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Struggling to recover from betrayal, Iris is willing to take a radical leap once again. Iris needs to confront one more person before making a fateful decision: Emcee...

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State of Mind
Having lost all sense of perspective, Iris confides in Christophe. He in turn opens up a part of his world.

Watch The Girlfriend Experience Season 4 Episode 9 Now

A Set of Lies Agreed Upon
Having family in town brings up complicated feelings for Iris. Tawny feels bad about how things played out with The V.

Watch The Girlfriend Experience Season 4 Episode 8 Now

Black Box
Cassie is back with a vengeance, taking her work to the next level. Iris' secrecy around the project puts a dent in her relationship with Hiram and their collaboration around Emcee.

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The Embrace
Buying time, Iris escapes the messy leftovers of her double life and takes time off-grid. Georges, a former client, takes Iris into his world.

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Control Shift
Iris can't keep her two worlds separate anymore, which comes with unwanted consequences. Iris realizes she's in a position of power, while simultaneously having lost all control.

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Iris' client relationships seem increasingly uncanny, and advice from Tawny isn't what Iris was hoping for. Her father's illness catches up with Iris in undeniable ways.

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Iris gets better at simulating the perfect girlfriend experience for her clients. Simultaneously at NGM, Iris and her co-workers start training the AI model with new simulated sets.

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Everyone's Got A Price
Iris and her co-worker start working on an AI project that mirrors human emotion. Meanwhile, new clients provided by a high-end escort agency, leave Iris with a wealth of behavioral data.

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Iris relocates to London, leaving behind family and a half-finished degree. She begins a double life: working at an elusive tech startup while providing the girlfriend experience at night.

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The Girlfriend Experience is a compelling television drama series that aired on Starz from 2016 to 2021. This fascinating anthology series is inspired by the 2009 Steven Soderbergh movie of the same name and has garnered attention for its unique mix of provocative storytelling, complex characters, and captivating subject matter.

The series expertly delves into the often clandestine world of transactional relationships, specifically of high-end escorts who provide 'the girlfriend experience' to their elite clients. Each season introduces a diverse set of characters navigating in this multifaceted lifestyle that spans the realms of law, finance, technology, politics, and more.

In the debut season, viewers meet Christine Reade (Riley Keough), a law student and intern at Kirkland & Allen, one of Chicago's most prestigious law firms. As she balances her demanding career and schooling, she gets introduced to the world of transactional relationships. Throughout the season, viewers see how she adeptly oscillates between her dual worlds, managing the complicated dynamics inherent in each. She meticulously balances her career ambitions, academic pursuits, while exploring the sensual and monetary aspects of her new lifestyle.

Season two of The Girlfriend Experience offers dual narratives, broadening the storytelling canvas and shedding light on two completely distinct experiences. The first narrative delves into the life of Erica Myles (Anna Friel), a commanding finance executive who becomes embroiled in a high-stakes power game in the political world that compels her to choose an unconventional path to control and influence. Meanwhile, the second narrative follows Bria Jones (Carmen Ejogo), a former escort who enters the Witness Protection Program, uprooting her life and identity to escape a dangerous past.

In the third season, the series veers into the techno-futuristic realm centering on Iris (Julia Goldani Telles), an American in London plunged into the world of neuroscience and the tech industry. As she charts her journey, diving deeper into 'the girlfriend experience' while conducting secretive research, she tests her boundaries, balancing her intellectual pursuits and emotional entanglements.

The Girlfriend Experience’s strength lies in its calculated narrative divergence. Each season becomes a standalone exploration with its unique storyline and characters, allowing viewers to appreciate the show's innovative and diverse display of scenarios surrounding the central theme. The muted colors, the departure from traditional narrative structure, and its unflinching look at a taboo subject are what makes it an arresting viewing experience.

Created by Lodge Kerrigan and Amy Seimetz, the show’s intelligent writing captures the emotional complexity and psychological nuances of its characters. While the primary focus is their plunge into the world of high-end escorting, the creators never shy away from exploring their characters' professional and personal lives. This interplay between various facets of their lives paints a holistic image of who they are, portraying them as complex and multilayered personalities rather than one-dimensional characters.

The intense performances by the series' lead actors further elevate the narratives. From Riley Keough’s shrewdly emotionless portrayal of Christine to Anna Friel and Carmen Ejogo’s compelling performances, they bring their characters to life, each distinctly different, yet equally compelling. Julia Goldani Telles, in season three, imbues her character Iris with a sense of mystery and sophistication that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.

The show’s cinematography and production design add another layer of depth to the series. From the vibrant cityscapes to the alluring aesthetics of lavish hotel rooms and sprawling offices, everything in the Girlfriend Experience feels meticulously constructed and thematically resonant.

In conclusion, The Girlfriend Experience is a sophisticated anthology series that pushes boundaries and questions societal norms. It's an exploration of power dynamics, sexuality, and personal freedom set against the backdrop of its core concept—transactional relationships. Its unique storytelling style and compelling performances make the show a path-breaking endeavor in the television landscape. With its chilling exploration of contemporary issues, it's a series that resonates deeply and is likely to stay with viewers long after they finish watching.

The Girlfriend Experience is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 4 seasons with a total of 43 episodes, the show debuted on 2016. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.0.

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