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Weeding out the Week
The participants have to play an elaborate game of hide and seek, and practice their camouflage skills.

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Man in the Arena
The remaining participants have to rescue a "drowning pilot."

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Hell & High Water
After only two hours of sleep, the instructors lead a grueling day of Navy SEAL training in the Pacific Ocean, where exercises in surf immersion, land portage, and extreme exposure to the cold push the participants to the edge.

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Dip in the Fire
30 civilians begin the most intense physical and mental challenge of their life as they begin The Selection, led by six Special Operations veterans. Unrelenting physical training, interrogations, and tear gas exposure introduce these civilians to what lies ahead.

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The Selection: Special Operations Experiment is an intense reality series that aired on the History Channel in 2016. The show offers a refreshing change from the traditional, competition-centric reality TV model. It sets out to challenge the individuals in a unique way, focusing on self-improvement and personal growth over winning a prize. The premise takes inspiration from the U.S. military’s highly classified Special Operations training regimen, regarded as one of the most challenging and difficult training programs in the world. The Selection is not a platform for training future soldiers. It's a crucible designed to extract the commonplace man or woman's hidden reservoirs of resilience and resolve, and examine their mental and physical boundaries. The central characters of the series are 30 civilian participants from various backgrounds - from seasoned athletes to everyday individuals. They voluntarily sign up for a grueling and rigorous test of both physical endurance and emotional resilience. These 'candidates,' as they are referred to in the show, are pushed to their limits via combat training exercises, survival simulations, military drills, and intense interrogations. At the helm of this endeavor are six military veterans, each of them belonging to different branches of the American armed forces, such as the Navy SEALs, the Green Berets, and the Army Rangers. These veterans or 'instructors' carry a wealth of battlefield experiences under their belt. Their role in The Selection goes beyond just guidance and mentorship. They aim to replicate the psychologically taxing conditions they experienced during their Special Operations training, to test the candidates under similar circumstances. The participants don't compete against each other. Instead, they are required to work as a cohesive unit, helping and motivating each other to overcome the daunting tasks doled out by the instructors. The Selection doesn't follow an elimination process based on poor performance. Candidates can 'voluntarily withdraw' when they reach their limit. The ultimate goal of each candidate is to endure through all the stages of training and complete the Selection. While the physical challenges like demanding obstacle courses, long-range navigation in harsh terrains, or adverse weather conditions are obvious trials, the heart of the show lies in exploring individual perseverance. The Selection focuses on the mental fortitude of the candidates. It emphasizes the critical role of mental strength and determination in overcoming adversity and pushing beyond perceived limitations. It explores the themes of leadership, team dynamics, and the fight to continue when every muscle and every thought screams to give up. Another unique aspect of The Selection is its immersive nature. There are no interviews or confessionals: the story is told purely through action and interaction. This raw and unfiltered perspective is a crucial part of its appeal. It gives viewers a candid glimpse into transformations, triumphs, and despair, allowing them to form their conclusions. The series heavily emphasizes the experiences of Special Operations veterans. It showcases the sacrifice, toughness, and resolution required, not only on the actual battlefield but even in the initial training stages. This provides an eye-opening reality check on the colossal tasks that military personnel are trained to navigate, highlighting their dedication and service. Character development isn't just for the civilians either. As the series progresses, the instructors' personalities, backgrounds, and personal stories are also brought to light, deepening viewers' understanding of their perspectives. Combining elements of reality, action, drama, and personal journey, The Selection: Special Operations Experiment echoes the sentiment that everyone has an untapped potential beyond their conscious understanding. It's a social experiment, a transformative journey, and a compelling watch for those who are fascinated by human resilience, determination, and the raw will to endure. It is a unique blend of the reality and military genres, delivering a viewing experience that is high on adrenaline, emotion, and inspiration.

The Selection is a series categorized as a now streaming. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 4 episodes, the show debuted on 2016. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.5.

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