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A Goodbye to Girls
A featurette celebrates seasons one through six of "Girls.''

Watch Girls Season 6 Episode 11 Now

In the series finale, Marnie reveals she'd like to help Hannah raise the baby. Hannah begins a new chapter in her life.

Watch Girls Season 6 Episode 10 Now

Goodbye Tour
Following an important meeting, Hannah looks to friends for advice, but has difficulty reaching Marnie.

Watch Girls Season 6 Episode 9 Now

What Will We Do This Time About Adam?
Adam approaches to Hannah with unexpected news. Jessa occupies a day off on her own. Shoshanna assists Ray with his oral-history project, until a fortuitous face-to-face with Abigail, her old boss.

Watch Girls Season 6 Episode 8 Now

The Bounce
Elijah gets ready for an open-call try out for a new Broadway musical, but is thrown off his game by a surprise visitor.

Watch Girls Season 6 Episode 7 Now

Full Disclosure
Marnie tries to convince a resistant Desi to follow through with their planned gig at her mom’s birthday party in New Jersey. After rebuffing Adam’s request to watch his film, Hannah gets advice on an important decision from her dad and his new partner, Keith.

Watch Girls Season 6 Episode 6 Now

Adam and Jessa start shooting scenes for their movie, but she wonders about his creative direction.

Watch Girls Season 6 Episode 5 Now

Painful Evacuation
Hannah interviews prominent writer Ode Montgomery, who gives eye-opening tips on being a woman and a writer.

Watch Girls Season 6 Episode 4 Now

American B***h
Hannah has a supercharged exchange with Chuck Palmer.

Watch Girls Season 6 Episode 3 Now

Hostage Situation
Hannah offers cover for Marnie's secret weekender to Poughkeepsie, which she wishes will help clear up an old chapter in her life.

Watch Girls Season 6 Episode 2 Now

All I Ever Wanted
Riding a wave of newfound career success, Hannah gets a task to write a story about an all girls surf camp in the Hamptons, where she meets Paul-Louis, an uncomplicated waterski teacher.

Watch Girls Season 6 Episode 1 Now

Girls is an American television series that first premiered on HBO in 2012, which ran for six successful seasons before wrapping up in 2017. The series garnered notable attention and praise for its savvy, realistic portrayal of young women making their way in the world, with a hefty dose of humor, poignancy, and brilliant storytelling. Created by and starring Lena Dunham, the show is a defining example of the dramedy genre, boasting raw emotionality with a light-hearted and comedic undertone that makes its take on adulting both entertaining and relatable.

The premise of Girls revolves around the lives of four friends living in New York City, focusing on their personal and professional endeavors as the complexities of adulthood unfold in comically chaotic ways. The core group comprises Hannah Horvath (Lena Dunham), Marnie Michaels (Allison Williams), Jessa Johansson (Jemima Kirke), and Shoshanna Shapiro (Zosia Mamet), each with a personality distinct from the other, offering a diverse array of perspectives and experiences.

Hannah Horvath, an aspiring writer, is the central character whose oftentimes self-absorbed yet vulnerable nature forms a large part of the series' narrative. Marnie Michaels is Hannah’s best friend, a perfectionist struggling to discover who she truly is amidst her failing personal and career life. Jessa Johansson, a daring, free spirit who often carves her rules, grapples with her tumultuous past while Shoshanna Shapiro, Jessa's naive and innocent cousin, evolves as she navigates the harsh realities of life.

These four characters allow the series to explore themes such as friendship, love, career ups-and-downs, and self-discovery. It presents an unfiltered, unabashed perspective of twentysomething life, carving out a narrative that is brutally honest, making it a unique departure from typical sitcom-genre offerings.

The series also includes an impressive supporting cast. Adam Driver, known for his role as Hannah’s on-and-off boyfriend Adam Sackler, left a remarkable imprint with his idiosyncratic performance. His depiction of a struggling actor who is as complicated as he is endearing pushed him to stardom, ultimately leading to roles in big projects like Star Wars. Other notable mentions in the cast include Alex Karpovsky, Andrew Rannells, and Ebon Moss-Bachrach, whose performances only enhanced the show's engaging storyline.

Contrary to the norm, Girls delves into the imperfect and messy life of its characters, rather than portraying an aspirational lifestyle that's typical in many shows set in New York City. Its characters are flawed and make questionable decisions, but that's where the show's beauty lies. It does not attempt to cover up these imperfections; instead, it lays them bare and explores how its characters navigate their lives dealing with these complexities.

Girls writer and creator, Lena Dunham, was often commended for her acutely observant storytelling. She pushed the boundaries of conventional television by writing characters who were honest, messed up, and real. By doing so, Dunham provided a rare representation of complex women who were neither villains nor heroines but real human beings who made mistakes and learned from them.

Throughout its run, Girls garnered many accolades for its novel approach to storytelling and character development, breaking away from the idealized versions of young women usually represented in mainstream media. Critics praised it for its exceptional writing, full-bodied characters, and nuanced performances, especially acknowledging Lena Dunham for her unflinching portrayal of relatable and sadly funny characters.

All in all, Girls managed to reinvent the coming-of-age narrative for the modern, millennial woman. Its profound understanding of what it's like to navigate the world as a young adult made it an emblematic series of the decade. With its distinctive, realistic characters and brilliant writing, the show has left a lasting impression on viewers, critics, and the landscape of television, making it an unforgettable viewing experience. This is a series that sticks with its audience long after it’s over and continues to spark discussion due to its audacious portrayal of real-life struggles, personal growth, and the enduring power of friendship.

Girls is a series categorized as a canceled/ended. Spanning 6 seasons with a total of 64 episodes, the show debuted on 2012. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.4.

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