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Gently and the New Age
When Gently is asked to look into a young woman's unsolved murder, he hopes to expose one last cover-up before retiring from the force. Still at odds with his superior, Bacchus asks for Rachel's help investigating the murder of a worker killed during a picket riot.

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Gently Liberated
When DCI Gently and his team investigate a body found in a chemical storage tank, they learn that the victim's wife was convicted of his murder eight years ago. But Gently decides to reopen the case against the wishes of DI Bacchus, who had worked on the original investigation.

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George Gently, a popular British television series airing from 2007 to 2017, is an engrossing detective drama set in the 1960s and based on Alan Hunter's series of novels entitled 'Inspector George Gently'. The series is a rich tapestry of crime-solving, character development, social commentaries, and lessons about life in the Northeast England region during a turbulent time of historical significance. It ultimately offers viewers an immersive experience in a period of rapid social change.

At the heart of the series is the eponymous character, Inspector George Gently, portrayed by Martin Shaw. Gently is a seasoned and principled detective who comes out of retirement following the tragic murder of his wife. The show's narrative unravels as Gently takes on one complex case after another with his characteristically calm demeanor and unyielding quest for justice. His character embodies a traditional worldview that often clashes with the tumultuous societal changes rampant in the 1960s.

Partnering with Gently is the young, ambitious, and hot-headed Detective Sergeant John Bacchus, played by Lee Ingleby. Bacchus' methods and attitudes often contrast with Gently's, leading to disagreements and tension that further enrich the show's narrative. His character develops throughout the series as he learns from Gently, reflects on his actions and matures in his understanding of his work and the world around him.

The cast also includes Lisa McGrillis as PC (later Sergeant) Rachel Coles, adding a fresh perspective and warmth to the team, Simon Hubbard as PC Taylor, and a rotating variety of guest stars who beautifully bring the different stories to life. Each episode introduces new characters involved in a unique and intricate plot through which the series navigates the waters of murder mysteries, political corruption, societal prejudice, and other forms of crime.

Of note is the authentic representation of the 1960s backdrop against which the series takes place. Whether it's the meticulously designed sets, the accurate depiction of social and political issues, the costumes, or the soundtrack that features popular music from the era, George Gently impressively immerses viewers into '60s Britain. It does an excellent job of tracing the evolving social landscape of the era, especially the paradigm shifts in gender roles, class structure, and cultural attitudes, providing a thought-provoking outlook on society whilst keeping viewers enthralled with its engaging criminal investigations.

While the series is generally procedural and each episode could stand alone with its self-contained narrative, there is still an overarching storyline that follows the continuous growth of Gently, Bacchus, and Coles as individuals and as a team. Audiences get to witness their personal struggles and victories, making their characters more relatable and deepening the emotional stake viewers have in the show.

The series resonates with audiences for its carefully crafted blend of suspenseful crime-solving and character-driven narratives. Its success is built on the sturdy backbone of compelling storytelling and dynamic performances, especially from Martin Shaw and Lee Ingleby, whose on-screen chemistry and character portrayals effectively drive the show's appeal.

In all, George Gently is more than just a detective drama; it is a window into the past, presenting a nuanced view of society's evolution through the lens of law enforcement. It is a profound narrative on justice, morality, and the human condition, cleverly wrapped in an artfully arranged crime-solving package that combines the thrill of a whodunit with the exploration of complex societal issues. It is a captivating and intelligent series that treats its audience to a profound viewing experience and leaves them reflecting on the larger themes it tackles.

In essence, George Gently is a timeless detective saga that presents a mesmerizing blend of intricate criminal investigations, memorable characters, and insightful observations on the society of the era. As a compelling character study set against a high-stakes criminal and societal backdrop, it offers its audiences a deeply satisfying journey of mystery and humanity.

George Gently is a series categorized as a . Spanning 8 seasons with a total of 25 episodes, the show debuted on 2007. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.1.

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