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A Winkle in Time
Allied troops are now approaching Nouvion. The two British airmen, who've been shot down again, arrive back at the caf?.

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A Fishy Sendoff
General Von Klinkerhoffen takes Colonel Von Strohm and Lieutenant Gruber out to play golf. While they are playing, they discuss the plot to kill Hitler.

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The Fishmonger Float
Michelle tries to send important microfilm to England via a homing pigeon, but fails. Instead, new plans call for the group to sail to England with the film on a motorized float under the guise of the annual fishmonger's parade.

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Ren? Artois Is Still Dead
Michelle decides to smuggle Ren? to England, since the Germans still think that he's dead. A parade through the town is being held in Ren?'s memory. Ren? disguises himself as Officer Crabtree so that he can get to the town museum to hide until he can catch the plane to England. When the planned trip falls through, Ren? decides to give himself up to the Germans. He pretends that he has amnesia caused by the explosion at the windmill.

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A Tour de France (aka Missing and Presumed Dead)
Ren? is now a 'love slave' to the girls of the Communist R?sistance. Meanwhile, it's assumed that he was killed when the windmill was blown up. Monsieur Alphonse has been comissioned to make a statue of him for the town square. Ren? escapes from the Communist R?sistance and heads for the caf? disguised as an elk. He's shot by the Germans, who are out on a hunting trip.

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Fighting with Windmills
Colonel Von Strohm and Lieutenant Gruber fail to escape to Spain. Ren? suggests that they hide in a local windmill and pretend to have been kidnapped. General Von Klinkerhoffen has ordered the windmill to be used for target practice by the German artillery. Ren? rescues the two German officers and is then captured by the Communist R?sistance. Herr Flick has had plastic surgery as part of his plan to escape being captured by the Allies.

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Allo' Allo'! is an iconic British television comedy series that aired on BBC One from 1982 to 1992. Set during World War II in the small town of Nouvion, France, the show creatively combines elements of farce, slapstick humor, and witty wordplays to craft an engaging narrative that was embraced by millions of viewers across the globe.

The series takes place in Café René, owned by the series' protagonist, René Artois, portrayed by Gorden Kaye. René is a reluctant and often-confused hero in the story, who continuously juggles his time between aiding the French Resistance, serving the German officers frequenting his café, and trying to keep his affairs discreet from his wife, Edith.

Edith Artois, played by Carmen Silvera, is a character of many layers. As René’s tone-deaf wife who dreams of becoming a cabaret star, she adds a particular charm to the show. Meanwhile, René's two mistresses and waitresses in the café, Yvette and Maria, complicate his life further.

The show also brings to screen characters trapped on different sides of the war, creating mounting tension that fuels the comedy. There's Herr Otto Flick, the obtuse Gestapo officer fond of disguise, the Italian Captain Alberto Bertorelli, and Lieutenant Gruber, a German officer who has an affectionate, yet funny relationship with René.

Keeping the plot intricate yet amusing, the series revolves around a stolen valuable painting, "The Fallen Madonna with the Big Boobies" by Van Klomp, which everyone wants to get their hands on for various reasons. Simultaneously, the French Resistance members strive to help two British airmen to return to their homeland.

The team behind Allo' Allo'! is a creative powerhouse. The series was conceived by sitcom veterans David Croft and Jeremy Lloyd, known for their collaboration on other British comedy hits. Their unique storytelling is showcased through the series as they use humorous misunderstandings, puns, and the characters' exaggerated accents to deliver hilarious dialogue. This makes the show's language an integral part of its comedy, where many words have been humorously misinterpreted.

The set design and props also deserve mention as they recreate a quaint 1940s French village, providing a picture-perfect backdrop for the comedy to unfold. Despite the series addressing commandingly somber themes like war, occupation, and allegiance, it maintains a light-hearted tone, making it a welcome revelation even to modern audiences.

What sets Allo' Allo'! apart from other comedy series of its time is its knack for making the audience laugh under the most absurd and inappropriate circumstances. The show masterfully satirizes the contradictions and absurdities of war, sometimes pushing the boundaries with its humor. It's worth mentioning that the series pulls off these risky comic maneuvers without making light of the actual events and atrocities of World War II; instead, it uses the setting to draw attention to the folly of war.

The series aired for ten seasons and amassed a loyal global fan base. The signature character mannerisms, convoluted plots, and running gags - one of them being the various hiding places of the aforementioned painting - channels the spirit of traditional British comedy, with a unique spin that makes Allo' Allo'! a classic in its own right.

The longevity of the series is a testament to its inventive scripts, memorable performances, and its deft blend of historical intrigue with comedic escapades. Although the series concluded in 1992, the timeless humor and endearing characters of Allo' Allo'! continue to entertain new generations, demonstrating its lasting influence on the sitcom genre. Allo' Allo'! is an excellent choice for those who appreciate a serving of history with their humor or simply enjoy the warmth of a well-crafted comedy series.

Allo' Allo'! is a series categorized as a canceled/ended. Spanning 9 seasons with a total of 87 episodes, the show debuted on 1982. The series has earned a no reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at undefined.

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