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Southbay, Part 2
As the evidence mounts against the accused police officer, the local CID finds dissent within their ranks. The Lyell team unveil corruption and deceit within the local jurisdiction, with deadly and wide-reaching consequences.

Watch Silent Witness Season 26 Episode 10 Now

Southbay, Part 1
Jack comes to the aid of an old friend and is sucked into a difficult case where he

Watch Silent Witness Season 26 Episode 9 Now

Heart of Darkness, Part 2
The Lyell team return to the crime scene as another victim is in peril. Family ties are tested to their limits as they reveal the dark secrets that led to the tunnel collapse, and Jack is put in a difficult position when a blast from the past comes to visit.

Watch Silent Witness Season 26 Episode 8 Now

Heart of Darkness, Part 1
Levelling-up leaders and environmental activists clash in a small town trying to look to the future. With a sabotaged train and a dead mayor, the activists become suspects.

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Star, Part 2
The investigation continues to take unexpected turns, with Nikki managing to get behind the mask of the lead suspect. Jack has a breakthrough at the festival site and Nikki takes a dangerous opportunity.

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Star, Part 1
The Lyell team are thrown into the dark side of social media, where nothing is as it seems, and the perfect profiles of the influencers they are investigating raise disturbing questions. As a heavily pregnant DI asks the team for their expertise, are they running out of time to solve this case?

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Familiar Faces, Part 2
The Lyell team work together to find out why the lorry was found with bodies inside and a dead driver at the wheel, and are truly shocked to discover where it leads them. Gabriel becomes emotionally invested and is presented with an ethical dilemma, and Jack gets a surprise visit.

Watch Silent Witness Season 26 Episode 4 Now

Familiar Faces, Part 1
An abandoned lorry is found at a quarry with several dead and dying people in the back. Initially, it appears to be a classic sex trafficking story that Nikki and the police are all too familiar with, but it soon becomes clear that all is not as it seems.

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The Penitent, Part 2
Nikki becomes even more involved with the Ndrangheta mafia-group and Jack uncovers some disturbing leads. An unlikely alliance leads Nikki closer to the truth, but not without some collateral damage.

Watch Silent Witness Season 26 Episode 2 Now

The Penitent, Part 1
When a man is thrown from a high-rise building, the team are propelled into the criminal underworld of a notorious mafia group, the Ndrangheta. Aided by the National Crime Agency, Nikki and her team set about uncovering the truth.

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Silent Witness is a captivating British crime drama that has been a mainstay of the BBC One schedule since its debut in 1996. Over more than two decades on air, the series has carved a niche for itself among crime investigation thrillers with its unique focus on forensic pathology. Through its combination of deftly woven plotlines, character development, and meticulous scientific methodology, Silent Witness has managed to consistently engage, enthral, and educate its audience. Loosely based on the true work of forensic scientists and law enforcement agencies, Silent Witness focuses on a small, specialized team tasked with the complex business of finding out how and why a person died. The mystery lies not within who can catch the killer, but how a victim's silent body can reveal crucial facts about their demise. Hence, the title 'Silent Witness', suggesting that even in death, the victims in these stories continued to speak through the evidence their bodies leave behind. The narrative structure of Silent Witness typically spans over two episodes for each story, giving ample space for deep, intense, and intricate plots to unravel in a slow burn fashion. This is subtly different from many fast-paced, action-packed crime dramas and allows for better development of plotlines and characters. Every character's backstory, their individual dilemmas, personal victories, and haunting pasts are meticulously detailed, allowing audiences to emotionally invest in their journeys. The show's focus isn't just on the forensic pathologists and their professional lives, but also pushes into their personal spheres. These intersections of personal and professional lives, against the grim backdrop of their jobs, provide additional layers of complexity to the narrative, making it a lot more than merely a whodunnit drama. As the show progressed over the years, it began to show a remarkable evolution. The initial few seasons centred around Professor Sam Ryan, played with stoic tenacity by Amanda Burton. After eight series, Professor Ryan exited and the show seamlessly transitioned to a new team of pathologists, demonstrating Silent Witness’s ability to reinvent its format and sustain viewer interest. Later, the trio of Dr Nikki Alexander (Emilia Fox), Dr Thomas Chamberlain (Richard Lintern), and Dr Jack Hodgson (David Caves) would use their combined expertise to unlock the secrets kept by the silent bodies they investigated. Their distinct personalities and the dynamic between them form the show's core, resulting in a compelling character drama set amidst the thrill of crime-solving. Silent Witness is also notable for being unfearishly bold in confronting societal issues. Cases in the show have been known to unveil the dark underbelly of issues like child abuse, trafficking, war crimes, and institutional corruption, taking viewers beyond the thrilling aspect of crime-solving and prodding them to look at the harsh realities of contemporary society. The series does not hold back on gore and can be occasionally gruesome, but it's never gratuitous. The graphic visuals underline the brutal reality of the crimes and remind viewers of the human toll behind every criminal act, grounding the narrative in an often chilling reality. This is not a show that takes death lightly. Every victim that passes through the mortuary is treated with respect, their stories told with empathy and sensitivity. Silent Witness's scriptwriting, acting, and production value are all routinely praised. The cinematography invokes a moody atmosphere that matches the narrative's intense nature, while the well-researched forensic science lends credibility to the proceedings. All these factors are augmented by superb acting that brings the layered characters to life with sincerity and conviction. In conclusion, Silent Witness is a compelling forensic crime drama that has managed to hold its place in the highly competitive landscape of television thrillers. Through its unique lens of criminal investigations, it offers an engaging mix of scientific detail, character drama, and social commentary, making it a truly engrossing watch that became a benchmark for other shows that followed in its genre. For any viewer with an interest in a different take on crime dramas that digs deeper than superficial investigations, Silent Witness promises a nuanced, insightful, and emotionally engaging journey.

Silent Witness is a series categorized as a returning series. Spanning 26 seasons with a total of 246 episodes, the show debuted on 1996. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.9.

William Gaminara, Tom Ward, Emilia Fox, Amanda Burton, Laura Crossley, Jaye Griffiths, David Caves, Liz Carr, Mark Letheren, Cal MacAninch, Alex McSweeney, Wayne Foskett, Samuel Timson, Joseph Timson, Richard Lintern, Lasco Atkins, Gregory Foreman
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