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Nemesis - Part 2
Miss Marple resolves to clear her friend's son's name, and in turn finds that love can inspire murder as much as hate.

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Nemesis - Part 1
Miss Marple receives a letter from a deceased friend, leading her to try to clear the name of her friend's son.

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They Do It with Mirrors
Miss Jane Marple pays a visit to her friend Carrie-Louise Serrocold, whose rambling country manor also serves as a home for wayward boys.

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Sleeping Murder
A couple's new dream home becomes a nightmare when the young wife sees a vision of a strangled woman in the hall. Was she murdered or is she yet to be killed?

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A friend asks Miss Marple to investigate a crime. Instead of giving any clues, he books her on a coach tour of historic homes.

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Murder at the Vicarage
When the hated Colonel Protheroe is found murdered in the sleepy village of St Mary Mead, Miss Marple is puzzled why so many people want to confess.

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At Bertram's Hotel
There is something rather too perfect about Bertram's Hotel, Miss Marple decides during a stay there in London. Even the murder seems rehearsed.

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Miss Marple, first broadcasted on BBC One in 1984 and starring the impressive Joan Hickson, is a classical British detective television series that skillfully rekindles the nostalgic era of pre-war England. Beyond a shadow of doubt, it remains a quintessential adaptation of Agatha Christie's much-loved crime novels revolving around the iconic character, Miss Marple, enchantingly portrayed by Hickson. Joan Hickson brilliantly encapsulates the qualities of Miss Marple - an elderly spinster residing in the peaceful village of St. Mary Mead. But beneath the innocuous facades of the idyllic British small-town setting, deeply intriguing mysteries lie in wait, daring to be solved by the sharp-witted Miss Marple. In the series' core, Miss Marple represents a detective of an unusual breed. She is not associated with any official capacity like the police or private investigator firms. Instead, she comes across as an aging, polite lady, surprisingly free of contemporary prejudices. Her primary assets are her sharp intelligence, keen observations, and, most importantly, an undying curiosity to satiate her taste for mystery, making her character utterly relatable and endearing to the viewers. In each episode, audiences get to watch as seemingly inexplicable criminal cases unfold before Miss Marple's keen eyes. She is often seen knitting, gardening, or engaging in typical parochial activities – innocent pursuits that make her character easily overlooked. However, in truth, these activities provide an excellent backdrop for her to stealthily gather information. Her social connections and personal interactions with villagers and visitors often lead her to critical discoveries and overlooked truths, making each episode an exercise in unraveling secrets through patience and attention to detail. One defining aspect of the show is Joan Hickson’s portrayal of Miss Marple, thanks to Agatha Christie, who suggested Hickson for the role. Christie had seen the performer's theatrical prowess in one of her plays and believed she would be perfect for the part, a prediction seen to be fulfilled in every riveting episode. With pure mastery, Hickson characterized the image of the soft-spoken but tenacious detective we all came to admire, making Miss Marple a true phenomenon in the annals of detective drama. The series' setting also plays a crucial role in creating a compelling atmosphere. The quaintness of rural England – the ivy-covered stone buildings, the village square, the bustling markets – oozes an old-world charm, which is beautifully juxtaposed with the often-dire mysteries. Amusing conversations over cups of tea, country fairs, and festivity are integral parts of episodes, enshrouding the show with an element of social realism that adds depth and intrigue to the otherwise grim crimes and investigations. Besides the gripping storylines meticulously devised from Christie's novels, the show owed much of its success to its well-rounded cast of characters. Miss Marple's neighbors, each with their peculiar characteristics and propensity for gossip, breed some distinctively witty and dramatic moments in each episode. In contrast, her often skeptical friends in law enforcement gave a dose of much-needed cynicism to balance Marple's intuitive crime-solving approach. What truly sets 'Miss Marple' apart from other detective series is its sharp focus on character dynamics, social satire, and meticulous deduction rather than forensics or violent confrontations. The crimes are often deeply personal, wrapped up in human emotions of greed, jealousy, and deception that Miss Marple unravels, bit by bit, through subtle social interactions. Watching Miss Marple meticulously deduce the tangled threads of a crime is a joy for fans of detective fiction. The series honoring Christie's legacy, delivered with Hickson's impeccable portrayal, weaves a magical web of suspense, mystery, and intrigue with every episode, making it a must-see for any fan of the genre. All these components together make Miss Marple from BBC One an exquisite tapestry of detective series – a combination of a riveting narrative, a captivating central character, an engaging supporting cast, and a picture-perfect setting that makes St. Mary Mead both an inviting village and a hotbed of murder and mystery. Miss Marple continues to entertain, engage, and excite audiences, affirming its status as a classic in the canon of detective dramas.

Miss Marple is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 24 episodes, the show debuted on 1984. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.6.

Crime Drama
Joan Hickson, Margaret Tyzack, Helen Cherry, Anna Cropper
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