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Arlington, VA
Rob and Rich find themselves buying multiple photo ops with lead actors Jaden and Justin (Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki) in an attempt to pitch them a TV show idea.

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Las Vegas, NV
Rob and Rich wake up to find they accidentally got married in Vegas. While Rob frantically tries to get the marriage annulled, Rich decides to take advantage of the situation instead.

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Plano, TX
Rich attends a fan's hotel room party with the hopes of a happy ending. Meanwhile, Rob opts for the spa only to find himself trapped in a steam room with the eccentric, towel clad owner of the convention company (Ron Livingston).

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Littleton, CO
It's Halloween and Rich and Rob, donning oddly revealing costumes, mistake a fellow actor's erectile dysfunction pills for ibuprofen.

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Franklin, TN
Rob unintentionally ingests the perfect combination of over the counter drugs and alcohol, transforming him into a Casanova. Rich reconnects with a former costar he considers to be 'the one who got away.

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Burnsville, MN
Rich books a commercial that requires him to be shirtless, so he enlists Matt to whip him into shape in the hotel gym.

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Bellevue, WA
When British thespian Kent O'Grady (Josh Meyers) joins the gang for a convention, Rob inadvertently discovers his deepest secret.

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Pasadena, CA
A viral video of Rob's on-stage mockery of law enforcement proves ill-timed when an accidental 9-1-1 call brings cops to his hotel door.

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After completely decimating Convention Rule Number One, don't sleep with fans, Rob and Rich kick into damage control, ready to handle the backlash.

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Whippany, NJ
Rich rescues long time buddy and former co-star Rob from a cesspool of depression and divorce papers by goading him back into the fan convention circuit.

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Kings of Con is an American comedy web series that aired on Comic-Con HQ from 2016 to 2017. This witty, endearing, and infectiously funny series provides an insightful peek behind the curtains of pop culture conventions while exploiting the humorous and sometimes surreal experiences of its lead characters - Rob and Rich. The show is the brainchild of Supernatural co-stars Rob Benedict and Richard Speight Jr., often referred to as the 'Kings of Con' due to their popularity on the convention circuit. Taking advantage of their unique experiences, the duo created, produced, wrote, and starred in this ingenious comedy. Kings of Con follows the lives of fictionalized versions of Rob and Rich, portraying them as an on-screen duo navigating the world of fan conventions across the nation. The primary emphasis of the show, however, veers away from their actual experience with fans, focusing instead on the adventures, mishaps, and camaraderie that the characters experience off-stage, in-between their seemingly glamorous performances. The series presents Rob as a divorced, down-on-his-luck actor using conventions as a way to reconnect with supporters, fans, and his best friend, Rich. Rich, on the other hand, is portrayed as a rambunctious, high-energy performer who takes advantage of the convention life to escape his home life's monotony. Their contrasting personas lead to a wide range of comical situations, playing on the odd-couple trope. Their relationship dynamics serve as the central theme in most episodes, creating a strong emotional backbone that underlies the hilarity and high jinks that ensue. Between navigating hotel life, attending parties, dealing with unconventional fans, negotiating with event organizers, and, not infrequently, nursing hangovers, Rob and Rich’s unfortunate encounters and quirky escapades form the volatile humor at the show’s heart. Although their lives hover between chaos and comedy, Kings of Con never fails to underscore Rob and Rich's unswerving friendship, dealing with themes of identity, camaraderie, and the anomalies of celebrity culture. One of the most distinctive aspects of Kings of Con is its candid depiction of fan culture. Instead of mocking or trivializing fans, the series makes it abundantly clear that the fandom, with its undying enthusiasm and support, forms the lifeblood of the convention circuit. It celebrates fandom, offering an insightful portrayal into a world typically shrouded in mystery and misconception. The series features a host of guest appearances, including a number of familiar faces from the Supernatural world like Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, and others, adding more delight to the show's content. This star-studded roster enhances the veracity of the behind-the-scenes look while enriching the narrative through characters drawn into Rob and Rich's shenanigans. Kings of Con secures its comedic stronghold by balancing off-the-wall humor with warm humanity, achieving a rare, charismatic charm. It offers an unprecedentedly relatable and funny take on the challenging, mechanistic, and occasionally ridiculous world of fan conventions. The seamless blend of hilarity and heartfelt friendship between fictionalized Richard and Rob conveys an engaging narrative and compelling characters who captivate the audience from the get-go while providing a refreshing new perspective on the life of con heroes. The blend of reality and fiction makes for a distinct and captivating viewing experience. Kings of Con is a clever, satirical poke at the convention world with shrewd social observation. Yet, the duo’s witty banter and misadventures reveal their affection for this fascinating world of fan conventions. To sum up, Kings of Con effortlessly brings the behind-the-scenes chaos, camaraderie, and comedy in the world of conventions to life, offering viewers a unique blend of humor, irreverence, and heart. By tapping into their real-life experiences, Rob and Rich have beautifully tailored a show that salutes geek culture, fandom, and friendship while being side-splittingly funny. With Kings of Con, the duo has created something deeply personal, riotously funny, and brilliantly entertaining! This series is a must-watch for Supernatural fans, comic-con enthusiasts, and anyone who appreciates the combination of heartfelt comedy and eccentric characters.

Kings of Con is a series categorized as a . Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 10 episodes, the show debuted on 2016. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.5.

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