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Japanese Design and Boundaries
Auto paint artist pushes the boundaries of possibility. Custom bikes and Japanese design converge in cafe racer world.

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National Treasures
A man adds some TLC to his vehicle and calls it Zombie; the hottest cars swarm to a famous Las Vegas event.

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Build Me a Car I'm the Machine Man
A BMW 2002 only gets better with time; Danny is a man about town with his mean mix of machines.

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Meeting the mastermind behind the world's best chopped festival; a Datsun 620 is on the trail.

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Speed and Sidekicks
Speed on cracked ground; Glenn and his 1969 Chevrolet Camaro are the best match.

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Legends Restored and Lifelong Obsessions
An entire family gets together to see the real power of a 1968 Holden Monaro; a side-draft carburetor is the mystery behind the restoration.

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Nissans and Still Greasy
Marc presents his family of Nissans; and Rhys is sent on a quest to locate an old Tudor.

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Music, Motors, and Superbirds
South Bay Customs is more than a workshop, its a work of art. Murray is obsessed with a Superbird.

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UK to OZ
An MG restoration challenge with real class. Also: a father commits the rebuild of a Ford Falcon to his lost son.

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V8s, Datsuns, and Dreams
Allan is a confirmed Datsun fanatic and his 510 sums it all up.

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High Mileage In Motion
John Jackson journeys 60,000 miles per year in a vintage van. Kyle's dream vehicle is a 1963 Ford Falcon Squire.

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American Dream
JD figures out the American dream is laying in his garage. Eric has the adverse of buyer's remorse.

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Unfinished and to the Center of the Earth
Cory and his dad spend many weekends in the garage working on their unfinished dream. And Greg's '67 XR Falcon is right on task.

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Garage Dreams is an enthralling, high-octane television reality series produced by Journey Media that first premiered on screens in 2015 and has been intriguing audiences throughout its run to 2022. Rather than simply being a show about automobiles, Garage Dreams explores deeper elements like the passion, creativity, innovation, and blood, sweat, and tears that go into creating the machines that dazzle on the roads bringing into spotlight the inherent human element.

The premise of the show is simple yet compelling. Each episode features in-depth profiles of various car builders and restorers from across the globe. These are not just ordinary builders; these are the masters of the craft, the artisans who have dedicated their lives to create mechanical prowess on wheels. The builders are the focal point of each episode, and their journeys from ideation to finished product command the audience’s attention throughout.

Garage Dreams offers its viewers a gratifying insight into the world of popular car hot-rods, incredibly restored vintage machines, modified car models, and luxury cars. Viewers get a voyeuristic thrill as they get a chance to experience how these artisans and entrepreneurial spirits transform a simple sketch, a random part, or a rusty car into a beautifully restored or modified vehicle.

Narrated with driving enthusiasm, each episode also covers the backstories of these passionate builders and restorers, making it more than just a mechanical show. The emotional narrative explores their sacrifices, challenges, motivations, and success stories, providing a human element that elevates the series beyond its genre.

Audiences get a close view of the meticulous work that goes into each car — from the first bolt tightened to the final polish. Garage Dreams doesn’t shy away from displaying the triumphs as well as the failures, the small victories, and the crushing defeats that these mavericks face during their creation process.

As the series spans across the globe, viewers are introduced to a diversified range of designs, techniques, cultures, and individualities. Viewers are taken on a tour of these incredible workshops, soaking up the local car culture, experiencing the unique taste of each geographical location, broadening their horizon, and deepening their understanding of the international auto landscape.

The show's pacing perfectly matches its narrative, neither too rushed to grasp the details of car customizations, nor too slow to lose interest. Embedded in the narrative are bits of wit, humor, and camaraderie among the craftsmen that keeps the audience engaged and entertained. Garage Dreams doesn’t assume its audience to be auto experts and leaves no stone unturned to explain the complexities of car building and customization in layman's terms, acting as a perfect guide for auto-enthusiasts and novice viewers alike.

Each episode concludes on a satisfying note when the final outcome of all those hours of labor, the finished vehicle, is showcased, giving a sense of fulfillment to the audience. The sleek designs, the effulgent body finish, the monstrous roaring of the motors; these grand reveals are undeniably the peaks of each episode, capturing the magic of gleaming automotive artistry.

Garage Dreams, with its eclectic mixture of automobile mechanic creativity, entrepreneurship, and human stories, blends the best of both worlds for viewers who are auto-enthusiasts as well as those who are drawn towards reality television. Unfailingly, the series has managed to pull the viewers' grip tighter with each passing season, with no sign of loosening it anytime soon.

Garage Dreams is a series categorized as a . Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 19 episodes, the show debuted on 2016. The series has earned a no reviews from both critics and viewers..

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