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Sinbad Forever / One Thousand and One Nights
When Sinbad destroys the Queen's fleet, he gets stripped of his rank and becomes homeless. Then, the story of how the book of 1001 Nights came to be.

Watch 1001 Nights Season 2 Episode 13 Now

Three Tales of a Daydreaming Girl / Abu Mohammad Lazybones
A second set of shorts about a cat who befriends a bird, a genie-in-training, and a little pickpocket who finds kindness in others. In another tale, a simpleton rises to become the leader of a town without trying to.

Watch 1001 Nights Season 2 Episode 12 Now

The Tale of the Haunted Palace / Habib and the Baby Genie
When their wagon breaks down in the middle of nowhere, Shahryar, Shahrzad, Shahzaman, and Donyazad are forced to spend the night in a haunted palace. Later, a baby genie and a human genie are switched at birth.

Watch 1001 Nights Season 2 Episode 11 Now

The Man Who Went Back in Time / The Schoolmaster
A man complains his life would have been better if he'd been given his neighbor's's lucky breaks. When he gets the chance to go back in time and change things, however, he realizes it's not as easy as he imagined.

Watch 1001 Nights Season 2 Episode 10 Now

The King Who Outlawed Laughter / Sinbad and the Black Diamond
A king tries to execute his prisoners but no matter what he does, he is unable to kill them. In another tale, Sinbad is off once more on a hilarious adventure.

Watch 1001 Nights Season 2 Episode 9 Now

The King Who Became a Slave / The Spoon That Ruined Everything
A king learns what happens when he's out of touch with his people. In another tale, people in a small community see a spoon for the first time and begin to fight over it.

Watch 1001 Nights Season 2 Episode 8 Now

Arman the Cheat / Abu Hassan's Legendary Wedding
When a young boy gets away with cheating, he decides that crime really does pay. Later, a wedding goes horribly wrong when the groom appears to have uncontrollable flatulence.

Watch 1001 Nights Season 2 Episode 7 Now

The Riddle of the Ruined Tomb / The Merchant and the Pickpocket
Three witnesses to a crime each give different accounts about what really happened. Then, a young pickpocket learns that there is no honor among thieves.

Watch 1001 Nights Season 2 Episode 6 Now

The Tale of the Mountain and the Valley / Three Tales of a Daydreaming Boy
A silly rumor spreads like wildfire through two communities, causing them to go to war with each other. Later, Shahrzad tells a set of three shorts about two artists who compete for the same customers, a thirsty bird who struggles to drink the water at the bottom of a bottle, and two kids who accidentally release a mischievous genie.

Watch 1001 Nights Season 2 Episode 5 Now

The Broken Jewel / The Boy Who Became a Genie
Two servants accidentally break a jewel from the king's crown. In order to avoid getting caught, they must find another one at the top of Asir Mountain.

Watch 1001 Nights Season 2 Episode 4 Now

The Genie, the Fish, the Wolf and the Witch / The Forbidden City of Shenzhen
When Shahryar can't sleep, Shahrzad tells a series of stories within stories that become fascinatingly intertwined. In another episode, Ahn-Ming climbs to the other side of the forbidden wall to learn that everything he's been taught about his evil neighbors is wrong.

Watch 1001 Nights Season 2 Episode 3 Now

Abu Kassim's Smelly Shoes / The Bandits of Basra
A grouchy old man inherits a pair of smelly shoes. No matter how hard he tries, he is unable to get rid of them.

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The Tale of Taymour and Tiny / The Boy and the Panther
Taymour accidentally knocks an egg out of a bird's nest and decides to care for it. When he does, he gets a big surprise.

Watch 1001 Nights Season 2 Episode 1 Now

1001 Nights is an enthralling Turkish television drama series that was broadcasted on Kanal D from 2006 to 2009. The captivating series presents a unique blend of emotional drama, romantic entanglements, intricate human relationships, and unexpected twists that keep viewers on the edge of their seats. The series is one of the emblems of the ‘golden age’ of Turkish television, embodying the burgeoning global popularity of Turkish-made serials.

At the heart of this drama series is the story of the beautiful and talented architect, Sehrazat Evliyaoglu (Bergüzar Korel), a widow who works at one of the best architecture firms in Istanbul, alongside her boss, Onur Aksal (Halit Ergenç). She has a five-year-old son, Kaan, who has Leukemia. The central theme of the series revolves around Sehrazat's challenges as she grapples with her son's fatal illness and the desperate measures she takes to provide for his expensive medical treatment when she cannot afford it.

Onur Aksal, a successful, handsome businessman, and Sehrazat’s boss, offers her the money she needs for Kaan’s treatment. However, his help comes at a significant personal cost, a single night's companionship. What transpires from this sensational proposition takes the viewers on a rollercoaster ride of emotions and drama. The storyline draws much of its inspiration from the historical collection of Middle Eastern folk tales of "One Thousand and One Nights."

The show features an ensemble cast of richly designed characters, each with comprehensive backstories that add depth to the plot. This includes the charismatic central leads, members of their families, Sehrazat’s coworkers, and several other characters played exquisitely by the acclaimed Turkish actors. The story is a dynamic interplay between the professional and personal lives of these characters set in the vibrant and scenic backdrop of Istanbul. Various locations around the city are used to great effect, giving the audience a nuanced window into Turkish culture, modern lifestyle, and stunning architecture.

Apart from the stellar cast and mesmerizing cinematography, the series also draws on compelling storytelling that delivers a narrative filled with tension, drama, romance, intrigue, and suspense. The plot unfolds gradually, meticulously revealing new layers of the central characters, which provides a great deal of complexity and depth to their personas. The series keeps audiences hooked with its cliff-hanger endings, cathartic highs and disheartening lows, forming an engaging and immersive television experience.

1001 Nights is not just a love story; it has many underlying themes and subplots. The series deals with an array of societal and cultural issues, focusing on themes of power, masculinity, innocence, sacrifice, and money's influence. The integration of these elements adds a sense of realism to the show, making it relatable, thought-provoking, and stimulating. It explores the complexities of relationships, struggles of the modern woman in a patriarchal society, and adversity’s ability to bring about sharp, life-altering turns.

The soundtrack of the show underlines its dramatic and emotional elements, bringing a rich thematic variety that enhances every frame with unique musical interpretations. Each episode is artistically directed to allow suspense to creep in slowly, while the script is clever, and the dialogue is wittily crafted, allowing room for unexpected, yet compelling plot twists.

1001 Nights garnered significant popularity during its run from 2006-2009, not only domestically but also internationally. Its fabulous story-telling, the charm of the lead actors, and heart-rendering themes led to vast viewership in many countries across Europe and Asia. It is truly responsible for sparking an international interest in Turkish dramas and firmly placing them on the global television map.

In conclusion, 1001 Nights is a compelling narrative that provides a fascinating exploration into human relationships, love, sacrifice, and moral dilemmas. With a powerful mix of romance and realism, while capturing the ups and downs of life, it stands as an unforgettable fixture of Turkish television, deeply resonating with viewers around the globe. It’s a captivating and touching series, a truly emotive journey into the human heart and its endless capacity for love.

1001 Nights is a series categorized as a canceled/ended. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 62 episodes, the show debuted on 2006. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 5.3.

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