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Episode 6
On the day of her first performance, Tess has high hopes for her and Lexy, but things go far from smoothly at the theatre. Sam's also under pressure to lead a major drugs bust but Ryder's sure she's not ready - is he right?

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Episode 5
When Sam makes an unexpected visit to the flat; a wedge is driven between her and her friends. The situation with Lexy's stalker intensifies, but luckily Tess is on hand to help although Hugh proves an obstacle.

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Episode 4
Tess and Lexy are getting closer and when Tess goes on a blind date she calls on Lexy for help. Sadie's irreverent take on waitressing gets her into hot water but Lauren proves helpful in ways she didn't expect.

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Episode 3
The friends each try to deal with events in their own way. Sam starts asking questions & Frankie makes a drastic decision.

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Episode 2
It's Cat's birthday and Sam's planned the perfect day but Cat feels like a total fraud because she's still sleeping with Frankie who offers her a very different sort of present. When Tess leaves work early events take an unexpected turn.

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Episode 1
After a loved up month in South America, Cat and Sam arrive back in Glasgow. Having run away from her affair with Frankie, how will Cat deal with seeing her again.

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Lip Service, a British television drama that aired from 2010-2012, is a bold exploration of love, friendship, and sexuality. Directed by Harriet Braun, the series takes a deep dive into the lives and relationships of a group of LGBTQ+ women living in Glasgow, Scotland. It premieres on a high note of drama, romance, heartbreak, and humor, and continues to maintain this energized rhythm throughout its two-season tenure.

At the centre of the series is the enigmatic Frankie (Ruta Gedmintas), a cutting-edge photographer with a propensity for wildness and unpredictability. Her emotional journey is fraught with shadows from her past that continue to haunt her even as she tries to make a life in the vibrant surroundings of Glasgow. She's endearingly flawed and irresistibly rebellious - a character that audience can't help but be drawn to, despite her many foibles.

The series also features Fiona Button as Tess, a socially awkward, yet loveable actress who happens to be Frankie's former roommate and best friend. Tess's life is a rollercoaster ride of failed auditions, complex heartbreaks, and messy relationships. As she navigates her way through the trials and tribulations of professional ambition and personal heartbreak, her warm presence is a constant reminder of the strength of female friendships.

Rounding out the trio is Laura Fraser as Cat, a well-established architect. Cat's personality serves as a grounding force in the series, creating a striking contrast to Tess's emotional turbulence and Frankie's lacklustre approach to life and relationships. Cat is someone who values stability, control, and meticulous planning - making her storyline a compelling exploration of what happens when life refuses to adhere to her carefully laid plans.

James Anthony Pearson stars as Ed, Cat's loving but endearingly naive brother, while Heather Peace plays the police officer, Sam, who finds herself drawn to Cat's stable and controlled lifestyle. Natasha O'Keeffe stars as Sadie, an adventurous free-spirit who crosses paths with the group, her appearances adding just the right amount of spice to the series. Anna Skellern and Adam Sinclair also give strong performances, adding depth and diversity to the show's already impressive character lineup.

"Lip Service" refreshes the age-old narrative of striving, loving, and living with its unique setting, splendid cast, and intelligent writing. The series does not shy away from touching serious subjects and boasts a nuanced representation of same-sex relationships – something that was admittedly sparse on television at the time of its premiere. It does not define its characters purely based on their sexuality, and allows them the space to be flawed, multi-dimensional individuals.

Its Glasgow setting offers a refreshing departure from the usual urban landscapes of London or New York, and the cinematography makes the most of every opportunity to showcase the city's stunning visuals. The dimly lit bars, bustling streets, and quirky apartments infuse the series with a distinct atmosphere that contributes to the show's unique charm.

Another strong point of "Lip Service" is that, despite its progressive storytelling, it does not overlook the importance of universal themes like friendship, love, and the struggles of maintaining relationships. This careful balance is what makes it more than just a 'Lesbian Drama' and a captivating watch for anyone interested in a deep, character-driven narrative.

"Lip Service" boasts stellar performances, particularly from the leading trio - Gedmintas, Button, and Fraser. They create characters that are vivid, compelling, and eminently relatable. The supporting actors, including Pearson, Peace, O'Keeffe, Skellern, and Sinclair equally contribute to the show's triumph by portraying characters that are engaging and dynamic in their own right.

Overall, "Lip Service" is a brave venture into the nuanced world of sexuality, best suited for viewers who appreciate drama that unabashedly explores contemporary issues. Although it had a brief run of just two seasons, its impact, both on the LGBTQ+ representation in the media and on the hearts and minds of its viewers, remains long-lasting. With outstanding performances, clever writing, and a generous sprinkling of humour and heartache, "Lip Service" proves it is indeed a remarkably entertaining and meaningful watch.

Lip Service is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 12 episodes, the show debuted on 2010. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.5.

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