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Reduced to Eating Boiled Magazines and Book Paste
DiDi goes picketing to make one last effort to stave off the closure of Billy Barnes. Jenna tries to escape a quickly made offer.

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Please Partake of a Memorial Orange
The ward's future is skeptical, so DiDi tries to come up with a way to rescue it, but is distracted by demands from Dawn to be her health promoter. Also, the boisterous Varla comes back and doesn't get along with her estranged daughter; Dr.

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Am I Still Me?
Dr. James faces surprising setbacks the day of her "Sympoosium." Patsy accepts his truth, and DiDi is conflicted between work and family. Dawn and Dr. James view astonishing visions of each other in two English visitors, Dr. Pippa Moore and Sister Den Fixter.

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No, I Don't Want a F***ing Smiley Face
Dr. James is surprised by on-the-job politics while getting ready for a conference. A criminal (Rhea Perlman) who has cancer, and is known for crazy escapes, comes to the ward. Patsy tries to get Dawn to pretend to be someone she's not when his mom (Ivone Coll) comes to see him. DiDi's mother-in-law (Gloria Leroy) arrives at Billy Barnes for care, igniting a family feud.

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Don't Let It Get in You or on You
The staff comes up against an infectious disease outbreak. DiDi faces family problems at work with her sister-in-law Yvette.

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This Is About Vomit, People
When Dr. Jenna James tries to move on after her hospice disgrace, she finds her job in jeopardy due to a good looking new doctor (Grant Bowler) and promptly takes action.

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The American television series "Getting On" is a dark comedy that revolves around the everyday lives of healthcare workers at a long-term senior care facility in Southern California. The series, which aired on HBO from 2013 to 2015, was adapted from a BBC series of the same name. With actors Laurie Metcalf, Alex Borstein, Niecy Nash, and Mel Rodriguez in the lead roles, it strikes a clever balance of grim reality, gory details, and delightful absurdity.

The story is set in the Billy Barnes Extended Care Unit in the Downey, California. The grim surroundings serve as the backdrop, revealing the trials, stressors, and ethical questions inherent in geriatric care. "Getting On" tackles the professional and interpersonal issues experienced by the staff, their patients, and their families, without shying away from the intense and often undignified aspects of aging and death.

Laurie Metcalf, known for her dynamic and versatile performances in multiple theatre, film, and television productions, plays the role of Dr. Jenna James. As the over-stressed and absurdly clueless director of medicine, Dr. James is oblivious to the fact that her 'research' takes precedence over the well-being of her patients, creating a complex and interesting character that perfectly sketches the dark humor of the show.

Alex Borstein, notable for her diverse voice acting roles in animated series, and for her vibrant acting roles on television, portrays the role of Dawn Forchette. She is a devoted and emotionally sensitive nurse who works hard despite the constant ups and downs in her personal life. Her character struggles with insecurities, a fraught love life, and a relentless desire for validation, adding another dimension to the series's captivating plotline.

The character of nurse Didi Ortley is brilliantly portrayed by the talented and acclaimed actress Niecy Nash. Nash's character is deeply grounded, compassionate, and displays awareness and clarity often missing in her colleagues. She serves as an emotional center, providing a compassionate counterpoint to the chaos and inefficiency that surrounds her.

Mel Rodriguez, a well-known face in the television industry, plays the role of Patsy De La Serda, a supervising nurse with a well-meaning, yet overzealous obsession with boosting the morale of the ward. His character, combined with its flamboyant fragility and effectiveness, adds a delightful absurdity to the show.

"Getting On" integrates sitcom humor with the stark reality of mortality in an emotionally resonant manner. The series is not just a contemplation on growing old, but a comedy aimed at spotlighting human dignity amid the unavoidable absurdities of life and the inevitability of death.

Each episode of "Getting On" is packed with a blend of biting humor and heartrending drama, exploring the medical and personal challenges of elder care from multiple perspectives. It's a poignant portrayal of the sad, hilarious, messy, heartbreaking aspects of life at the end of the road. The series delves into the realities of life's final phases and pulls no punches in portraying the bureaucracy and trivialities of the healthcare system.

The series uses its unique setting and situation to find humor in unexpected places. Situations that could easily be purely grim or tragic are instead presented with equal measures of pathos and comedy, reflecting the real-life absurdities inherent in situations when life meets death.

"Getting On" serves up the often grim details of life and death in a long-term care facility with a rich layer of humor. It's a thoughtful exploration of the human condition within a healthcare system often more concerned with bureaucracy than with humanity. It's an honest, unflinching, and sometimes painfully funny examination of life, aging, death, and dignity – a show that proves comedy can be found in the most unlikely places. The series may be set in an extended care unit, but its themes and messages are universal, making it a must-watch series for anyone that appreciates compelling, insightful, and unconventional storytelling.

Getting On is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 3 seasons with a total of 18 episodes, the show debuted on 2013. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.8.

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