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Maigret at the Etoile du Nord (English subtitled)
In French with English subtitles. A man is killed in a hotel in Paris. Maigret meets a young woman who says she is a prostitute, but she is not what she seems.

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Seven Little Crosses (English subtitled)
In French with English subtitles. Mid-August in Paris, and Maigret is due to leave on vacation. But his travel plans are interrupted when a body is discovered...

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The Lady's Companion (English subtitled)
In French with English subtitles. Maigret is in Caen to assist in organizing the local police department.

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Maigret Rents a Room (English subtitled)
In French with English subtitles. Maigret poses as a guest to investigate a boarding house where one of his detectives was shot during a stakeout.

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Maigret at the Doctor's (English subtitled)
In French with English subtitles. Doctor Baron is a respectable physician, married with two children.

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A Shadow in the Courtyard (English subtitled)
In French with English subtitles. Maigret investigates after the owner of a drug company is found shot to death.

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Maigret is a British television series that aired from 1992 to 1993, based on the novels of famed Belgian author Georges Simenon. The show was developed by Granada Television and was later distributed internationally by ITV Global Entertainment Ltd. Running for a total of 12 episodes across two series, Maigret is rooted in the crime, drama, and mystery genre.

The titular character, Chief Inspector Jules Maigret, is an enigmatic and sagacious detective residing in Paris, France. He's played by the acclaimed British actor Michael Gambon who injects the character with a brilliant concoction of intelligence, intuition, and an air of understated gravitas. Gambon's portrayal of this iconic character created a lasting imprint on audiences and critics. As much as the series is driven by its diverse array of mysteries, it is also deeply anchored by the unique characterisation of Maigret himself.

Set during the 1950s, the series takes viewers through the gritty, enigmatic, and cultured world of Parisian society. The mise-en-scène brims with vintage appeal, echoing an age rich with nostalgia. The screenplay is meticulously crafted, ensuring that the mysteries are intricate, the clues ambiguous, and the narratives riveting. Furthermore, the show beautifully captures the philosophical undertone of Simenon's books, allowing viewers to not only witness Maigret solve cases but also navigate through the different strata of human psyche and society.

The character of Maigret is intriguing, thoughtful, and deeply human. He's not your stereotyped detective- he doesn't rely on forensic evidence or sensational car chases to solve his cases. Instead, he uses his profound understanding of human nature and society, very often relying on his intuition to guide him. This mix of deep intuition, astute observation, and the ability to unravel the human psyche is what sets him apart in an era of detective chaos.

The series equally focuses on Maigret's private life, touching lightly on his relationship with his wife. Beautifully played by Ciaran Madden, Madame Maigret is depicted as understanding, supportive, and patient, providing the serene balance to Maigret's complex professional world. The show doesn't shy away from indulging viewers in the quiet, ordinary moments of Maigret's life, which adds depth to his character and offers respite from the intensity of his detective work.

The supporting cast in Maigret is richly diverse, with each episode introducing an array of characters - from hardened criminals and dubious suspects to distressed victims and stoic law enforcement officers. Each character plays a key part in the narrative, with their own secrets and motivations woven into the larger mystery.

Creating a captivating atmosphere is one of the series' major triumphs. The lighting and cinematography are evocative, capturing the historical and cultural essence of the setting. The score, composed by Nigel Hess, adds another layer of immersion, setting the mood for suspense, intrigue, and revelation that propels the narrative.

The stories covered in the series range from straightforward murder mysteries to complex cases involving societal tensions, providing variety for viewers. Each mystery is presented as a puzzle that Maigret must encounter and uncloak, keeping the viewers engrossed till the very end.

The show received a positive reception from the audience for its fine narrative, brilliant performances, and its faithful adaptation of Simenon's novels. Despite its limited run, Maigret remains memorable for its intellectual engagement, strong characterisation, and atmospheric presentation.

In summary, Maigret is a beautifully crafted detective series that steps away from the cliched crime solving methods and delves deep into the motivations and inclinations of its characters. This series perfectly blends Simenon’s cerebral storytelling with elements of classic noir to create a compelling viewing experience for fans of detective dramas and vintage television alike. Maigret is not just a crime-solving journey but also a study in character, making it a timeless entry in the annals of television detective dramas.

Maigret is a series categorized as a . Spanning 9 seasons with a total of 82 episodes, the show debuted on 1992. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.8.

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