episode 2
Sandra continues to protest her innocence to Carmen. Livia calls Quilichini and Damiani to the villa.

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Series 5 Episode 1
Convinced that Sandra is responsible for her father's death and determined to avenge him, Carmen makes Tony and Manu a lucrative but dangerous offer. Judge Ravanelli organises a murder reconstruction.

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Mafiosa is an engaging French drama series first aired between 2006 and 2014, available on MHz Choice. This groundbreaking show has garnered attention for its thrilling narrative and complex characterization, intricately exploring the entwined relationships between Mafia, politics, society, and family in the island of Corsica, an enchanting yet tumultuous place, often soaked in vendettas and traditional ties. The primary storyline revolves around Sandra Paoli, portrayed brilliantly by actress Hélène Fillières. Sandra is an unconventional anti-heroine who finds herself propelled into a life of crime after the murder of her beloved uncle, François. François, before his unexpected assassination, was a leading figure in the Corsican Mafia and bequeaths Sandra an inheritance that is as much a blessing as it is a curse. Suddenly, she is thrust into the limelight as the first female head of a major Corsican Mafia clan. Although Sandra is initially perceived as a weak and vulnerable woman in a male-dominated world, she progressively demonstrates a strong willpower, intelligence, and incredible savvy, thus subverting the expectations of a patriarchal society. The intense journey of Sandra, as she wrestles with the challenges of her role, negotiates her way out of deadly situations, and battles both the law and competing mafia clans, forms the heart of the series. Side-by-side with Sandra's personal evolution is a greater exploration of the insidious influence of Mafia on Corsican society. The series paints an intense picture, delving deep into the underworld, showing how organized crime can reach its long fingers into every facet of a community, influencing and manipulating politics, economy, land deals, and social dynamics. The symbiotic relationship between crime and politics is a central theme. It explores how systematic corruption and Mafia’s criminal activities are often concealed under a veil of politics, and how politicians, in return, enjoy the hidden support and power given by the Mafia. This empowering dynamic creates a chain of political scandals, murders, and endless cycles of revenge that make Mafiosa a high-octane crime drama. In addition to being a crime drama, Mafiosa is also a nuanced family saga. It examines multifaceted family dynamics, loyalties, betrayals, and vendettas in the backdrop of a strong traditional Corsican society. Sandra's role as the head of the family creates a whirlwind of interpersonal conflicts and alliances where love, hatred, pride, and disgrace intertwine, affecting not only her kin but also other families tied to them. It's a glimpse into the heart of a Mafia family where personal and professional stakes can become lethally entwined. Shot in the beautiful island of Corsica, Mafiosa is equally captivating visually. The show brilliantly captures the contrast of the peaceful, scenic beauty of Corsica with the violent clashes and elemental brutality of the Corsican Mafia, underlining the contradiction that is Corsica itself. As the series progresses, it reveals the even darker shadows beneath the surface, pulling the audience deeper into an enthralling world of crime, power, and complex relationships. It also presents the transformation in Sandra, who not only survives but adapts and thrives in this complicated world, challenging the status quo and marking her turf in the male-dominated Mafia world. The show's gripping narrative, intriguing characters, and its unflinching portrayal of the intersection of crime and society have made Mafiosa an acclaimed series. Each episode unravels a different layer of the Corsican Mafia world and each season escalates the stakes, keeping the viewers on the edge of their seats. Mafiosa's strength lies in its ability to balance plot moves and character arcs, making it not just a cookie-cutter crime drama, but a profound character study. This show skillfully explores gender dynamics, societal norms, traditional vendettas, and the chilling realities of the underworld, making it an exciting pick for those who enjoy complex narratives and character-driven stories. To sum up, Mafiosa is a distinctive series that takes classic mafia tropes, adds a dash of political intrigue, a healthy dose of familial tension, a strong female lead, and serves it up with exceptionally compelling storytelling. The series offers a captivating look at the often hidden realities of life within the Mafia, reminding viewers that in the murky world of organized crime, nothing is ever black and white. Its gripping plotlines and raw character portrayals make Mafiosa a must-see for Mafia-genre aficionados and lovers of hard-hitting dramas alike.

Mafiosa is a series categorized as a . Spanning 5 seasons with a total of 40 episodes, the show debuted on 2006. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.2.

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