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Episode 10
The season finale finds Palek and Carolyn adjusting to his recent decision, Dave an Katie reevaluate their therapy meetings, while Hugo and Jamie meet by chance and Dr. Foster receives bad news.

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Episode 9
Unsettling news from her friend Rita sends Katie in a new direction, leaving Dave to handle the household and therapy on his own. Palek finds it difficult to cope with his mounting anxiety, to Carolyn's bewilderment.

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Episode 8
Palek is haunted by his fatherless childhood after hearing Carolyn's recent news; Jamie is surprised at how easily Nick is making himself at home in her apartment; Katie wonders aloud if more therapy is necessary.

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Episode 7
With both kids out of the house for the night, Katie and David have a rare night alone and begin to work on their intimacy problems. Jamie's relationship with Nick hits a rough patch when Hugo returns.

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Episode 6
Another suggestion from Dr. Foster is met with skepticism by Dave and Katie. Also, Palek and Carolyn seek a fresh start after a recent, stressful decision. Nick invites a reluctant Jamie to a family affair.

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Episode 5
May makes a suggestion on how to help solve David and Katie's relationship problems. Meanwhile, Jamie vows to be celibate, but will Nick be too much of a temptation?

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Episode 4
Dave surprises Katie by showing up at her therapy session; Palek is annoyed by a secret from Carolyn's past; Jamie pays her first visit to Dr. Foster after she fails to convince Hugo to take her back.

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Episode 3
Mason tries to distract Jamie from her obsession with Hugo; Dave and Katie awkwardly celebrate another anniversary; Palek and Carolyn's private frustration becomes public knowledge.

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Episode 2
Dave wonders aloud what Katie's getting out of therapy; Jamie finds it difficult to let go of her suspicions about Hugo; Carolyn's will to get pregnant wears down Palek's desire for intimacy; May contacts an old acquaintance.

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Episode 1
Katie bemoans the lack of intimacy in her marriage, Jamie objects to Hugo's views on fidelity and Carolyn is frustrated by her inability to get pregnant.

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"Tell Me You Love Me" is an intriguing drama series that aired on HBO in 2007 and featured Michelle Borth among its ensemble cast. It is an intelligent, provocative, and compellingly mature show that navigates the intimacy and complexities embedded within committed relationships, showcasing the fundamental human need to love and be loved.

The narrative intricately traces the emotional landscape of three couples undergoing therapy with Dr. May Foster, a seasoned therapist. These couples are established at varying stages of their relationships, thus offering a wide spectrum of perspectives on love and commitment. The youngest pair, Jamie (Michelle Borth) and Hugo, are engaged and grappling with fidelity and trust issues. Carolyn and Palek, the second couple, are attempting to conceive, with the struggle exponentially compounding their relationship. The third couple, Dave and Katie, are middle-aged parents with an amicable relationship but are devoid of any sexual intimacy.

Dr. May Foster, portrayed by Jane Alexander, is the embodiment of wisdom and grace, navigating through the complexity of her clients' issues while managing her own long-term marriage with 'played-by-life' authenticity. Her expertise as a relationship counselor is often put to test as she delves into the intricate versatile human interactions, unearthing hidden emotions, raw vulnerabilities, and deeply entrenched insecurities, effectively humanizing the therapeutic process.

What makes "Tell Me You Love Me" acclaimed and worth watching is its brutally honest portrayal of people in the throes of relationship upheavals, exhibiting the daily grapple of life, love, and intimacy. It seamlessly blurs the boundaries between fiction and reality, unfolding human vulnerabilities in their purest forms. Its most outstanding facet is its vigorous rawness coupled with the relatability that it brings to the screen. It audaciously delves into the sphere of physical intimacy, which most shows render peripheral. It remarkably manifests how physical intimacy becomes a struggle for couples and how it is a mirror to the larger emotional discord.

While "Tell Me You Love Me" pays adequate homage to physical intimacy, it is by no means merely about that. It is an exploration of the deeper emotional recesses that individuals and couples in relationships often evade. It's about the yearning to be loved, the fear of being abandoned, the struggle to communicate, and the despair of not being understood.

Michelle Borth's character, Jamie, is primarily known for portraying the anxiety and excitement of a young woman journeying towards marriage, summoning up the courage to confront and overcome her fears and insecurities. Her performance exhibits a concoction of apprehension and anticipation that beautifully encapsulates the turmoil of stepping into the sacred covenant of marriage.

"Tell Me You Love Me" is an ode to the flawed beauty of human connections, the monumental struggle it takes to maintain them despite odds and, most importantly, the humbling realization that it's a shared struggle. While inviting viewers to vicariously experience their struggles and the fervent efforts they make to maintain their relationships, it doesn't shy away from unveiling the beauty of the hard-earned reconciliation and the newfound understanding gained out of it.

The cinematography is tasteful and subtle, capturing every nuanced emotion, every fraught exchange, and every distinct lost-in-love moment. Meanwhile, the score is soothingly soft yet hauntingly melancholic, complementing the narrative beautifully.

Redefining adult drama, "Tell Me You Love Me" is a visceral, troubling, and, at times, rather uncomfortable portrayal of relationships. Taking viewers on an emotive roller-coaster ride, the show is an Everest of emotional complexity, beseeching viewers to empathize with characters while reevaluating their relationships.

In conclusion, "Tell Me You Love Me" is an aptly titled endeavor that invites viewers to ponder upon the many conundrums of love and commitment. It is a masterful exploration of the emotions, fears, insecurities, and hopes that define human relationships, leaving viewers with a fairy tale yet brutally honest understanding of the world it so rawly portrays.

Tell Me You Love Me is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 10 episodes, the show debuted on 2007. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.3.

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