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Episode 8
It's Sharon's wedding day, but Spud and Bet still aren't speaking to each other. As she decides whether or not to run off with Keith, Bet reflects her courtship and early married life with Spud.

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Episode 7
Spud gets his new job as a commissionaire, but it doesn't go as planned. Danny hopes to make ex-girlfriend Yvonne jealous by posing as pop singer Davis Essex's brother.

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Episode 6
Spud tries to get his hands on a clean war record in order to qualify for his dream job. Danny still hasn't told his parents that he's left school.

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Episode 5
Danny finally gets to enter the dark room with Miss Blondel, but it's not what he expects. Spud takes voluntary redundancy from the docks to pay for Sharon's wedding, and tries to eke out a living elsewhere.

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Episode 4
Spud and Bet worry about paying for Sharon's wedding. Danny's loyalty to the football team is tested when he has the opportunity to spend more time with his beautiful photography teacher.

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Episode 3
A new security team at the docks makes Spud's illegal activities more difficult. Danny goes into debt trying to get his hands on a video recorder.

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Episode 2
Frustrated with by Fred's ventures, and inspired by her wealthier friend, Bet asks Fred for a holiday. Danny and his friends discover the perils of underage drinking.

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Episode 1
Business is booming for Spud's line in selling stolen goods from the docks. Danny and his friends covet a flashy pair of trousers that they think will help their chances of getting a date.

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Cradle to Grave is a heartwarming British comedy-drama series that first graced the silver screen in 2015, initially aired on BBC Two and later available on Acorn TV. The uniqueness of this show lies in the quirky blend of humor and a dash of 1970s nostalgia, inspired by actual events and experiences, delivering an engaging viewing experience.

Cradle to Grave is based on the amusing memoir of well-known radio and TV broadcaster Danny Baker, specifically the wildly entertaining book "Going to Sea in a Sieve". The series captures Baker's childhood and adolescence in the Bermondsey area of South London, making it a semi-autobiographical treat depicting the family life and adventures of the Bakers, a working-class clan, surviving the ups and downs of life with positivity, familial bonds, and an uncanny knack for turning crises into uproarious situations.

Comprising just one eight-episode season, the series is a feast of excellent character development and comic timing, interlaced with a fascinating narrative that keeps audiences hooked till the end. Set in the era of flared trousers and flowery shirts, the setting of the show offers a delightful depiction of the 1970s, complete with the cultural norms, eccentricities, and unique fashion trends of the time.

The dynamic Peter Kay commands the screen with his portrayal of the patriarch, Fred 'Spud' Baker, a man with unwavering confidence, a brash personality, and an endless store of outrageous tales that includes dodging the law, dealing with dodgy merchandise, and navigating the choppy seas of family life. Steadfast lady of the house, Bet Baker, played by the talented Lucy Speed, complements Spud with her quiet strength and patience, dealing with her husband's eccentricities and nurturing the family against all odds.

Danny, played by Laurie Kynaston, is the youngest of the Baker tribe, a bright teenager with a knack for storytelling who harbours ambitions of making it big in the world of rock'n'roll, much to his father's chagrin. The ups, downs, and hilarious turn of events in Danny's life, combined with his unique perspective, forms the hilarious backbone of the narrative.

The audience also gets to meet Michael, the eldest Baker offspring, played by Frankie Wilson, and his girlfriend Sharon. Their relationship encounters many twists and turns, reflecting the challenges and joys of young love, further adding to the amusingly complex dynamics of the Baker family.

The story unfolds in a series of warm, humorous, and occasionally absurd incidents that provide a sharp, gritty, and evocative snapshot of the life and times in 1970's working-class Britain. Every episode lays bare the struggles of the era and brings to light the eccentricities of the characters with a balance of genuine heart and abundant humor.

Cradle to Grave also serves up a soundtrack infused with the era's iconic rock and pop hits, that perfectly complements the tone of the narrative, enhancing the authenticity of the period and overall viewer's experience.

Despite only running for one season, the vibrant storytelling and brilliant acting ensemble rendered Cradle to Grave a notable mark in the British television landscape. It remains a charming trip down memory lane for some, and for others, a peek into a past era, all the while delivering substantial doses of humor and resonating universally with its undercurrent of unwavering family love.

In conclusion, Cradle to Grave is not just a show, but an experience that revolves around family bonds, brazen adventures, and hilarious escapades that tug at your heartstrings while tickling your funny bone. It's an experience that is as thoroughly entertaining and unique as the man whose life it brilliantly caricatures. If you’re in for a good laugh, a touch of nostalgia, and unique family tales, this show might just be right up your alley.

Cradle to Grave is a series categorized as a . Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 8 episodes, the show debuted on 2015. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.0.

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