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Ends of Justice
Freshly promoted Reid heads an investigation into a murdered street performer and the team welcomes DS Mita Rahim.

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A murdered boxer found by the expressway connects the team to an underground world of cage fighting and criminal activity.

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The Ends of Justice
Newly-promoted DI Reid leads the investigation into the fatal stabbing of a busker. DI Ross's personal problems continue to affect his professional life.

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A badly-beaten body is discovered by a motorway, and the investigation leads the team to an illegal bare-knuckle fighting ring. DI Ross has to face up to his gambling addiction.

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Fallen Angels
A man and three of his children are found dead in their home, and a fourth child is critically ill. It initially appears that the father killed his children and took his own life, but forensic tests show that the father died first.

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Silent Truth
An Iranian refugee is burned to death, and the evidence points to a racially-motivated murder, but DCI Burke suspects otherwise, and the team uncovers a connection to a local drug dealer.

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Abuse of Trust
A shipworkers' trade union leader and his employer are both shot during an industrial dispute, the union man fatally. DCI Burke and the team suspect that this was a corporate killing.

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Bad Medicine
The mutilated body of a torture victim is found in an empty warehouse. Detectives from the Met, investigating a similar case in London, arrive to help in the investigation.

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Taggart is a distinctive Scottish television drama that aired on ITV from 1983 to 2010, easily regarded as one of the crown jewels of British television for its impressive duration of almost three decades. The series was originally centred on Detective Chief Inspector (DCI) Jim Taggart, an uncompromising police officer with a rugged charm, played brilliantly by Mark McManus until his demise in 1994. Set in the city of Glasgow, Scotland, the show is a crime drama that portrays the relentless pursuit of justice by DCI Jim Taggart and his team. As the drama unfolds, Glasgow's underbelly is exposed, revealing a metropolis alive with deceit, crime, and corruption. Amid these grim realities, the show brings to the forefront an intriguing juxtaposition of the city, detailing the universal human experiences of love, hate, greed, and fear. Taggart's character embodies a brooding, rough, and sometimes curmudgeon-like persona, which contrasts with his keen intellect and insightful detective skills. His famous catchphrase, 'There's been a murder', signals not just the beginning of each investigation, but also reflects the essence of Taggart's world. His unshakeable sense of duty, paired with his hard-nosed investigative style, forms the backbone of the show. Mark McManus's passing in 1994 opened doors for a more ensemble-based format, focusing on multiple characters. However, the show’s essence remained true to its original theme, that of uncompromisingly solving crimes to serve justice. McManus's Detective Chief Inspector (DCI) Jim Taggart was succeeded by equally compelling characters such as Detective Chief Inspector (DCI) Matt Burke, played by Alex Norton, who took the helm of the series providing the same level of grit and determination. The show is notable for its well-drawn characters, the detectives' interactions with their colleagues, suspects, and witnesses, and the intricate plotting and surprise resolutions of its murder mysteries. As the series progresses, the audience gets a peek into the personal lives of the team members, adding another layer of depth to the characters. Emphasis on the human aspects of crime-solving sets Taggart apart. It gives every crime a face, a story, and an impact, making each episode an emotional journey for the viewers. The Glasgow backdrop paints the necessary raw and gritty atmosphere to suit the grim storylines. The city's historical neighbourhoods, with their rich and diverse histories, form the tapestry against which this crime procedural is played out. Apart from the intriguing storylines and meticulous portrayals of each character, what makes Taggart captivating is its exploration of the relationship between the city of Glasgow and its inhabitants. The show delves into the social, cultural, and psychological underpinnings that shape and are shaped by the criminal activities portrayed. From the nuances of Scottish working-class life to the complexities of high-society engagements, the series, frames a comprehensive portrait of Glasgow and its multicultural populace. With its brooding themes of crime and justice, the series is underscored by a darkly atmospheric music score by Mike Moran. The opening theme with its haunting saxophone melody complements the mood of the series, echoing the shadows of the grim but realistic world of the show. Despite the grim undertones, Taggart is not without its moments of humour. The recurring characters offer occasional light-hearted moments that humanity is wont to even in the grimmest of realities. These moments help to offset the harshness of the crimes investigated, provide temporary relief from the intensity of the storylines, and add authenticity to the characters' emotions. Since its first airing in 1983, the show has built a substantial global following, not only for its mesmerising stories but also for the remarkable acting talent it showcased. Various talented Scottish actors graced the show throughout its run, contributing to its prestige and popularity. In conclusion, Taggart is an exceptional crime drama that masterfully intertwines gripping storylines with a haunting backdrop of Glasgow's cityscape. The series deconstructs the darkest facets of human nature through the lens of a relentless detective, making it an enduring classic in the pantheon of British television. Its legacy left an indelible impact on the genre, setting a high bar for crime dramas that would follow.

Taggart is a series categorized as a returning series . Spanning 27 seasons with a total of 134 episodes, the show debuted on 2002. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.3.

Colin McCredie, Alex Norton, Blythe Duff, John Michie, James MacPherson, Robert Robertson, Iain Anders, Mark McManus, Harriet Buchan, Tom Watson, Richard Rankin
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